How To Wear A 2 Point Sling for Beginners

How To Wear A 2 Point Sling 2

Rifles or shotguns are usually quite large. If you don’t have a support device to store your gun, you will have a lot of trouble moving it. Therefore, owning a strap is essential.

There are three types of gun straps on the market, namely 1 point sling, 2 point sling, and 3 point sling, which are widely available for sale. In which 2 point sling is the most praised device. This product is easy to use and very safe for everyone.

So, how to use a 2 point sling? We will introduce you to the product’s features and how to use the gun lanyard in the article below.

2 Point Sling Overview

How To Wear A 2 Point Sling 1
About 2 Point Sling

A 2 point sling is a support device that allows you to hang up your gun when not in use. Here, we will introduce this product in detail:

The 2 point sling has a slightly different design than the usual ones. Instead of connecting the barrel to the gun’s neck, this device will connect the barrel to the gun’s tail. Therefore, the strap will be longer than the traditional ones. You will feel more comfortable using it.

Not only that, the 2 point sling has an additional string adjustment. You can make the cord shorter or longer as you like. This flexibility will give you the freedom to change the length of the 2 point sling to suit you.

If you want to hold something or climb a mountain, you can tighten the 2 point sling close to your body. Thanks to that, the gun will not cause you an entanglement. Or, when you want to shoot at distant targets, you can wrap the rope around the gun arm to increase accuracy each time you aim.

Thanks to the 2 point sling, the large guns will not hinder you when moving. This product will also help you increase your chances of winning in gun battles.

Quick Rundown Of 2 Point Sling


  • Easy to use.
  • Flexible design.
  • Can control movement.
  • Safe.
  • Secure strap.


  • Switching shoulders is difficult.
  • The size adjustment unit is a bit difficult to use.

How To Wear A 2 Point Sling?

How To Wear A 2 Point Sling 2
How To Use A 2 Point Sling

After learning about the product, you also need to understand how to use 2 point sling. We will walk you through the steps to install and use this product effectively:

Step 1: Learn about 2 point sling

Before installing a 2 point sling, you need to clearly understand the gun and your dominant hand. This assistive device can be used by both left- and right-handed people. However, connecting 2 point sling will be a bit different if you are left-handed.

Specifically, 2 point sling will have a cord with an adjustment tab to help you tighten or loosen this device. If you are right-handed, you need to install the extension cord on the right side and vice versa.

Step 2: Connect 2 point sling to the weapon

To connect 2 point sling with weapons is also quite simple. You need to thread the wire into the top of the barrel and the tail of the gun.

One more important part that you need to pay attention to is push-button quick detach. This part will help you adjust the length of the strap.

You must install the wire correctly to ensure that there will be no problems when using it. If installed incorrectly, tightening or loosening the 2 point sling will be pretty tricky.

Step 3: Adjust 2 point sling

On a 2 point sling, there are two adjustment tabs for you to connect to the weapon.

Please adjust these two parts to the appropriate position so as not to affect the use of the gun. You should install them in the back. If you put the gun on and don’t feel like the booster prevents you from using it, you’ve got it in place.

A small note for you is that you need to put a “push-button quick detach” far away from your body, which will make it easier for you to adjust and switch to other weapons.

Step 4: Check

After the installation is complete, try wearing the 2 point sling on your body. Then, pull the cord to tighten it or pull the gun to aim. If you do not feel uncomfortable using it, you can join the match.

Why Use A 2 Point Sling?

Instead of choosing a single-point sling or 3 point sling, people prefer a 2 point sling. Here are the reasons:


When you don’t need to use the gun, you can quickly wear it on your back. Instead of holding it in your hand, making it impossible for you to do other tasks, you can put a gun on your body and move.

In fact, so far, soldiers armed with sniper rifles have regularly used this product.

They will have to march to dangerous locations. So the 2 point sling will reduce the inconvenience of the gun and make them more comfortable when climbing mountains or carrying heavy items.


The 2 point sling’s ability to tighten to the body is of excellent quality. When not in use, you need to pull the strap on the side, the gun will immediately close to you. Weapons will not dangle on you, causing you to be unsafe when moving.

Not only that, when using a 2 point sling, you can change many weapons at the same time. If you want to change other types, you need to tighten the wire, and the gun will immediately tighten on you and use the equipped weapons.

Solid design

How To Wear A 2 Point Sling 3
2 point sling solid design

The 2 point sling has leather material combined with nylon so that the strap can withstand very well. Heavy guns will also not interfere with this product.

You can also use this support device as a base before aiming. You need to thread your arms into the rope, then stretch to create a solid position. As a result, the bullets you shoot will have higher accuracy than expected.


2 point sling can help you minimize the weight of the gun and help your aiming ability become more effective.

Just know how to use it properly; this product will become a good helper in the battle.

The above article has helped you learn about 2 point sling and how to use the equipment properly.