How Many Military Bases Russia Around The World? Top Full Information 2022

How Many Russian Bases Around The World? Top Full Information 2022

There are over 1 000 military bases belonging to Russia scattered throughout the world. Most of these are located in countries once part of the Soviet Union, but there are also bases in countries as far away as Cuba and Vietnam. 

Russia’s military presence in other countries is a major source of tension between it and the West and has been cited as one of the main reasons for the current state of affairs between the two powers.

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List of Russian Military Bases Overseas

Here is a map of current and planned Russian military bases:

1. In Kyrgyzstan

Russian military bases map

An agreement between Russia and Kyrgyzstan to base Russian Air Force forces at the Kant Air Base, a former Soviet base under Kyrgyzstan’s administration since 1992, was struck in 2003. By this agreement, the Russian military may remain in Kyrgyzstan through 2027.

2. In Georgia

Russian military bases In Georgia

The Russian Armed Forces’ Southern Military District has direct control over both the 7th base and the 4th base.

Anti-aircraft missile batteries that cover Georgian land project the presence of Russia. Russia also increased the size of its Gudauta base.

It and Abkhazia inked a contract in 2010 for the base to be run at Gudauta for another 49 years (plus a potential extension).

On the southern side of the Caucasus, they also have a military airport with at least 4 aircraft. In the Gali region near Georgia, there are about 100 soldiers stationed in the village of Otobaya, and there are Russian rapid patrol boats at the port of Ochamchire.

3. In Armenia

Russian bases In Armenia

The Southern military district has a military base for the 102nd Order of Alexander Nevsky. It is a member of both the United Forces Organization of Russia and Armenia and the Russian Forces in Transcaucasia group.

The installation is intended to protect both Russia’s and Armenia’s security as CSTO members. It is currently in a state of perpetual battle preparedness.

A medical facility that is a division of the 1602nd Russian military clinic hospital is located inside the base. The base also includes two garrisons, one of which is in Yerevan and the other of which has its headquarters in Gyumri.

A motorized infantry battalion, squadrons of self-propelled and missile artillery, reconnaissance, engineering and sapper, logistic, radio-technical, and anti-tank, anti-aircraft soldiers are also present in the base.

The 988th Anti-Aircraft Rocket Regiment is in the airspace above the installation. The regiment’s 3524th airbase, which was constructed in 1994, is an essential part of it. Said airbase is located not far from Yerevan at the Erebuni Airport. There are 18 MIG-29 fighters, 14 MI-24P helicopters, and MI-8MT aerial vehicles in the fleet (unmanned).

Russian border guards (who report to Russia’s Federal Security Service) stationed along Armenia’s borders with Turkey and Iran are another sign that Russia is present in the country. Up to 4,500 soldiers are stationed at Artashar, Armavir, Gyumri, and Meghri, divided into 4 divisions.

4. In Belarus

Russia military bases in Belarus

The 474th Independent Radio-Technical Unit in Baranovichi and the Volga-type Hantsavihy radar station are both Russian.

The radar In 1982, it was constructed to defend against Pershing II missiles. However, it was cut short in 1991 by the disintegration of the USSR. It was reopened in 1993, and operations began in 2002.

The Russian missile attack warning system and Russian space forces system include an early warning radar with a range that covers Europe, the Sea of Azov, and portions of the Black Sea. The tasks of the radar are:

The 43rd Communications Center of the Russian Navy and the Vileyka VLF transmitter are additional signs of Russian involvement in Belarus.

The 650-hectare radio station, which has been in operation since 1964, is located 10 kilometers from the Minsk Oblast’s city center. It relays communications between Russian submarines within the operating range of the WMF central communication node.

The third Russian military outpost in Belarus is the Combat Aircraft Base at Babruysk. It aims to improve the security of the Union States and foster cooperation between the two nations.

They collaborate on training and drills, share information, and plan coordinated responses to certain circumstances. Additionally, pilots are permitted to traverse the shared border without a special permit.

5. In Kazakhstan

Russian army base In Kazakhstan

The Sary Shagan anti-ballistic missile testing range in Kazakhstan is used to test various weapons, including anti-aircraft, anti-missile, and munitions. In addition, it contains domestic ballistic missile research and development.

It is known as the 10th State Test Site of the Russian Ministry of Defense in writing.

This range is located in the Betpakdala Desert Highland, which is northwest of Lake Balkhash in the Karaganda and Jambyl Oblast. Construction on it started in 1956 and didn’t start operating until 1996.

There is also the Balkhash radar station (also known as the Sary Shagan radar node and Balkhash-9) for space surveillance, the 49th independent radio-technical unit in Russia. On the west shore of Lake Balkhash, close to the city of Gulshan, is a Dnieper-type earning warning radar.

Russia pays for the costs associated with infrastructure construction, upkeep, and operation. It provides briefings on prospective air and missile threats as well as collaborative work training for the Kazakhstan leadership and personnel.

There is also the Baikonur Cosmodrome, which served as a former Soviet ICBM test site. But since 1994, Russia has enjoyed a sole lease on it. In addition to command and control centers and logistical groups, there are rocket launchers, missile testing grounds, assembly facilities, a nitrogen and oxygen factory, and so on.

The Russian Air Force’s 929th Valery Pavlovich Chkalov State Test Flight Center is a center for aviation research. Weapons and military aircraft hardware are tested there.

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6. In Tajikistan

Russian military bases In Tajikistan

In Dushanbe, the Russian 201st Military Base opened its doors in October 2004. The base has a 49-year lease. It is regarded as both an economic stimulant and a guarantor of Tajikistan’s stability.

The Okno Optical Electronic System, which monitors satellite motion, is also present in Tajikistan. In the Pamir mountain range, it is located about 2,200 meters above sea level. The Russian airspace control system includes Okno. Russia has been renting it since 2004.

The Ayni Airbase is another facility that contributes to the Russian air force’s presence in Tajikistan. Russia controls the border between Tajikistan and Afghanistan.

7. Syria

Currently, Russia is using Syria’s Hmeimim Airbase, which is near the Latakia airport and situated on the Mediterranean Sea coast. The major base utilized by Russian forces fighting in Syria was Hmeimim. However, it is currently on alert and frequently the target of terrorist strikes by Syrian fighters.

About 25 kilometers north of the Syria-Lebanon border, at Tartus, on the Mediterranean Sea coast, the Russian Navy’s 720th Logistics Support Point is located. It is located on Syrian Arab Republic territory, in the 63rd Naval Brigade.

Most recently, the Russian and Syrian military worked together in joint drills and exercises at the Tartus port to learn how to deactivate UAVs and strengthen the battle against sabotage forces immediately.

8. In Transnistria

Russia Bases In Transnistria

A contingent of 1,500 Russian soldiers, formed on the foundation of the former 14th Army, are still present in Transnistria to guard Soviet armament caches.

Around 400 Russian soldiers have been stationed in Transnistria as part of peacekeeping operations since the early 1990s. Two motorized battalions, a security battalion, a helicopter squadron, and an air missile defense regiment are there with them.

9. In Vietnam

Russia Bases In VietNam

Because of its ties to the Vietnamese navy, Russia is given privileged access to the Cam Ranh military port in Vietnam. Russia uses Cam Ranh Bay as a base for ship maintenance and repairs as well as Russian refueling aircraft.

10. In Ukraine

Military base In Ukraine

Russia’s Black Sea Fleet’s main base is the Sevastopol Naval Base in Ukraine. It is located where a former naval base from 1783 had stood. Russia and Ukraine agreed on a 20-year lease in 1997. Another deal to keep Russian soldiers in Crimea until 2042 was signed by Russia in April 2010.

The Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol serves as the nation’s defense force, guards the economic zones against unauthorized entry, and ensures the safety of shipments.

11. In Africa

Russia and African nations continue to have cordial relations. Russia will likely open bases in the future in Angola, Guinea-Bissau, Egypt, Eritrea, Madagascar, Mozambique, Somalia, Sudan, and Zimbabwe.


military bases russia

Can you see Russian military bases on Google Maps?

According to the article, Google Maps can now display all of Russia’s military and critical locations at a maximum resolution of roughly 0.5 meters per pixel. Google, however, maintains that the photographs do not signal a change in policy and that they have always been freely accessible to the public.

Where are Russian submarine bases?

Severomorsk is the primary base of the Northern Fleet. There are six more naval bases at Polyarnyy, Olenya Bay, Gadzhiyevo (Yagelnaya/Sayda), Vidyayevo (Ura Bay and Ara Bay), Bolshaya Lopatka (Litsa Guba), and Gremikha.  At Murmansk, civilian Arktika nuclear-powered icebreakers are stationed.

Are there Russian military bases in Antarctica?

Vostok Station (Russian: ста́нция Вoсто́к, romanized: stántsiya Vostók, pronounced [ˈstant͡sɨjə vɐˈstok], meaning “Station East”) is a Russian research facility located in the interior of Princess Elizabeth Land, Antarctica.


Russia has a large military presence around the world, with bases in many countries. These bases allow Russia to project its power and influence in various regions and also serve as a deterrent to potential enemies.

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