Top 10 Best Tactical Belts for EDC (Military-Grade Duty Gear)

Top 10 Best Tactical Belts for Everyday Carry

Tactical belts are special belts. Apart from just holding up pants or being used to make a fashion statement, they are strengthened for tactical uses.

The tactical benefits include holding up handguns and magazines and being used as carrying straps and tie-downs. In this guide, I will share with you the 10 best tactical belts below.

Top 10 Best Tactical Belts for Everyday Carry (Military-Grade Duty Gear)

Top 10 Best Tactical Belts for Battle Reviews

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1. Elite Survival Systems ELSCRB-B-SM 

This is one of the extremely good tactical gun belts available on the market right now in terms of Amazon ratings. This is something you can easily prove by looking at its Amazon page. Because from the page, you can tell that those who have used it highly rate it.

The belt has a versatile design. This is something I really like about it. The design allows you to use it for simple things like carrying a flashlight or a gun. It also allows you to use it for emergencies.

This Elite Survival Systems belt has a nylon material. This is one of the best materials for tactical belts, in my opinion, as it can just about handle anything you throw at it. It is the kind of material you will appreciate having your tactical belt made of when things get tough.

The material is webbed to make it stronger and has a tensile strength of seven thousand pounds. This tensile strength is quite high and it means you can use this belt to carry anything that you can take on your body. However, the buckle has a rating of five thousand pounds. So do not use the belt to support anything more than five thousand pounds.

Unlike other tactical belts, this belt from Elite Survival Systems has a buckle that is easy to lock and release. This, I am sure, is an asset you will appreciate because sometimes you need to put on the belt quickly or remove it quickly.

If you are a cop, a soldier, a hunter, a survivalist, or an outdoorsman, this is a belt whose usefulness and versatility you will like.

The only issue with it is that it has a buckle that could be too large for some belt loops.

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  • This Elite Survival Systems tactical belt is quite comfortable
  • It can support even heavy guns and ammunition pouches
  • It has a buckle that is easy to lock and to release
  • It is quite durable
  • Its buckle is big and does not fit through some belt loops
Despite having a big buckle system, this is a great tactical belt that is available in many colors and is tough enough to support heavy gear.

2. Viking Tactics Skirmish 

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Viking Tactics is a company that makes high-quality equipment for all types of combat situations. This Skirmish belt has been designed to fit snugly so it won’t get in the way when you’re fighting.

It is designed for players who want a simple and durable belt.

With the Viking Tactics Skirmish, you’ll feel ready to take on any battle or tournament with victory in hand. This sleek belt features a durable steel buckle and stiffening for during intense training sessions – No matter how long they last!

3. Relentless Concealed Carry CCW Gun 

Relentless Tactical The Ultimate Concealed Carry CCW Gun Belt

Many experienced law enforcement officers regard this belt from Relentless Tactical as one of the best CCW belts. On Amazon, those who have bought it have also highly rated it. So it is not just a favorite for law enforcement officers; it is something anyone believes finds to be very useful and convenient.

The best thing about the belt is that it is not very different from ordinary leather belts in terms of appearance. So you can wear it as a standard leather belt. However, the biggest difference between it and ordinary belts is that it is very much stronger.

It is strong enough to hold a handgun (loaded) plus 2 magazines simultaneously.

Despite being strong and sturdy, it is a thin belt and, therefore, more comfortable to wear than it looks.

So it is the belt you should get if you are looking for a no-frills belt for concealed carry purposes at competitions or the range.

The only issue you may have with this belt is that it does not stretch and is, therefore, not as comfy as it should be.

Despite not stretching, this is a very decent tactical belt that you will love having and using at the range.

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  • This Relentless Tactical belt is a stunning leather belt
  • It is one of the best tactical belts for concealed carry
  • It is also one of the best gun belts for IWB carry
  • It does not stretch, sag, or bend like other belts
  • It is made of genuine and quality leather
  • It can carry all your heavy gear easily
  • It does not as comfortable as it should be because it does not sag.

4. GRIP6 Belts

Among the belts on this list, this GRIP6 is the best-looking one. It is a belt that will look good whether you wear it with casual clothing or office wear.

The belt is available in various color options so it is easy to find the color or style that you will like or love wearing the most.

You will love the most about this GRIP6 belt because it is tough despite being very trendy. This USA-made belt is very tough. Its strap is made of a nylon military-grade and its buckle is made of an aerospace-grade metal. In brief, it is the right degree of toughness for tactical use. It won’t let you down at the gun range or during competition.

The design of the lock on this belt is quite special and unique. It is a friction lock design. This means it is fully adjustable and that you can, therefore, adjust it to the perfect size for your needs.

The best thing about this fully adjustable belt is that you can use it to carry a folding knife, a gun, several magazines, and plenty more than that.

The one thing you might not like about this belt is that it will take you some use to get used to wearing it.

This is a great tactical belt that virtually has no flaws. You will love having it.

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  • This GRIP6 belt is perfect looks great
  • It is fully adjustable and locks well
  • It is made of a tough buckle and a tough strap
  • It is also one of the top gun belts for OWB carry
  • It is quite lightweight
  • It takes some time to get used to wearing it

5. Blackhawk QCB Rigger’s 

The name of this belt shows just how tough it is. It is a tactical belt that many people on Amazon are full of praise for.

Like the American Blackhawk helicopter, this belt is very tough. It has a tough strap with tensile strength capable of supporting up to 7,000 pounds of weight. In other words, it is very tough and can hold or carry a heavy handgun and several magazines.

Like its strap, its buckle and adapters are also very tough. They are parachute-grade tough. So like the strap, you can expect them to hold and support a lot of weight.

The one thing that I do not like about this belt is that it is not as good-looking as the other tactical belts. It is quite big, looks very tactical, and is not good enough for casual or office wear.

This belt is not the trendiest tactical belt available on the market. However, it is a very solid and durable Rigger’s belt.

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  • This Blackhawk QCB Rigger’s Belt is a very tough belt
  • It can handle heavy military equipment such as heavy handguns
  • It is very durable and has a great tensile strength
  • It is also one of the top-rated shooters belts
  • Its gets comfy with time
  • It is not the most stylish tactical belt

6. 5.11 Tactical Men’s Belt

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For those of you who have found the perfect belt for your needs, but are tired or frustrated by low-end quality belts that just don’t hold up over time – look no further! The Maverick Assaulters Belt will solve all these problems.

  • 3 colors
  • Fast and convenient rigger’s belt
  • Ergonomic design, 1.75″ wide
  • Sizes run small; we recommend that you order 1 size up from pant size
  • Customizable AustriAlpin buckles
  • One-time fit and forget
  • Durable, rugged construction
  • Front web loop

7. Condor Tactical- Perfect Tactical Gun Belt

On Amazon, this tactical belt has over 1,600 reviews and an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars. This shows just how good and popular it is as a tactical belt.

This tactical belt has a very tactical/ military look. It is also massive. So if you want to show up at the gun range or a competition looking the part, you should strongly consider getting it.

Condor Tactical is the best duty belt police for more active duty.

The best thing about the belt is that it is quite comfortable to wear. This is because it is fully adjustable. So you will not experience any discomfort around your waist when you wear this Condor tactical belt.

This belt comes with two pouches for gun magazines. So if you have a large handgun with you, you should get it to use the pouches to hold your magazines within close reach.

The buckle on this belt has a quick-release mechanism which I love and which I know you will also love, for I know that everyone would probably want to be able to release their tactical belts quickly.

The one thing you may not like about this belt is that it looks very off when you are not wearing it in a gun range, a shooting competition, or similar scenarios.

This is a very special and popular tactical belt. It looks military, it comes with free magazine pouches, and it is fully adjustable. In short, it is a tactical belt that is meant for serious tactical business.

Overall, the Condor is a good tactical pistol belt because it has two magazine pouches and four adjustable loops for securing other gear such as a gun. With its sturdy construction, this tactical shooting belt appears to be long-lasting.

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  • The Condor Tactical Belt is a very serious-looking tactical belt
  • It comes with a buckle that has a quick-release mechanism
  • It can be fully adjusted for comfort
  • It comes with pouches for magazines
  • It can make you look like you are trying too hard if you wear it in the wrong place

8. Mission Belt Men’s Leather Ratchet 

I got convinced to include this belt here on this list by a friend of mine. It is not a tactical belt in the true sense of the term but it is a tough belt that you can use for tactical purposes.

This belt was featured in the Shark Tank series and the company behind it got funding because of how good it is.

There are several reasons why you will like this belt. First, it has no holes. So you never have to worry about embarrassing stretched-out spots with it. Second, it is a belt that always fits. This is because it is very adjustable and easy to make comfortable.

Therefore, with it, you will know no discomfort on your waistline. Third, it has a quick-release mechanism. You will love this, especially when going through metal detectors or in any other situation where you need to take it off quickly.

Lastly, it is a belt that you will feel great buying because part of every profit the manufacturer makes goes towards solving world hunger and poverty.

The one reason you may not like it is that it is not very tough for use in serious tactical situations. But it can hold a light handgun just fine.

This is a very special and popular tactical belt. It looks military, it comes with free magazine pouches, and it is fully adjustable. In short, it is a tactical belt that is meant for serious tactical business.

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  • This is one of the most excellent EDC belts
  • It is also one of the greatest ratcheting gun belts
  • It is conveniently easy to remove
  • It is a belt sold by a company with a mission fight world hunger
  • It is not specifically made for tactical use and cannot hold a heavy handgun

9. Fairwin Tactical 

This Fairwin  is one of the most affordable tactical belts available. In addition, it is something that many men and women have found to be very convenient to use if the Amazon reviews of the product are anything to buy.

The duty belt features a military-style design and is available in multiple popular tactical colors like Camo and tan and is available in various sizes. So it is something you will like having because it has a military design and because you can find the tactical color and exact size you want.

Two things that make this belt stand out are the fact that it has a strengthened strap and that it has a heavy-duty buckle. These two attributes make it super tough and durable. It is a belt that will serve you for a long time and handle even your heavy tactical gear.

The one thing you may not like about it is that it is a bit challenging to attach a concealed carry rig to it.

This is a great tactical belt that has a military design, is adjustable, and is affordable. Get it if you are looking for a belt on a budget.

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  • It is an affordable tactical belt
  • It has a military design and is available in multiple colors and sizes
  • It has a tough buckle and a strengthened strap
  • It has a lifetime warranty
  • The company behind it has a great customer support
  • Easily call customer service as the product comes with a 2 year warranty and a free 60-day return policy.
  • The belt is probably not sufficiently strong for a hip holster

10. A.W.S. Inc Tactical 

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A.W.S Inc.’s belt system is perfect for any situation where you need a strong, reliable connection!

It is the ultimate in tactical weapon retention systems, providing users with both efficient and comfortable belt buckle storage as well as molle panel mounting options for easy access to their firearm on demand!

  • Double ring closure
  • Made in USA | TAA compliant military belt
  • Original austrialpin D-RING Cobra® buckle
  • 2 ply 1.75″ mil-spec type 13 nylon webbing
  • Infinite molle panel adjustment
  • Military grade and quality | Multi-mission gun belt for special ops – Law enforcement – EDC

11. EMERSONGEAR Tactical Rigger’s Belt

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EMERSONGEAR Tactical Rigger’s Belt is the perfect piece for any professional rigger.

Our unique design with security features can hold weight up to 50 pounds and loops easily from your belt without being cumbersome, thanks to its low-profile clip attachment point that sits below.

And because this system uses webbing straps instead of velcro or buttons there are no worries about them coming undone when needed most during an emergency!

  • Lightweight and Durable
  • No Holes Gun Belt
  • Safe and Convenient
  • Tactical Belt Size
  • Multi-Application

12.Tacticon Battle Belt

Tacticon is a quick-release tactical belt that can hold more than 100 pounds of items such as magazines and guns. It’s a tactical belt made in the United States, so I’m confident it meets the stringent requirements for tactical use.

This low-cost battle belt is designed for heavy-duty use. The fabric is 1000D PVC nylon with a metal buckle clasp and a high denier count of nylon. I like the metal cobra buckle because it is difficult to bust quickly.

The anti-slip padding material on the inside keeps the belt from slipping around too much when I’m moving. The laser-cut MOLLE loops are a little tight, which I like because it keeps my items securely locked up on the belt. I was relieved to discover no loose threads on the reinforced stitching.

One of the most surprising aspects of this battle belt is its price. I couldn’t believe I was getting such a high-quality belt for such a low price. More importantly, the product comes with a lifetime warranty, which speaks volumes about its quality.

However, the size appears to be a little too large. Users of tactical belts should size down to get a better fit.

  • The metal cobra buckle is sturdy and appears to be unbreakable.
  • Molle loops can carry extra pouches and gear weighing more than 100 pounds.
  • The padded interior keeps the belt in place while moving.
  • There are no loose threads in the reinforced stitching.
  • Surprisingly, it is reasonably priced.
  • A lifetime warranty is supported to ensure durability.
  • The size may be a little large.
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What is a Tactical Belt and who is this for?

Tactical belts are similar to the highest-rated utility belts because they both provide specific uses to the user other than just general support. And similar to utility belts, tactical belts are mainly used for their carrying capabilities. There are, however, a couple of differences between the two. In its basic form, a tactical belt is normally more rugged than other belts.

What is a Tactical Belt and who is this for?

Today’s law enforcement and military departments worldwide have tactical belts as part of the uniform. This is simply because these belts do more than hold up their military pants. Some tactical belts, for instance, feature hookups for connecting rappelling lines whereas others provide easy ways of keeping guns.

Types of Tactical Belts

There are different kinds of tactical belts for their intended use. These include:

Types of Tactical Belts

Gun belts

These belts are used for holding up both your pants and gun. They are usually stiffer and thicker than conventional belts. They have been specially designed to prevent any twisting, sagging, and stretching when a gun is holstered.

Rigidity is an important aspect of this type of belt, so manufacturers normally include leather double-reinforced or internal stiffeners to make the belt firmer. Even though this might translate to reduced comfort for some individuals, these belts guarantee apt everyday carry of your gun.

Duty belts

This type of belt can hold up to 15 lbs of equipment, varying from handcuffs and keys, flashlights, batons, and pepper spray. And just like gun belts, this rigidity is crucial in these belts primarily because of their design to carry lots of relatively heavy gear.

They are comfortable to wear in that they do not result in any soreness or fatigue, and are compatible with most holsters and day-to-day accessories. This is, however, not a belt that you would expect someone to wear off-duty.

Instructor/trainer belts

Instructor belts typically include some clip device for a carabiner. These belts feature a tough tension-locking buckle capable of withstanding more than 5,000 pounds of tensile strength and triple-reinforced sewing.

They have been designed to hook into a clipping system while instructing other individuals on high grounds, such as mountain rescue training. They can, however, also be utilized for emergency rappelling.

Rigger belts

Rigger belts are intended for rappelling. They include some ‘D’ or ‘V’ rings for carabiner attachment and have been designed to hold your pants up during fast roping, rock climbing, and zip-lining activities.

And similar to trainer belts, they feature a strong buckle capable of withstanding more than 5,000 pounds of tensile strength and triple-reinforced stitch works.

Web belts

Also commonly known as perfect military belts, web belts use webbing and a special buckle, which essentially utilizes friction for tensioning. As a result, these belts differ in quality depending on the webbing and the type of buckle used.

Web belts are normally worn in casual settings and are intended for your day-to-day use, such as holding up your pants. They are characterized by the absence of holes in their cord. This allows wearers to adjust the belt’s size to match their needs.

They are suitable for concealing and carry purposes if the belt’s webbing is sufficiently rigid and the buckle remains tensioned. They are, however, not designed for anchoring, rappelling, or even carrying heavy equipment.

Magnetic latching belts

These are among the latest additions in the world of tactical belts. And just like web belts, they are not intended for rappelling or even fixing into anchor points.

They have instead been designed to hold up the gear. Of course, their capacity to hold up your gear depends on the strength of the featured magnets. However, many individuals are still questioning the ability of magnets to hold up in tactical scenarios.

Why do you need Tactical Belts?

Why do you need Tactical Belts?

If you’ve never used a tactical belt before, you might wonder why you need one now. Remember that these belts are not just meant for security and military personnel; anyone can use them!

Below are some valid reasons why you need to consider getting yourself one of the good tactical belts in the list above:

  • They are quite durable and last for long before they wear or tear
  • They do not sag or bend even under stress
  • Most of them are waterproof and keep out moisture
  • They can still be used as regular belts
  • They last longer in comparison to regular belts
  • Some of them are stylish and can be worn during special occasions
  • They are versatile and can be utilized for tactical, professional, as well as casual occasions
  • They allow you easy access to your equipment

Factors to Consider When Buying a Tactical Belt

Factors to consider when buying a best Tactical Belt

With lots of different brands offering different kinds of tactical belts, deciding on the greatest belt could be confusing and challenging. However, sticking to certain basics will help you pick a tactical belt that best suits you. Below are a few factors to consider when shopping for a tactical belt.

Equipment you are going to carry

Remember that tactical belts are all about carrying different equipment, so it only makes sense to pick something right for the job. You will have to look for a belt designed to carry the kind of attachments and holsters that you often use. Note that different tactical belts are designed for different purposes.


This is the most important element to consider when choosing a tactical belt. Apart from being strong and durable, you’ll also want a belt that feels and look good.  There are numerous materials to choose from, but the most common ones are leather and nylon.

Nylon is cheaper, withstands tension better, does not ben, and is easy to adjust. On the other hand, leather is more stylish and can even be worn with formal attire.


If you are going to wear heavy tactical or military equipment for long durations on your belt, then comfort becomes an important factor to consider. You’ll have to ensure that the belt you choose provides sufficient comfort levels even when loaded with heavy gear for extended periods.

This, however, differs from individual to individual as everyone has their idea of what comfort feels like. For example, some might prefer a belt that snugly fits on their waists, whereas others might prefer a belt that has some wiggle room. It is all up to you!

Belt width

A wider belt will allow you to carry more items easily without necessarily sagging or bending. However, very wide belts might feel cumbersome and uncomfortable.

In addition, wider tactical belts have also been much stiffer to compensate for their large area. And just as mentioned earlier, it’s all a matter of personal preference about what you are most comfortable with.


The belt’s price will determine the type of product you will get. The cheaper belts are often made of nylon and have quite minimal features. On the other hand, the more expensive belts are made of better materials and come with different attachment and holstering features.

This does, however, not mean that all cheap belts are bad and that only the very expensive ones are the best. There are tactical belts that offer more or less value than their attached cost.

Tactical Belts Related Questions

Tactical Belts Related Questions

What is the best gun belt for IWB?

Our top pick is the Marino Men’s Genuine Leather Ratchet Dress Belt with Automatic Buckle. It serves as a nice gun belt by being extra strong and supportive. The best thing about this tactical belt is the material used in making it. The leather is super sturdy and also very stylish.

Why is it called a Riggers Belt?

Tactical belts are also known as rigger belts because they were initially made from material used to make parachutes. And since parachute makers are known as parachute riggers, they naturally became known as riggers’ belts. The top-of-the-line riggers belts are those made of nylon webbing, e.g., the Fairwin Tactical Belt.

What is the best leather gun belt?

The best leather gun belt is the Relentless Tactical belt, in my opinion. It is a stunning leather belt made by hand in the USA. It comes with a lifetime warranty and does not bend, sag, or strength. It is a fantastic tactical belt that will hold up your gun exactly where you want it to be.


As you have seen, there are many types of tactical belts. The best tactical belts are the ones that are tough, durable, comfortable, and multifunctional.

The very highest-quality tactical belt on this list is the Relentless Tactical belt. In my opinion, it is better built and is the best for holding up handguns. Get it if all you want is a simple but tough and durable tactical belt.