What Is The Hardest Military Branch To Join In The World?

What Is The Hardest Military Branch To into

What’s the hardest military branch? First of all, to help you better understand the most complex military branch, let’s learn some of each branch’s most essential information and characteristics.

What Is The Hardest Military Branch To Join In The World

The Hardest Military Branch

If you join the Army, you will have to go through almost all the training programs of the industry groups, with each program taking place over a few weeks.

The criteria to evaluate the most complex military branch will be on the difficulty level of the challenges and tasks in each department.

At the same time, many people also commented that the more complex the industry group, the stricter the criteria for selecting recruits to join.

So, if you want to study professionally, competition in these industry groups is often remarkably high. Specifically, the five most common classes include.

Tough jobs In the Marines

What Is The Hardest Military Branch To into
Tough jobs In the Marines

Marines are the most extended training program with up to about 12 weeks.

By joining this industry, rookies will have the opportunity to experience the three most basic training courses, including Swimming, martial arts, and breathing exercises during swimming.

Some of the tough jobs in this branch include: Combat Engineers are responsible for explosives, restoration, construction, and demolition of structures. They often have to undergo advanced training programs with great danger.

Besides, in the marines, the potential sniper rifle position is also a difficult job requiring the soldiers’ practice and great efforts.

Tough jobs in the Army

Next is the Army branch, with the task of training basic combat programs for 10 weeks.

First, sergeants will train recruits in fundamental physical and mental activities: running two miles, doing push-ups, or standing up and down for two minutes.

One of the more difficult tasks in this group is Army Diver (MOS 12D), with rigorous training geared towards underwater survey and demolition, and construction. After basic training, this position will undergo special training for up to 29 weeks.

Tough jobs in the Navy

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Tough jobs in the Navy

The Navy is an 8-week basic warm-up training program. In this training, rookies will have to go through introductory courses such as primary conditions – confidence course – team building, and then practical training.

To graduate from the program, you will have to undergo surveys and tests with varying degrees of rigor.

The demanding missions in this industry include the Nuke nuclear school, which helps you learn, grow and possibly master the operation of nuclear propulsion. Besides, sailors serving in a particular war is also an intimidating task.

Tough jobs in the Air Force

Air Force is a basic training program of 8.5 weeks duration. The recruits have the opportunity to train physically and mentally and can know more about the development history of this branch.

A SERE Specialist with survival training, dodging, and fleeing is a difficult task that not everyone can handle in the Air Force.

Tough jobs in the Coast Guard

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Tough jobs in the Coast Guard

Finally, the coast guard branch has a comprehensive training program of 8.5 weeks. To join this industry, you need to be in good health and fitness.

The lifeguard swimmer is the most challenging job in coastal protection that requires the most effort.

Before participating in special training, you will need to undergo a rigorous test to ensure you have the right fitness background.

Is The Hardest Branch Dangerous?

In fact, the most complex branch of the military isn’t the most dangerous at all. Therefore, you can rest assured if you decide to join these branches. This level of danger will depend on the context or the actual situation of the military.

In some exceptional cases, the military needs to mobilize the support of many forces from different sectors. For example, if you have to fight or handle bombs and firecrackers, all participants will be in danger.

However, the most brutal branches will likely be an opportunity for you to practice and strive to overcome your limits.

During the learning and training process, the instructor will guide you in the best way to minimize risks and dangers in any group.


Besides, to better understand this topic, you can refer to some of the following questions. Issues that people are concerned about include:

1. What is the toughest branch of the military?

The most challenging branch in the military will be evaluated based on the difficulty of the tasks in the training program and the criteria for selecting recruits.

In the above content, we also list the 5 most difficult professions: Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard.

2. Which military branch is the easiest?

At the primary stage, among the branches of the Army, the Army and the air force are the most accessible branches to join. Therefore, people can consider these two groups.

However, it would help if you also kept in mind that the training programs of all subject groups are the same level of rigor.

3. What is the most reputable branch?

Most people have great respect for soldiers in the military no matter what branch they join. According to one survey, people agree that the marines are the most prestigious industry group and the air force the most important.


In the military, there are many different groups of industries to have the opportunity to learn, practice, and experience more. If studying professionally, the choice of which major will depend on each person’s interests.

Meanwhile, if you want to be a rookie in the army enlistment, you will most likely have the opportunity to experience many industries.

Hopefully, you can better understand the hardest military branch and make appropriate decisions with the information we provide.