How To Carry A Tactical Tomahawk & Carry Methods for Newbies

How To Carry A Tactical Tomahawk & Carry Methods for Newbies

If you are wondering about using a self-defense weapon. Besides objects such as guns, daggers, power tools, the ax is also an excellent choice to consider.

Tomahawk is a hand-held weapon with a melee nature. Native Americans or the US Armed Forces often prefer it.

Yet, if you are a newbie who does not know how to use it, this article will guide you through how to carry a tactical tomahawk flexibly with useful tips:

  • Wear at the waist backwards
  • Chest rig or battle belt
  • Bring Ice-Axe style
  • Attached to the water bottle
  • Keep them under the saddle

This article will give you the detailed information. Let’s read on to discover!

Benefits Of Tomahawk

Benefits Of Tomahawk
Benefits Of Tomahawk

No matter what product you buy, usability seems to be the top concern. You often wonder if that item is essential or just a product to enjoy and admire. And the following are some of the functions that tomahawk can bring to itself:

Self defence

Self-defense is undoubtedly one of the first uses an ax can provide.

Safety is always the priority in every game. Besides standard self-defense weapons such as guns, cones, electric stunners, the ax is also an excellent item to ensure safety. all in long-distance expeditions.

Serve the essential needs when going on a picnic

With its compact shape, plus sharp edges, the tomahawk will be a helpful item in games, especially survival in the forest.

Some things that need an ax, such as cutting trees, cutting wood, setting up tents, hunting for food, are all urgent needs to use.


With a unique shape structure such as a sharp blade, the fixed handle is sure to withstand good resistance. So, Tomahawk is an ideal item in rescue work or used to break escape doors and cut off key chains.

Sawing wood

Sawing wood
Sawing wood

The most common way of sawing wood is still to take a large ax and use a moderate force to cut it straight from the top to the bottom to remove it. It is not wrong at all if it is a large log.

But did you know, nowadays, for tomahawk cutting a piece of wood will not take much effort? You need to pay attention to placing the ax blade at the ridge and keeping it fixed with the other arm; both moving together will create a collision force that slightly pulls the path. That’s it.

How To Carry A Tactical Tomahawk?

Here are some tactics to bring tactical tomahawk for convenience in travel you can consider.

Wear at the waist backwards

Wear at the waist backwards (Youtube)
Wear at the waist backwards (Youtube)

The belt is the most used position to hide items. In the upper class, it will be convenient to withdraw weapons for self-defense at times of emergency.

However, some problems often appear, such as the ax sag phenomenon, which hinders the movement of the legs. During long-distance travel, the ax bag causes you discomfort. So from these For the other reason, you should research a way to wear it and the correct position to minimize the risk.

Chest rig or battle belt

Mounting the tomahawk on a chest strap or a combat belt is also a clever tactic. A measurement design that fits snugly on the waistband will not cause any obstacles when you manipulate and shoot bullets.

In addition, a huge plus from the design is the tight-fitting length to prevent maximum shocks when you run.

Bring Ice-Axe style

The strategy of carrying the tactical tomahawk in the Ice-Ax way is rooted in snow and ice climbers. This method is by threading a loop of the handle from the top to the bottom of the incubator.

Then the handle wraps another vertical circle and lets it fall. This way, you will minimize the weight of the ax, thereby reducing fatigue when climbing.

Attached to the water bottle

It is a widely used carry-on method for survival and backpacking in the community.

Buy yourself an object-building kit that wraps around the body of the water bottle. Usually, the items you carry to meet the basic survival needs are a lot, so it won’t be a problem when it comes with an extra item. 1 pound object.

Keep them under the saddle

Keep them under the saddle (Youtube)
Keep them under the saddle (Youtube)

You can easily stuff items like an ax under the saddle or an item bag. Not sure, but in some urgent cases, when stuck in a particular car compartment, you can quickly use a tomahawk to break the exit door. Or it can also be to save people in an emergency.

For more tips to carry and use, check this video below!

Things To Consider To Avoid When Carrying Tomahawk

Besides the handy utility that a tomahawk ax brings, many potential dangers stem from itself. To ensure the absolute safety for yourself as well as everyone around, here are some considerations to consider:

Choose axes with a long handle:

This is quite true when applied to a rookie. For small-handled axes, although it is convenient, if not well controlled, the ability to hold can cause the phenomenon of ax blade splashing and injuring people around.

You can compare a 36-inch tomahawk novice who is less likely to concussion than someone with a small hand ax.

Cover the edges of the ax blade:

The vase is a combat weapon, so the product is processed in a sharp way, so after using it, you should carefully wrap the sides of the item to avoid causing damage when carrying.


The new generation chopper is a self-defense weapon worth buying with outstanding properties. With the knowledge, the above article has provided readers with some relevant information that may be of interest to you.

We hope that through the above content, you have understood the methods of use and the notes to avoid to ensure absolute safety, not only you and many people around.

If you have other exciting experiences, don’t hesitate to share them with our readers right below in the comments section.

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