Survival Backpack Essentials and How To Pack A Rucksack Army

How To Pack A Rucksack Army 1

Using a rucksack army can store more items for a trip, especially for short trips. However, you need to know how to arrange and pack your belongings to get the most out of the rucksack army experience.

The rucksack army has the design advantage in a soldier’s bag, both inside and outside of the backpack to go anywhere.

If you want to organize your belongings neatly and orderly and carry as much as possible, you need to use devices such as plastic frames, padded belts, shoulder straps to provide comfort. So, how to pack a rucksack Army?

Here are a few guidelines to help you organize your rucksack army more easily!

How To Pack A Rucksack Army?

How To Pack A Rucksack Army 1

1. Make a list of things to bring

Before each trip, you need to list the items you need to buy and bring for the journey. However, you can’t memorize all the supplies without creating a board and ticking it off when you’re done.

You can write that list down on a piece of paper or make notes on your smartphone to easily track and know which items are prepared and unprepared.

2. Balance the things that need to be sorted

In the process of arranging the rucksack army, put it on a particular frame (put the bottom of the rucksack army down).

It helps you to remove heavier items that can move in the bag. Besides, you also don’t want the object to be unbalanced, too strong on one side, or too light on the other.

3. Pack heavy items into the bottom of the bag

It allows the items to lie on your side and lean against your back, reducing strain on shoulders.

Use the belt section if you want to adjust the weight to be pulled down instead of up.

4. Evenly distribute utensils at the bottom

You can bring some personal protection, followed by a sleeping bag. It helps you to unpack all your belongings on your back.

In addition, you can also pick up a sleeping bag or self-defense items when in danger easily, quickly, and conveniently.

5. Keep essentials at the top of the bag

You should arrange the necessary, frequently used items at the top of the tactical bag, making it convenient and quick to take out.

The place where you put these items should be on the side or top of the rucksack army.

Many people often put items in place such as foot powder, blister kit, 550 cord. In addition, MRE is also one of the good ideas.

Especially in the moments of rest, you can completely get them by opening the bag and taking it right away, instead of having to rummage around but still can’t find the item you need.

6. Put the Poncho in a convenient place to pick it up

How To Pack A Rucksack Army 2
Put the Poncho in a convenient place

Always make sure the Poncho is convenient to use. Therefore, at ORP, you can easily pull and cover your backpack when it rains.

Due to the design, the shirt is quite thick and large, so you can use them to wear when the weather is cold.

7. Use adhesive tape to prevent liquid from coming out

One of the essential things you need to prepare for a long trip is to use tape to stick all the mouthparts, lids of medicine bottles, or some other liquid.

Doing this helps you prevent the risk of breakage and spillage of those items during the move.

8. Roll clothes to save space

How To Pack A Rucksack Army 3

Instead of folding clothes in the traditional style, you should choose to roll them up and put them into a rucksack army. It is to save space and reduce wrinkles for objects.

Besides clothes, you can also roll to save space for bags such as Ponchos, sleeping bags, etc.

9. Don’t forget to bring your sleeping bag

A sleeping bag is an item you need to carry with you throughout your journey. Instead of a bag or easily wet part of the rucksack army, you should put it in a dry place.

Remember a sleeping bag is always a frequently used item. Especially during the war, the sleeping bag was used for testing purposes when marching a long distance. It can also be for a few other tasks to avoid the attention of the enemy.

10. Check the balance of the bag before moving.

Before you hit the road, you need to ensure that your bag is balanced on both sides. You can try walking for about half a mile and stopping to check if you notice an imbalance or an object moving in the bag.

Then remove the rucksack army and edit by rearranging. An excellent tip to help you adjust is that you should roll more clothes and fill in the crevices in the bag.

11. Check for noise-related problems in the bag

When you use it, feel if there is any noise in the bag. If your item is too heavy, the belt will make a creaking sound. So watch, listen carefully, and fix them.

Don’t forget to bring a pair of boots or shoes. It is a good idea to bring an extra pair of boots or shoes. If your boots get wet during the move, you already have another couple to change.

You can choose between boots or shoes. However, the advice is to select an item that still ensures its function and use but is still not too heavy when added to the rucksack army.

12. Use a kidney belt

How To Pack A Rucksack Army 4

Choosing a kidney belt will help you lose 80% of your shoulders and back instead of shifting the weight evenly to your hips.

Moving over a long distance, you need to distribute the force across all parts of the body evenly. You should not put weight on one part but divide it evenly so that the body does not get tired and affects the muscles and bones.


We have helped you know a few more tips in the process of using a rucksack army in this article. hope that you will have a meaningful and memorable trip!