How To Become An Army Recruiter? How Much Do Army Recruiters Make: Top Full Guide 2022

How To Become An Army Recruiter? How Much Do Army Recruiters Make

Army recruiters are responsible for finding and signing up recruits for the army. They typically earn a salary plus commission for each recruit they bring in. Army recruiters usually work long hours, including evenings and weekends, to reach their quotas.

In this blog post, GuardYourHealth will answer the question of what a military does and how much army recruiters make per year.

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Military Recruiters

What Do Army Recruiters Do?

military recruiter definition

Let’s first quickly review what becoming a military recruiter entails.

Military recruiters, often known as recruitment professionals, teach potential military recruits about the service and training opportunities available. As a result, they might give presentations at job fairs and career programs.

Recruits are interviewed, tested, screened, and counseled by military recruits aside from that. In essence, recruiters screen and choose qualified applicants to join the U.S. Armed Forces.

Depending on his or her level of expertise, a military recruiter may undertake a variety of responsibilities. Three tiers exist:

Skill Level 3

At this level of expertise, recruiters deal directly with potential employees. Their primary responsibilities are:

  • Interviewing candidates
  • Providing counseling and guidance
  • Passing out informational brochures
  • Deciding if a candidate meets eligibility requirements

Skill Level 4

In contrast to level 3 recruiters, level 4 recruiters spend less time working with candidates. Their obligations are:

  • Training level 3 recruiters
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of level 3 recruiters
  • Giving level 3 recruiters counseling
  • Helping recruiters at level 3 interact with civilians

Skill Level 5

Senior recruiters, often known as recruiter managers, are those that prioritize management and development over dealing directly with civilians. They are responsible for:

Creating training programs that include: 

  • Arranging recruitment programs
  • Planning community outreach
  • Examining recruitment statistics
  • Assessing recruiter performance reports

Military recruiters can advance to the position of recruiter manager, whose duties include overseeing military recruiters, creating recruiting programs, and compiling reports about them.

Every military branch has recruiters, including the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. Military recruiters can also work as non-active duty and retired individuals.

Where Does A Military Recruiter Work?

Where Does A Military Recruiter Work

What is the working atmosphere like for military recruiters? And this question goes hand in hand. The quickest response is an office environment. Military recruiters will spend a lot of time waiting for potential recruits to call them and show up for counseling in the office.

However, this does not imply that they do not travel for work. They will occasionally need to travel to other locations, such as high school campuses, college campuses, and neighborhood employment fairs, to give presentations.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that military recruiters occasionally have to work evening or weekend hours to meet the needs of their candidates.

Large cities are typically where army recruiters are employed. They stand for the Active Guard Reserve program and the United States Army.

Let’s look at the military recruiter compensation now that you understand the job description and working environment better.

How To Become A Military Recruiter?

How To Become A Military Recruiter

Being a soldier is a prerequisite for being a recruiter. To join the police:

  • Be a U.S citizen
  • Be older than 17 (and under a certain age);
  • The age cap varies depending on the branch;
  • Find out the maximum age of the branches here.
  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Pass the military physical exam

After joining, you must successfully finish basic training, learn the principles of the US Armed Forces, develop your shooting skills, and become physically fit.

To become a recruiter candidate, you must then complete advanced individual training with a recruitment specialization. After that, you must complete the one-month Basic Leader Course and pass all required exams.

The following qualifications are necessary to be a recruiter:

For the Army

  • Be older than 21 years old and younger than 35
  • Own an active driver’s license
  • Possess the title of specialist, corporal, sergeant, staff sergeant, or first class sergeant.
  • Previously served < 9 years as an active sergeant.
  • Previously served < 15 years as an active staff sergeant
  • Previously served < 16 years as an active 1st class sergeant
  • Passing the required tests
  • Physical fitness test, drug test, and medical fitness standard (within the past 6 months)
  • The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery successfully
  • Possess a spotless record in your military and civilian roles

If you are eligible, apply by

  • Provide secondary materials by submitting interview worksheets (three in total), two of which are completed by your battalion and company commander
  • A photo ID, a personal financial statement, and a mental health assessment report
  • A list of preferred workplaces
  • Typically, it takes 4 to 6 months to receive the results of your application.

You might not even need to apply to become a recruiter in some cases. This is based on records that assignment managers look over for the soldiers.

If your application is approved, you must complete the ARC (Army Recruiting Course) and ATP (Advanced Training Program). You will learn the knowledge and abilities required for

  • Requirements for enlistment and hiring procedures
  • Systems for interpersonal communication

Finally, you agree to complete your recruitment job for three years.

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What Are Some Qualities of a Military Recruiter?

What Are Some Qualities of a Military Recruiter

Potential employees first encounter military recruits. Therefore, they must do a good job representing their branch and the United States Armed Forces. The perception and image they convey can influence how people perceive their branch and the Armed Forces as a whole. Typical characteristics of military recruiters include:

1. Flexibility

Recruiters are often required to make quick decisions. Additionally, they frequently go to other locations to find applicants. They, therefore, cannot live without the ability to adapt.

2. Interaction

The main tasks of recruiters include speaking with candidates and giving presentations. So it should come as no surprise that they require effective communication abilities. They ought to impress while also giving out enough information.

3. Organization

Military recruiters work with paper and make presentations all at once. In order to effectively manage their work and time, they must have strong organizing abilities. They frequently have to manage timetables and travel plans as part of their daily responsibilities.

4. Professionalism

To establish an example for incoming recruits, military recruiters must be professional and clearly exhibit their professionalism. Their professionalism will support the professionalism of the armed forces.

5. Leadership

Leadership is expected to work across multiple places and offer the direction that potential recruits require, especially the higher-level recruiters.

How Much Does a Military Recruiter Make?

How much does an army recruiter make

The average annual salary for a recruiter is $84,827, according to ZipRecruiter (as of Jan. 8, 2022). It is equal to $1,631 each week, $40.78 per hour, and $7,069 per month.

The majority of recruiters earn between $40,500 and $80,500 annually, although the pay ranges from $22,500 to $341,500. Salaries can differ based on a variety of criteria, including a recruiter’s location, level of experience, and level of competence.

How Much Do Army Recruiters Make?

According to Indeed, army recruiters may anticipate earning an average of $68,544 a year. But once more, it can change depending on the recruiter’s location, level of experience, and expertise.

The average Army recruiter compensation, according to Glassdoor, is $76,759 per year.

How much does an air force recruiter make?

Air Force recruiters must, at the very least, have attained the rank of senior airman and have completed three or five years of a four- or six-year enlistment. The senior airman, or E-4 on the pay scale, is the fourth enlisted rank.

According to Military Benefits, an E-4 with three or more years of experience made $2,507 each month in 2020, which amounted to $30,084 annually.

An E-4 with five or more years of service was paid $2,747 per month, or $32,964 annually, and was one level higher on the seniority scale. Naturally, recruiters who have greater experience or a higher rank get paid more.

Marine Corps Recruiter Salary

Marine Corps recruiter pay

A Marine Corps recruiter must be an E-3 through E-7, which is a level between corporal and master sergeant. The time of service criteria is that the recruiter must have three years of service remaining on her present enlistment, which means she must have at least two years of service time and most likely has between four and six years of service under her belt.

A corporal with two years of service or fewer makes $2,043 per month or $24,516 annually. This is the bare minimum required for a Marine recruiter. A master sergeant with an average of eight or more years of experience earns $4,067 a month, or $48,804 per year, on the other end of the pay scale.

Navy Recruiter Salary

How much do military recruiters get paid

Petty Officer Second Class through Senior Chief Petty Officer, or E-5 through E-8, are the required ranks for Navy recruiters. A sailor typically needs at least three years to earn the E-5 and 16 years to earn the E-8 ratings.

With three years of experience, a petty officer second class makes $2,634 per month or $31,608 annually.

With 16 years of experience, a senior chief petty officer makes $5,107 monthly, or $61,284. Keep in mind that sailors with the right grade and greater experience receive higher base pay.

Supplemental Pay

According to, recruiters in any branch of the service were qualified for specific special duty pay in addition to their base pay. Additionally, they might get a particular clothing allowance and other benefits that come with the job.

Finally, depending on things like whether they reside on or off base and where they are stationed, all military members, including recruiters, may be eligible for supplementary allowances and special pay.


FAQs about how much do army recruiters make

How Much Tax Will An Army Recruiter Have To Pay?

You would pay an estimated average federal tax of 22% in 2018 as a single filer in this tax bracket. Army Recruiters may anticipate taking home $40,971 per year after paying a federal tax rate of 22%, with each payment amounting to about $1,707*.

How much extra do Army recruiters make?

Recruiters also receive up to an additional $300 per month in Special Duty Pay upon assignment to a recruiting battalion, while receiving up to $75 in reimbursements per month for expenses related to Recruiting.

Do Army recruiters get bonuses?

To entice recruits, those who sign up for a six-year enlistment in one of several high-demand career fields can get bonuses that total as much as $50,00


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