Army Age Limits – How Old Is Too Old To Join The Military

How Old Is Too Old To Join The Military

How old is too old to join the military?

It is one of the most commonly asked questions by recruiters.

Certain ages are ineligible to enter the army due to an age restriction. This limit, however, is higher than you may imagine.

The simple answer is from 42 to 59 years old, based on whether you’ve served or not. And if you are over this restriction, you can be too late to apply.

But, worry not; you can qualify for an age exemption if you keep pushing and proving to recruiters that your expertise and physical fitness levels are adequate.

Today, we shows you everything about this restriction in this article. It will benefit you if you intend to enroll in the armed forces.

How Old Is Too Old To Join The Military?

How Old Is Too Old To Join The Military
The maximum years limit varies per branch

The maximum years for enlisting in the US Armed Forces for those who have never served in the Army previously varies per branch.

The maximum limit is 35 for the armed forces. Age exemptions for the Navy begin at 34.

The limit for joining the AirForce is 39. Moreover, at 28, the Marines have the youngest age for regular army duty.

Because of the physical demands placed on applicants, Special Operations branches have differing maximum ages than other services.

These maximum ages may reduce if the applicant has the necessary education, skills, and experience to join the armed forces. Waivers are also available for members of the Special Operations community.

But in a specific instance, the company commander of the selection program or the community manager generally disapproves or disapproves. Under Federal Law, the maximum years for non-prior military enlistment was 35.

The Army raised the restriction to 44 years old in 2006. This proposal was not approved by Congress, although it raised enlistment from 35 to 42.

Military Age Limits

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US Air Force basic graduation

This session will discuss the maximum army enlistment age limit and the minimum requirement. We’ll also address two commonly asked questions on the same subject. First, we’ll take a look at the former.

Maximum Age

When is it too late to join the armed forces? According to federal legislation, the oldest applicant for any branch must be 42.

On the other hand, each department can set its cap lower than 42. Each department of the US Armed Forces has a separate age limit for persons who have never served in the armed forces.

So, the maximum age for joining the Army differs from joining the Navy. We’ve put together a brief table to make it easier for you to absorb the information:

Military Branch Too Late To Join The Military
The US Marine Corps > 28
The US Army > 35
The US Coast Guard > 32
The US Navy > 34
The US Space Force TBD
The US Air Force > 39

As the chart shows, the US Marine Corps has the youngest maximum age, whereas the Air Force has the oldest. The Navy, Coast Guard, and Army have limitations in the middle range.

If you have the requisite abilities, education, and experience, you can “waive” your age. Waivers are reviewed on a case-by-case situation by a company commander, who will either approve or disapprove them.

Typically, authorized exemptions are for age exceptions in professional domains such as legal, medical, and religious employment and high-demand industries.

These exemptions are also possible for individuals who have previously served in the armed forces. A veteran’s age might reduce depending on the type of active duty years they have previously served.

For instance, a 32-year-old soldier with four years of service can subtract four years from the maximum age for the department they wish to enroll in.

The Air National Guard and Army have a maximum age of 59 for prior military enrollment. In contrast, the Marine Corps Reserve and Marine Corps have a maximum of 32 for initial military enlistment.

Minimum Age

With documented parental approval, the minimum age to enroll in the army is 17. Meanwhile, it’s 18 without confirmed parental consent.

The Navy Reserve requires applicants to be a minimum of 18 years old without parental approval. This restriction applies to all circumstances.


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Military training

While researching this topic, we compiled a list of commonly asked questions. Let’s go down the page and gather some useful information!

Can I Join The Military At 45 Years Old?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Under federal law, a recruit can only be 42 years old while joining any military branch.

Is 30 Too Old To Join Military?

If you believe it is too late to join the armed forces, you are mistaken. Citizens in their early 40s can join most branches of the armed forces.

If you desire to enter the Army at 30, making a significant lifestyle adjustment is not too late.

Is 40 Too Old To Join The Military?

The Army’s maximum age is 35. Age exemptions for the Navy begin at 34, which is 39 for joining the AirForce. But, 28 is the Marines’ youngest maximum age for traditional military duty.

Is It Too Late To Join The Military?

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It may not be too late to join the armed forces if you have years of served experience

It is dependent on the armed forces. Different countries’ militaries and units operate under different rules.

We’re thinking you’re inquiring about the United States. After working in a different job, many Americans join the army.

The Air Force accepts enlistees until they are 39 years old. The Army allows anyone to enroll until they are 35.

Can A 50 Year Old Join The Military?

Enlistment in the Defense Department is generally limited to people aged 35 and under. Prior enlisted military personnel can prolong their eligibility by subtracting their past years of service from their ages.

Can I Join The Reserves At 40?

You must be between 18 and 41 to enroll in the United States Army. So, you can’t be older than 42 years old.

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