How To Meet Military Guys? Best Military Dating Sites 2022: Top Full Information

How To Meet Military Guys Best Military Dating Sites 2022

In order to meet military guys, you will need to put yourself in environments where they are likely to congregate. This could include military bases, veteran organizations, and community events that support military causes. You can also try online dating sites that cater to military singles. Once you have connected with someone, be sure to show your interest by being friendly and open to conversation.

So what is the best military dating site? 

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Best Dating Apps For Military

1. eHarmony


Due to the huge membership, this site has—29M members worldwide—dating through eHarmony may be a fantastic idea if you’re trying to date someone in uniform.


  • One of the world’s biggest and most well-known dating services, eHarmony has 29M users globally.
  • An intriguing algorithm matches members based on a unique personality exam.
  • Only for those seeking meaningful relationships
  • In addition to being matched with members based on the personality test, you can search for members using your own search parameters.


  • Unsuitable for casual dating
  • It’s not a website created exclusively for military dating.
  • The pricing is quite high.


eHarmony is an excellent choice if you want to use a military singles chat room with a large member base and don’t mind searching for a long to meet someone in the service. If you’re seeking for serious dating and like to be matched with people based on their personalities rather than simply swiping yes or no based on how they look, eHarmony is a great option.

2. Match

Match army dating app

Despite having 20M users, many of whom are in the military, Match is not a dating service for the military. In other words, it is really easy to date in the military.


  • a reputable website with 20 million users globally
  • You can look for members using a wide range of different parameters.
  • It’s available to different sexual orientations.
  • Within the app, calls and video chats are possible.


  • Not a dating service for soldiers
  • The profile quality is alright, but nothing extraordinary
  • You must purchase a membership if you wish to engage in proper social interaction.


One of the pioneers of internet dating, Match, offers a trustworthy dating service through their developed business. Match is a wonderful choice if you’re looking for a site with millions of users where you can meet military guys, some of whom will be in the military.

3. MilitaryCupid


It can be challenging to date when you’re in the military. Military Cupid was one of the first military dating websites to go live in 2006. It is managed by Cupid Media, which also owns and runs a number of popular dating websites.


  • One million users worldwide—a big number for a niche website
  • offered as an Android application
  • The profiles are in-depth since you can choose to respond to a lot of questions so that people can quickly learn about you, and there is also an area where you can write about yourself.
  • The cost is affordable if you commit to the membership plan for a full year.
  • A reliable website and app


  • You must pay for a membership in order to message other users.
  • If you pay for a membership for a shorter period of time, the cost is high.
  • The App Store does not have it.
  • The design of the website or app is neither novel nor inventive.


If you want to date someone in the military or are in the military yourself, Military Cupid is a great military dating service and app. It has a respectable number of users for a niche dating service and has been operational long enough to build up a trustworthy reputation. All of Cupid Media’s websites have excellent profiles and work properly.

4. Military Friends

Military Friends

Military Friends is worth looking into if you’re interested in military dating. It is one of the many specialty dating services owned and run by a well-known network. Except if you enjoy early 2000s design, the site’s aesthetic is sadly in desperate need of an upgrade.


  • It’s a website managed by a reputable business.
  • Everyone on the site is interested in connections to the military because it is a specialty website.
  • A Facebook page for it has more than 10,000 followers.


  • Features like new and similar blog posts seem to have last been updated years ago.
  • Fewer than ten members
  • Not a really appealing website


Because a reputable firm maintains Military Friends, it is worthwhile to sign up for free and browse the site. It is the greatest military dating service. In other words, there is absolutely no danger involved in signing up to see whether there are any members nearby. However, you should search elsewhere if you’re looking for a stylish, cutting-edge, and popular website.

5. EliteSingles

EliteSingles military single dating site

EliteSingles is just a professional dating service, so it’s probably not the best place to start if you’re trying to date a military (over 80 percent of members hold a university degree). However, there are many troops on this site since it has over 30M users globally.


  • A website and app with good design (available both for Android and iOS)
  • 30 million users globally
  • Since taking a personality test is a requirement for registration, the matching algorithm is quite intriguing.
  • There are roughly equal numbers of male and female members.


  • Most members are above 30, which is advantageous if you are!
  • The military dating site is quite expensive if you don’t purchase a one-year membership.
  • It’s not a specialty dating site for service members or singles.


Because it concentrates on intelligent singles seeking a committed relationship, EliteSingles is a fantastic option if you fit that description. A fun experience using the site is further guaranteed by the personality test utilized in the matching algorithm. However, you might need to browse around for a long before locating military professionals if you want to date them particularly.

6. UniformDating


The website Uniform Dating is open to anyone who is wearing a uniform or wants to date someone who is. It is not only for military singles. Some genius discovered that people who work in uniforms, such as doctors, nurses, police officers, firefighters, soldiers, and so on, have a lot in common, most notably unpredictable work schedules and difficult jobs where their primary responsibility is to help others.


  • Since 2004, Uniform Dating has existed and is well-known.
  • There are around 2M members of Uniform Dating worldwide.
  • You can complete a “quiz” about yourself on profiles to match with others.


  • The landing page was badly executed because it was written for SEO.
  • To use the website effectively, you must purchase a membership.
  • You must join up for at least six months to qualify for a reasonably priced subscription.


For a long time, there has been a well-known military-specific specialized dating service called Uniform Dating. As a result, it offers many useful features and some cool extras, such as the “quiz” you can use to match with others.

Although it does cost money to join and isn’t the trendiest website, if you’re seeking a man or woman in uniform, it’s unquestionably a site you should check out! Additionally, you can look through other members before paying for a subscription.

7. MilitarySinglesConnection


It is a website for military singles and women looking for dates, companionship, committed relationships, and marriage. This site is of a higher caliber than some other free dating sites. You can use all of the services without paying a dime, and you are quite likely to meet someone who shares your lifestyle and understanding.


  • Mobile-friendly
  • Streamlined user experience
  • A huge collection of military singles
  • Browse regionally


  • Unappealing interface

8. Military Friends Date

Military Friends Date

Military Friends Date is one of the specialized military dating sites. Although the website doesn’t have the best appearance, it has the benefit of being free.


  • Use is free
  • Have a Facebook page with over 10,000 members that are primarily active and functional on Both desktop and mobile


  • Only 200 members were online when we looked.
  • Old-fashioned design
  • Although the website is mobile-friendly, there is no app.


A website dedicated to military dating is called Military Friends Date. It is a free dating site for military singles and rather simple to use. However, it has few members and is devoid of bells and whistles. You might still have luck using this site if you’re ready to travel for love or are looking for love close to a military installation. Additionally, since joining is free, you can always take a look around to see if there are any members nearby.

9. U.S. Military Singles

U.S. Military Singles

With military dating on U.S. Military Singles, dating a soldier is simple. It’s a niche dating site with a small number of users, but it’s operated by Premier Dating, a reputable online dating business, and despite the site’s simplicity, it works well.


  • Specialty dating site
  • Working website


  • A little website with 500,000 users.
  • Lacking frills and whistles
  • Most features require a premium membership to access.


U.S. Military Singles is an excellent choice as long as you don’t mind there not being a huge number of users if you’re looking for a specialty army dating site and dating a deployed soldier online.

10. Soldier Match

Soldier Match

Although you might wish to use this army dating site at your own risk, it is a specialized one.


  • A military-specific dating site.


  • The website’s design is not very good.
  • Although the number of members on the site is unclear, we assume that it is a small number.
  • It appears to be a part of a network of websites where users are matched through cross-promotion, and other websites in their network offer services like lactating dating (yep, it exists…).
  • To join as a full member, you must pay.


There aren’t many reviews on this tiny website. Additionally, it’s linked to a variety of specialist dating sites, many of which are adult-oriented. Before registering on this site, you might want to think twice.

11. Christian Mingle

Christian Mingle

Christian singles who desire to commit to faith-based relationships can use this app. About 15 million people utilize it.

  • Get the app from the App Store or Google Play. The webpage is also accessible.
  • Fill out a form to register by providing your name, age, email address, and location.
  • To proceed to the next steps of the sign-up procedure, upload a photo of yourself.
  • Give some more information about yourself to complete your profile.

A profile will include information like name, age, location, tagline, marital status, preferred religion, work and educational history, interests, etc.

  • Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be taken to the feed-style browse page.
  • Scroll to locate someone who catches your eye.
  • Click on the person’s photo to view their profile and initiate communication.

Note: You have control over the singles that appear on your browse page. Following are your choices:

  • If you haven’t yet met someone you’re interested in, try using the LookBook matching option.

You will see a single photo and basic information, and you can decide whether or not you like them. The app will notify you of a “match” if the person you choose also loves you back.

12. Snack

Snack dating app for military

Snack is a popular dating app for young people, but it also holds a prominent position among military men and women’s dating services. The app’s interest filters can be used to find other military singles who share their interests.

Snack has enabled innumerable social networking and romantic interactions for individuals from all different backgrounds and lifestyles since its launch a few years ago. You may sign up for free, post your information, browse profiles of singles in your region, and start a conversation.

13. Black Military Dating

Black Military Dating

This website is for military single African Americans and persons of other races, as the name would imply, as well as those looking to meet them. You can use interests and geography to find “possible companions.”

An extra feature for the latter lets you choose a city and browse users there.

The types of chats available are webcam, live, and private. To show interest in another person, you can send them “flirts.” However, you will only be given 10 “flirts” as a free user. Premium membership allows you to send “flirts” to any (and all) users you choose.

14. Military Mix

You may share texts, pictures, and videos using this Army dating app. You can create a profile and download the app from the app store to get started. You will be asked for some basic information about yourself and your preferences for the “ideal prospect.” For instance, you can enter the age range, race, and even proximity of the single military guy you want to meet.


FAQs about How to meet military guys

Is It Worth Dating A Military Guy?

It can be a wonderful experience to date a soldier. These men have an unmatched work ethic and are both emotionally and physically robust. They deserve a fantastic woman like you at their side because they have devoted years of their lives to fighting for our country.

Is It Hard Dating Someone In The Military?

The normal military lifestyle is being away for several months at a period, though this may not apply to everyone. Armed forces personnel frequently follow different love timetables than the ordinary person due to their unusual schedule. That frequently translates into things becoming much more serious very fast.

How Do You Know If A Military Man Is Real?

Verification of Military Service

Please check someone’s military status using the Defense Manpower Data Center’s (DMDC) Military Verification service. If the person is currently in the military, the website will let you know. The website is accessible every single day.


Dating a military guy can be an amazing experience. When you’re dating a military guy, you have to be prepared for long-distance relationships. You also have to be ok with the fact that your partner may be deployed for long periods of time. But the good thing about dating a military guy is that you know he’s dedicated to his career and he’ll always be there for you when you need him.