U.S Army Height And Weight Standards By Age: 5 Detailed Facts You Should Know

To qualify for the US Army, candidates have to meet strict requirements, including physical conditions. Height and weight are criteria in the recruitment.

Many people don’t understand how the figures are measured. They wonder if their physical conditions can pass this strict qualification.

This post will discuss “army height and weight standards” to give you a more detailed look into this topic. The information in this post is devoted to young people attempting to enroll in the US Army.

You will know what needs to be changed and preparations to be made before making the decision. Scroll down to read the details!

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US Army Soldier

How Are Army Height And Weight Standards Measured? 

Army officers will conduct the tape tests on your body at the enrollment site to take official height and weight. They will tape around the neck and the abdomen three times for males.

The final record is the average of the figures taken in the three tape tests. The measurements will be circular up or down to the nearest figure regarding a half-inch difference.

Similarly, the official weight measurements will be rounded up or down to the nearest pound with less than a half-pound difference. For example, if you weigh 176.4 pounds, the official number recorded will be 176 pounds.

Candidates who pass this qualification will go on to take the body fat percentage tests. It is the final challenge before you are successfully enlisted.

If you fail this height and weight test, the officers will flag your record. It means that you cannot access promotions or army education institutions until you pass the height and weight standards.

Soldier Requirements

Here are some basic criteria that candidates must surpass to become an official recruit in the US Army. These requirements ensure that the soldiers can cope with the intense working schedules and handle heavy tasks in the Army.

Height Requirements

There is an accepted height range in the US Army with absolutely no exceptions. If your height doesn’t fall within this range, you cannot qualify for the Army service.

The allowed height range for males is from 58 inches (147,32 centimeters) to 80 inches (203,2 centimeters). Candidates who are either too tall or too short won’t be allowed to join the Army.

The same height standard applies to female candidates. Yet, the maximum height for marine soldiers is only 78 inches (male) and 72 inches (women).

The reason behind this strict requirement is that the height standards enable soldiers to operate the basic duties in the Army. One popular example is driving Army vehicles such as trucks, tanks, or even working on airplanes.

There is no extra uniform and equipment suitable for people who don’t meet the height requirements. The Army simply doesn’t have enough time and budget to provide these special items.

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US Army Vehicles

Weight Requirements

The allowed weight range for US soldiers will vary in different age groups and genders. Weight requirements are less strict for older soldiers.

Also, your weight must correspond with your average height. For example, if you are 60 inches tall, you must exceed a minimum weight of 97 pounds.

The minimum and maximum weight allowed will increase when you get older.

This restriction ensures that soldiers maintain their disciplined lifestyle and keep their bodies fit through strict diets and hard training sessions.

Growth Allowance

There is a special rule that allows you to continue serving in the Army if your body’s height grows beyond the height limits.

The establishment of this rule is understandable since the minimum age allowed to apply for the Army is 17, with the consensus of candidates’ parents.

These young applicants are still in the developing process, and their physical conditions can grow in the years ahead.

Once you have passed the tests and qualifications, no one has the right to disband you for over body height. However, it may hinder your career as you cannot access future exams with height restrictions.

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U.S. Army Height And Weight Standards By Age

Here are the table charts featuring US Army height and weight standards for both genders. You can do your own tape measure to figure out if you can pass the qualification test.

Chart for Male



Mini Weight


Max Weight (17-20) Max Weight


Max Weight


Max Weight

(Over 40)

58  91
59  94
60  97 132 136 139 141
61  100 136 140 144 146
62  104 141 144 148 150
63  107 145 149 153 155
64  110 150 154 158 160
65  114 155 159 163 165
66  117 160 163 168 170
67 121 165 169 174 176
68 125 170 174 179 181
69 128 175 179 184 186
70 132 180 185 189 192
71 136 185 189 194 197
72 140 190 195 200 203
73 144 195 200 205 208
74 148 201 206  211 214
75 152 206 212 217 220
76 156 212 217 223 226
77 160 218 223 229 232
78 164 223 229 235 238
79 168 229 235 241 244
80 173 234 240 247 250

Chart for Female



Mini Weight


Max Weight (17-20) Max Weight


Max Weight


Max Weight

(Over 40)

58  91 119 121 122 124
59  94 124 125 126 128
60  97 128 129 131 133
61  100 132 134 135 137
62  104 136 138 140 142
63  107 141 143 144 146
64  110 145 147 149 151
65  114 150 152 154 156
66  117 155 156 158 161
67 121 159 161 163 166
68 125 164 166 168 171
69 128 169 171 173 176
70 132 174 176 178 181
71 136 179 181 183 186
72 140 184 186 188 191
73 144 189 191 194 197
74 148 194 197 199 202
75 152 200 202 204 208
76 156 205 207 210 213
77 160 210 213 215 219
78 164 216 218 221 225
79 168 221 224 227 230
80 173 227 230 233 236

You can use Army Body Fat Calculator. This calculator computes body fat percentage based on methods in the U.S. Army’s Standards of Medical Fitness and its army recruitment compliance category.

Army Body Fat Calculator

How To Meet Army Height And Weight Standards?

A healthy and fit body shape allows soldiers to cope with harsh circumstances and training sessions. These are some basic guidelines you should know before enrolling in the US military.

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Composition Rule

The percentage of your body fat is determined based on your body composition. In other words, body composition can determine your level of health, which is an important factor in the military.

Officers calculate body composition based on at least three measurements: Height, neck size, and waist size.

The maximum allowed body composition for male is 24% (17-20), 26% (21-27), 28% (28-39) and 30% (over 40). The figures for women are 6 percent higher in each category.

There will be regular composition tests to check a soldier’s body fat percentage when serving in the military. The demands are stricter for male soldiers.

Those who fail these periodical tests will receive administrative sanctions.

The Difference Between Body Fat & Body Mass

A fair judgment of one’s body fitness cannot be determined solely by body mass. Body mass is more popular for assessing risks of diseases like diabetes, strokes, and cancer.

Meanwhile, body fat tells the proportion between your fat and muscles. Thereby body fat can produce a more accurate measurement of fitness and is used widely in military qualification exams.

One downside of body fat is that we do not yet have the right measuring method with absolute accuracy. The available methods used in the military can produce unequal results on different attempts.

What Should You Prepare For The Enrollment?

Jobs in the US military are only for determined soldiers with discipline and great aspiration. There is an amount of work to do if you really want to join the Army.

The most urgent task to do is setting up a proper workout schedule and a healthy eating diet. While we cannot do much about height, we can take control of our body weight.

Ensure that you have a detailed goal in mind. For example, your height and weight are currently 78 inches and 164 pounds. Set a goal to reduce your body mass to 160 pounds to meet the weight standard.

A professional coach can design a suitable working schedule for your physical conditions and stamina. For overweight candidates, Try to counsel doctors to adopt a healthy and nutritious eating diet.

Finally, remember to grasp all the basic procedures and requirements of the qualification tests.

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Army Training

Final Thoughts

We hope that the information about Army Height And Weight Standards provided in this post can help you pass the army enrollment and fulfill your dream.

Only the ones with a burning spirit and determination can become a soldier. Start working today and change your life.

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