How To Use A Tactical Pen for Self Defense: Beginner’s Guide & Tips

using tactical pen- About Tactical Pen

This pen is a multi-purpose pen that you can use as a weapon to hit and stab for self-defense purposes. It has a unique design and is considered an effective measure that can resist an attacker even if you have never undergone any martial arts or self-defense training.

We never know when danger will strike us, so always have the tactical pen handy in your pocket. So, how to use a tactical pen? Let’s read on to discover!

Tactical Pen Overview

using tactical pen- About Tactical Pen

It is a weapon to help you protect yourself from danger. However, many people do not know how they were born and how they originated.

Tactical pen originates from Soke Kubota. He is the one who invented a survival weapon that can protect you from emergencies. It is called Kubotan.

It is a pen item that can be easily placed or hooked to a key and can be taken anywhere you want.

According to the original design, the Kubotan had finger grips with the cylinder, an end on the face of the keychain, and a sharp, translucent point on the side. In the right hands, Kubotan can cause severe damage.

Currently, this pen has become a discreet, popular weapon that many people worldwide carry when going out.

You can easily tuck it into different items to save your life when the unexpected happens.

Why Do You Need A Tactical Pen?

A tactical pen is helpful in some situations where the threat is very close, and you can hardly use any other item or call for help.

You should know that the tactical pen is not the ideal weapon to help you fight or wage war. It will not cause too much damage or severe injuries like using knives, guns, or other objects.

However, the pen is always a thing to help you relieve the siege in an emergency. It would help if you had something that seems harmless, easy to carry, and easy to manipulate in case of danger.

Where To Hide A Tactical Pen?

Here are two tips to help you “hide” tactical pen easily:

Front pocket or trouser pocket

using tactical pen: Front pocket or trouser pocket

It would be best to put the tactical pen in the front pocket of your shirt or pants pocket. These are considered two positions that help you get them quickly.

Usually, polo shirts and button-down shirts often have a chest pocket, or a hoodie often has a front pocket. These are all locations where you can store your tactical pen and take it with you when you go out.

Jacket pocket

how to use a tactical pen for self defense: Jacket pocket

Consider keeping the tactical pen in your jacket pocket. It is the next logical place for a self-defense pen.

If you’re wearing a light, thin coat and don’t want to take it off indoors, moving the pen from the outer pocket to the inner bag is a good idea.

You can also use a jacket with a pen pocket to hide your magic pen.

How To Use A Tactical Pen for Self Defense

how to use a tactical pen for self defense

Knowing the basic steps below will help you quickly take advantage of the full advantages of the tactical pen. From there, it will help you protect yourself more effectively and flexibly.

Step 1: Use to avoid emergencies

Like it or not, the best way to protect yourself from the tactical pen is to avoid situations where you need to use the pen in the first place.

You need situational awareness, an assessment of your surroundings. In particular, girls should not go into dark areas, have many trees, and have no people.

Step 2: Assess the situation

Suppose you fall into a state where it is impossible or difficult to resist, like a robber; it is essential to stay calm to handle the situation.

The primary purpose of the pen is for self-defense, not for aggression or violence. Therefore, you should try to defuse the situation by following orders.

If this works and the robbers have left, try to get help right away.

Step 3: Know the purpose of use

Now is the time to use the tactical pen when you have tried to follow their orders but still failed.

When bandits approach you, try to find weak points on their bodies. The tactical pen doesn’t have too much power and can’t be used at long distances either.

Therefore, you need to look at the overall robber’s body to see where the body is exposed and try to use the pen to do the most damage.

You also need to determine the attacker’s weapon and dominant hand to target the weak point appropriately.

These will help you perform the following steps more efficiently.

Step 4: Attack the objectives

After you have injured the robbers, you have enough time to run away from them. Even if you are a person who knows nothing about martial arts or self-defense, just use the pen in a way that moves and stabs the weak points.

It would help if you tried to attack the bandit as solid and fast as best. Some weak points you should attack such as eyes, temples, neck, crotch, etc.

However, if your bandit has a potent weapon and poses a greater danger to you, try to stab their arm and forearm to make the gun fall out.

If you feel the need, hit them continuously to give yourself more time and better handle the situation.

Step 5: Help and support

If you have successfully immobilized the robber, now is your chance to run away.

Once you have kept a safe distance from the robber, scream and call for help as loudly as possible.

This way helps to draw people’s attention to yourself. The truth is, once you’ve successfully attracted attention or help from others, the robber will be less likely to retaliate.

If the surrounding area is empty, try to connect to the police as quickly as possible to ensure your safety.

Using Tactical Pen Video


Hopefully, what we have shared has helped you better understand and know how to use a tactical pen. We want to emphasize that this is a weapon to help you defend yourself in an emergency, not to protect you from everyday harm.

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