Vortex Viper HS-T 6-24x50mm Review

Vortex Optics Viper HS-T Second Focal Plane Riflescopes Durable Design

When you are on the field, visibility is one of the most critical factors. If you observe with the naked eye, you will miss a lot of details. It even reduces your ability to shoot accurately.

Therefore, a scope is an indispensable piece of equipment for any rifle.

Coming from the famous brand Vortex, the Viper HS-T is the most versatile binoculars. You can use it for hunting, as well as long-range tactical shooting.

Let’s find out with us in this Vortex Viper HS-T review.

Vortex Optics Viper HS-T Second Focal Plane Riflescopes Overview

Vortex Optics Viper HS-T Second Focal Plane Riflescopes Review


You can choose between two ranges of 4-16×44 and 6-24×50 with two models, MOA and MRAD. The minimum magnification of 4-16x shows the orientation of the Viper HS-T as a device in the long-range hunting market.

What’s more?

Durable Design

Vortex Optics Viper HS-T Second Focal Plane Riflescopes Durable Design

Out of the box, the Vortex Viper HS-T feels solid and premium when you hold it in your hand. It is heavy with a thick and sturdy black matte finish.

The elongated design of the binoculars also makes installation very easy.

The attraction of this model is probably in the advanced features and technology that usually only appear in luxury Vortex Optics models.

Glass Clarity

It doesn’t make any sense to equip a rifle scope that you can’t see clearly. The transparency of the glass is one of the deciding factors for this device.

The Vortex Viper HS-T not only delivers bright and clear images. It also collects light through fully coated lenses. Thanks to the extra-low dispersion coating, you can see photos with much more realistic colors.

Vortex has equipped this binocular with a VMR-1 viewfinder. This type of goggle is effective against wind and guided moving targets. However, depending on the magnification, you can achieve different effects.

Please note that this device does not come with an illumination. You might consider retrofitting to increase your visibility on the field.

Scope Adjustments

Vortex Optics Viper HS-T Second Focal Plane Riflescopes Scope Adjustments

The Viper HS-T 4-16×44 is suitable for repeatable adjustments for precise long-range aiming.

You can adjust the altitude and wind 75 MOA with the parameter ¼ MOA in the VMR-1 MOA model. If you select the VMR-1 MRAD model, the number will be 21 MRAD in 0.1 MRAD increments per adjustment.

At the same time, the Viper HS-T 6-24×50 has an adjustment range of 65 MOA or 19 MRAD. Its increment is similar to the former.

The CRS system, known as Customizable Rotational Stop, also highlights the Viper HS-T scopes. It allows you to reset the stats after modifying the elevation parameter temporarily. Thanks to that, you can entirely flexibly observe your surroundings.

Large Eye Reliefs

With a considerable eye relief of up to 4 inches, this is just enough to help you avoid injury when the gun vibrates during shooting. Binoculars give you fast focus for precise aiming.

Another point I quite like is that the eye box is fully compatible with other shooting applications.

Optimal Low-light Capability

The most successful hunts usually take place at dawn or dusk. They are times when the light is barely enough to be dimly visible. However, for us hunters, this is the time when we need our best vision.

By equipping the XD glass with a 44mm diameter objective lens, this scope captured as much light as possible. Its primary material is a 30mm thick aircraft-grade aluminum tube, making it highly suitable in low-light environments.

With these optics scopes, the scenery you see through them will be clear and sharp as if it is under the daylight.

Likes & Dislikes About Vortex Viper HS-T

After a detailed review, I have drawn a few advantages and disadvantages of Vortex Viper HS-T. These include:

What I Like About It

  • Highly durable material. You can’t go wrong with the solid anodized aircraft-grade aluminum.
  • Generous 4-inch eye reliefs. It can handle the recoil of most guns.
  • The reticle is simple and easy to use.
  • This scope is flexible across multiple applications.
  • Highly recommended for low-light environments.

What I Did Not Like

  • It is relatively heavy.
  • The expensive price tag, so it might not be the right pick for beginners.

Some Alternatives for Vortex Viper HS-T

If you feel that the Vortex Viper HS-T is still not the proper scope for your rifle, read on this session. Don’t worry. They are all in the same range and suitable for long shooting.

1. Athlon Optics Argos BTR GEN2 6-24X50 First Focal Plane Riflescopes

Some Alternatives for Vortex Viper HS-T 1


You can choose the Athlon Argos BTR GEN2 with the first plane focal length model in the price range. This lens allows you to experience greater clarity across the entire spectrum.

The reticle with additional lighting, which the Viper HS-T lacks, will significantly increase your visibility in low light conditions.

2. Vortex Optics Diamondback Tactical First Focal Plane Riflescopes

Some Alternatives for Vortex Viper HS-T 2


If you are looking for another option from the Vortex brand, the Diamondback will not disappoint you. It includes a reticle engraved on the glass to increase range stability. The sharps mark the range to estimate wind flow and altitude.

I also love the quick-focus eyepiece. You can instantly focus on the target and pull the trigger.

3. Bushnell Engage Riflescope, Matte Black, 30mm Tube

Some Alternatives for Vortex Viper HS-T 3


The Bushnell Engage demonstrates its absolute durability through the harshest hunting conditions. The coating protects the lens from water, oil, and dirt. Better yet, this unit is anti-reflective to provide superb image clarity.

Adjusting turrets and parallax is also extremely easy, even for beginners.

General User Experience

The Viper HS-T is among the best value for the money scopes of Vortex

Many customers agree that the Vortex Viper HS-T is one of the best scopes in its price range. It can be compatible with all types of firearms. However, the .308 rifle will bring out its features best.

The device is also sturdy and has good coverage. Some reviews say that they find the Viper HS-T still looks new after a long time of use.

The main complaint regarding this Vortex optics scope is that the price is too high for the budget. In addition, many customers find it too cumbersome.


This section will answer your questions about Vortex Viper HS-T.

What is the meaning of “HS”?

The phrase “HS” is an acronym for Hunting Shooting rifle scopes. Through that, we can somewhat understand the use of this scope. Vortex manufactured it to serve hunters in the open and vast plains.

Can you use this scope for close-range hunting?

Unfortunately no. The Viper HS-T is only suitable for long-range hunting. Its home ground is vast plains in the range of 400-900 yards.

What focal plane is this Viper HS-T scope in?

The range of the Viper HS-T features a second focal plane (SFP) BDC reticle, the most common design with which hunters and shooters are familiar.

Hopefully, this Vortex Viper HS-T review can help you understand more about this device. With quality features beyond the price range, this device is in a completely different position in the market.