What Is The Easiest Military Branch To Get Into? 5 Basic Training Service

What Is The Easiest Military Branch To Get Into

Every soldier in the military considers basic training to be challenging during training. That process is a debate about the amazing feats that happen and the endurance along with the lessons to be learned. All those who apply for and participate in the military service process are mentally and physically extremely hard. Today, we will learn together about the easiest military branch to better understand the training process!

What Is The Easiest Military Branch To Join?


What Is The Easiest Military Branch To Get Into - Army

It is the first primary branch called basic combat training. You will have to spend 10 weeks with an arranged location in Columbus, GA; Columbia, SC, Louisville, KY; Waynesville, MO; Lawton, OK.

The physical requirements will include running 2km hourly, 2 minutes standing up, and 2 minutes doing push-ups for the first part.

After the first week, you will come to the “getting started” week and learn about the basic rules and regulations.

Then the next week, you will introduce yourself as a rookie to the sergeants who will begin to train you in the process of building mental and physical endurance over a short period.

In the fourth week, you will first focus on shooting and get acquainted with the M16A2. The sergeants will teach recruits how to aim a gun from various positions.

Then, in week 5, you’ll try with skill courses related to rifle reflexes to be able to fight. From weeks 6 to 8, you will focus on building friendships with other rookies and training your confidence and fighting skills most properly.

In week 9, you’ll take on a challenge related to what you learned 8 weeks ago. At the end of week 10, you will receive your grades and have a graduation ceremony at the end of the course.

Marine Corps

What Is The Easiest Military Branch To Get Into - Marine Corps

The Marine Corps is training, recruiting and you will spend 12 weeks at Parris Island, SC; San Diego, CA. Participants need to meet physical requirements such as running 3 miles in an hour, several pulls, and 2 minutes of crunches.

Overview of the Marine Corps will be into 3 different phases. The first stage is learning about core values, history, customs, and daily habits. Rookies will begin to get used to physical and mental training.

In the second stage, you will get acquainted with swimming, shooting, martial arts, roaring drills, and participating in gas chamber exercises.

Entering the 7th week of phase two, rookies will get acquainted with the M16 gun before entering the final stage of testing with real firearms. Finally, phase 3 will allow rookies to conduct mental and physical tests.

Coast Guard

What Is The Easiest Military Branch To Get Into - Coast Guard

Coast Guard is also known as recruitment training with a duration of about 8 weeks and takes place in Cape May, NJ.

Some physical requirements you should know to include running 1.5km, doing push-ups for 1 minute, testing agility, jumping high platform, and swimming with a distance of 100m.

First, the trainers will train you to become a natural coast guard. After 3 days of receiving and managing, you will begin to conduct the exercises seriously, and then in the first 1-2 weeks, the recruits will conduct intensive training sessions.

At the end of week 5, administrators will test you again to review and complete the course.

Air Force

What Is The Easiest Military Branch To join - Air Force

Air Force or basic military training lasts about 8.5 weeks and is in San Antonio, TX. You need to know the related physical requirements you need know are 1.5-mile run, 1-minute push-ups.

With the allotted time, you will learn exercises that involve mental and physical. Then there are lessons about the history of the air force and its role in countering diverse threats to national security.

About skills related to defense and combat, once you’ve gone through the theoretical lectures, it’s time for practice and eventually graduation.


What Is The Easiest Military Branch To Get Into - Navy

The Navy, also known as Boot Camp, will spend about 8 weeks with an address in Great Lakes, IL.

The basic physical requirements with the Navy are running 1.5 miles per hour or participating in a 500-meter swim, 2 minutes doing push-ups, and finally testing flexibility when approaching difficulties to try out.

The program will last 8 weeks and develop from the most basic lessons. In the third week of the course, novices will begin training on land and learn from the essential things such as first aid tools and techniques. You will move on to the physical training test in the fourth week.

In 2 weeks 5 and 6, you will learn fire safety-related issues that can occur onboard. During the week, you start taking tests and finally complete the course.

Things To Consider to Join Military Branch


The Army is known as the leading force in the army to protect and fight the US with elite troops, armor, artillery, or other equipment such as helicopters.

Marine Corps

The Marine Corps are influential people because they will have to undergo a challenging training period, requiring high mental and physical strength.

The Marine Corps began at Tun Tavern, Philadelphia, and there was always a ready American expeditionary force in a combat position to deal with any situation.

Coast Guard

The Coast Guard is the only maritime, military, and multi-function military service agency within the United States with a nationwide naval law enforcement mission. Currently, the Coast Guard is part of the Department of Homeland Security.

Air Force

The Air Force was established after World War II because the US military recognized its indispensable strength in supporting ground troops in combat.

The primary mission of this force is to protect the United States through the exploitation of air and space.


The United States Navy was on October 13, 1775. The mission of the Navy is to protect, train, and equip forces and units ready to fight when there is a risk of war, to prevent aggression, and maintain the freedom of the seas.


Thus, today’s article has shared with you helpful information about the easiest military branch. Hopefully, the above information has helped you better understand the US military branches.