What Is BAH? & How Does Dual Military BAH Work? Top Full Guide 2022

How Does Dual Military BAH Work

There are a few things to know about how does dual military bah work. For starters, each service member will get their basic allowance for housing. This means that if you and your spouse are both in the military, you’ll each receive your own BAH. 

However, there are some exceptions to this rule. If you and your spouse are stationed together, you may be eligible to receive a joint BAH. Additionally, you may be eligible for a dependent allowance if you have children.

What Is BAH?

What Is BAH

BAH is an abbreviation for Basic Allowance for Housing. All current soldiers, including reservists and National Guard members, who have been on active service for at least 30 days are eligible and will receive a stipend equal to nearly 95% of the cost of renting a property.

Your BAH money will be added to your monthly salary to cover the average monthly rent and utilities for individuals living off-base. Many variables influence how much BAH you will receive:

  • Your position
  • Whether you have dependents or not
  • The average rent in your neighborhood

BAH Type 2

While individuals in the reserves or National Guard who are active for 30 days or more get conventional BAH, those who are activated for less than 30 days receive BAH Reserve Component/Transit (BAH RC/T). Depending on your number choice, it’s also known as BAH Type 2 or BAH Type II. In contrast to ordinary BAH, RC/T is determined purely by your rank and whether or not you have dependents. Location is irrelevant.

Partial BAH

Partial BAH

Suppose you’re a military member with no dependents living in government quarters (such as barracks, temporary on-base accommodations, or base housing). In that case, you’ll be paid a portion of the usual BAH for someone of your rank and position.

BAH Diff

This is BAH for military personnel who live in government quarters and pay child support. It is also known as BAH Diff. Someone will not get BAH Diff if the amount of child support they pay each month is less than the amount of BAH Diff they are entitled to.

Dual Military BAH Regulation

How does bah work with dual military? When spouses in a marriage are on active duty, they will get the without-dependent BAH rate appropriate for their rank and station. If a married couple produces children, only one of the parents (the one with the better status) will get the higher with-dependent BAH rate.

How Does BAH Work for Dual Military? – Important Things to Know

How Does BAH Work for Dual Military – Important Things to Know

Living Together In Civilian Housing

If the military couple lives in civilian housing together, each has their own single BAH.

If the couple has a dependent kid, they must decide who receives BAH at the dependent rate. This is usually the higher-ranking member.

If there are several dependent children, each member may only claim one. One person will get BAH with dependents, while the other will receive BAH without dependents.

Living Apart

Living Apart

If two military service members are not stationed together and do not have families, they will be considered single service members for BAH reasons.

They will be eligible for single BAH if they are otherwise qualified to reside off base.

If there are dependents, the with-dependent rate will be applied to where the dependents live. In the improbable event that each site had dependents, each service member would be permitted BAH at the with-dependents rate. Ensure you thoroughly record this circumstance since it will likely generate inquiries and misunderstandings.

Living in Military Housing

Living in Military Housing

Unless there is a unique circumstance, dual military bah not stationed together spouse stays in military housing (government-owned or PPV).

This might include a dependent parent, a dependent kid who cannot live with the family owing to military obligations, and so on.

For particular information on these sorts of circumstances, contact your payroll office.

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Overseas Housing Allowance

Overseas Housing Allowance

As the name suggests, OHA is the counterpart of BAH for military personnel who reside off-base when stationed outside the 50 states. For example, non-state US territories such as Guam get OHA rather than BAH.

It may include an initial move-in housing allowance and the rental and utilities coverage it intends to pay for (MIHA). This is to help with the early costs of relocating outside the United States.

When you arrive at your foreign post, go to the local housing office and apply for your OHA and any MIHA compensation you may be eligible for. Check with your CO if the base does not have such an office.

OHA Calculator

OHA Calculator

Just like BAH, there are a few variables that influence how much OHA you will receive:

  • Your position,
  • Whether you have dependents or not
  • The typical rent in the area where you are stationed.

The DTMO, like BAH, provides a valuable and up-to-date OHA calculator. You’ll be able to see precisely how much your payments will be at any qualified location across the globe. If you have any more queries, their OHA FAQ is also helpful.


Technically known as a Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA), all veterans enrolled in GI Bill classes get funding to assist cover the expense of rent, just as they did while on active service. All full-time graduate or undergraduate students get paid for each month they are enrolled. So you don’t receive them while you’re not in class.

Previously, the monthly amount was determined by the zip code of your school’s official address. However, it is now calculated using the average rent in the zip code where the bulk of your courses is held. Regardless of your family status or most recent rank, the rate is fixed at that of an E-5 with dependents in that region.


FAQs about how does dual military bah work

Do military couples get double BAH?

Dual military spouses without dependents often earn a single BAH. A military member cannot get BAH unless they have a dependant. Because they are entitled to their benefits, another service person cannot be called a dependant.

Do dual military couples get stationed together?

Unfortunately, couples are not guaranteed to be stationed together. However, all branches have some Join Spouse program that seeks to keep spouses together or within 100 miles of one other. That way, you’ll have a chance to visit each other on off-duty days.

Do you get BAH twice a month?

They are paid twice a month, on the first and fifteenth. If the first or fifteenth of the month falls on a weekend, they are paid the Friday before.

Is BAH monthly or biweekly Army?

Payments are computed monthly but issued twice a month (i.e., the 1st and the 15th of the month). Payments are tax-free and accessible to service members for as long as they actively serve in the military, are not living in base housing, and are not stationed on a ship.


Military families can receive up to two Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) payments; when does dual military both get BAH spouses are service members and are assigned to different duty stations? This can help offset the cost of housing, which can be a significant expense for military families. Thanks for taking the time to read this article.

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