How To Wear A Tactical Belt?

A Guide for Beginners on How To Wear A Tactical Belt 2

For everyone, belts and decorative objects can be used to hold pants for the wearer. However, belts do not stop at that meaning for experts and enthusiasts of EDC. For them, straps are essential.

There are many different types of belts on the market today. They are specifically to serve each purpose. In other words, the installation of the lock depends on its function. That’s why some people still don’t know how to wear a tactical belt.

The following article will provide you with useful information.

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What is a tactical belt and history of this

A Guide for Beginners on How To Wear A Tactical Belt 1
What Is A Tactical Belt

Tactical belts are made from durable fabric and sold to the gun user community or any tactical player. Initially, the tactical belt is just a personal combat uniform.

After using it to increase the utility for each mission purpose, you can add or reduce different equipment.

Long ago, tactical belts were almost like the sword belts of the ancient Romans.

In the military or law enforcement, people often wear this type of belt for convenience on duty. As for ordinary people, they wear the belt or have an aesthetic meaning.

Tactical belts are nylon webbing belts with solid hardware. With quick release buckle design or a simple lock comes with some other features to increase convenience. You can also find a cargo V-ring or a convenient velcro liner.

How many benefits do tactical belts bring to users?

A Guide for Beginners on How To Wear A Tactical Belt 3
What Are Tactical Belts Used For

Tactical belts are commonly available in the military. This device can be customized according to the purpose of use and the requirements in each mission.

Today, the tactical belt has lost the meaning of “tactical” when you can use it in most situations, even in everyday life. The belt will have a specific shape and what you can do with it depends on your tactical belt type.

For example, with a dedicated tactical belt, you can use it in competition or survival games. There are also some types of belts that allow you to wear them every day (EDC); they will enable you to use them for aesthetic purposes mainly.

Detailed steps to wear a tactical belt correctly and quickly

A Guide for Beginners on How To Wear A Tactical Belt 2
How To Wear A Tactical Belt

The tactical belt is quite diverse nowadays, with many different models to serve each specific need. Each type has a different design and offers additional features, so the process of wearing a belt is also different.

Here are the popular tactical belts for your reference.

Belt buckles and loops

We can’t deny that belt buckles and loops are trendy. Due to its durability and reliable performance, many people love it.

The structure of this buckle includes a durable, high-quality metal or plastic piece, and this design helps to minimize damage to the belt during use.

Thanks to the basic overall design, designers can easily add additional features. It brings more convenience while not affecting the primary function of the key.

To wear this tactical belt, follow these steps:

  • First, you need to fasten the belt around the waist through the sponges on the waistband. When you have threaded the end through the body middle, thread up from the bottom of the buckle.
  • There is still another hole on the lock, and now you need to pull the end, pass it through the other hole, and make sure the back is from above the lock.
  • Simply pull at the end to tighten the belt for the best fit and comfort when you’re done.
  • Finally, thread the excess belt through the sponges on the waistband. Some belts have a velcro design, so you need to glue the end.

Belt buckle frame

The rim buckle is also a relatively common type of tactical belt. You will not see too much difference from the traditional belt.

It consists of a frame and prongs. Depending on the design, the number of prongs can be one or two. The frame buckle is responsible for securing the belt. So hooks often appear on leather or synthetic leather belts.

This type of belt is also straightforward to follow:

  • First of all, you also need to fasten the belt around your waist through the waistband leeches. Next, thread the pointed end up and through the bottom of the buckle. In this step, you need to make sure the quota is always open.
  • To secure the belt, pull the end until the tightest fit.
  • Then, you need to do is thread the prong through the fitting end to secure the belt securely. For the remaining belt, please thread the end through the retaining loop. Or you can treat it by looping the belt over the pants.

Buckle buckle

This type of buckle belt has buckles mostly made of plastic, a few made of metal. Due to its safe but straightforward attribute, you can easily find it on belts, bags, or any other item that requires a simple method of tying.

Besides, durability and ease of use are also used by the police a lot. However, the buckle we mention here is much thicker than the locks mentioned above. It’s too big for the sponge on your waistband, so you can’t get through these loops.

The lock consists of two main parts, the male part and the female part on the other end. To fix the lock securely, you need to plug the male part into the female part. The clicking sound is a sign that you have successfully operated.

Watch a video on how to wear a tactical belt right here


The tactical belt offers great value to EDC enthusiasts, especially those who need equipment to last. With this article, we hope you will have the right tactical belt. You can also refer to many other valuable articles at our website.

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