What Is The Safest Military Branch? & Safest Military Jobs to Choose 2022

What Is The Safest Military Branch Top Full Guide 2022

In this blog, we will explore the different military branches and try to determine which is the safest. This is an important question for anyone considering enlisting in the military or for those who have loved ones serving. What Is The Safest Military Branch? What are the risks of serving in each branch of the military? What are the benefits? We will take a close look at all of this in this blog.

The 6 Branches of the U.S Military

Before we get into which military branch is the safest, it’s worth noting that there are six: the Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy, Coast Guard, and Space Force.

U.S Army

U.S Army Branches

The Army is the oldest arm of the United States Armed Forces and the most senior in terms of precedence. Its primary mission is to provide quick and sustained fighting on land. Enlisted men, warrant officers, and commissioned officers are all members of the Army. They are all physically fit, having completed both basic and advanced training individually and collectively. They can also manage vehicles and handle weapons such as rifles and grenades.

The Army is the one to respond when there is a conflict or an assault on land territories. However, not every Army member is a “soldier” on his way to the battlefield. There are further Army jobs that we shall explain later.

U.S Air Force

U.S Air Force Branches

The Air Force, as the name implies, is the branch of the United States Armed Forces in charge of air service. It conducts air operations and provides air support to the other services, specifically the Army and Navy. Humanitarian operations are also carried out by the Air Force. As a result, “machines,” notably aircraft, are always present.

The Air Force, like the Army, has enlisted men, warrant officers, and commissioned officers. They are also assigned to specific jobs, which we shall go over shortly.

U.S Marines Corps

U.S Marines Corps Branches

The Marine Corps is the maritime ground service arm of the United States Armed Forces. This implies it functions both on land and on water. The branch mostly conducts amphibious and expeditionary missions.

The Marine Corps has 180,958 active members, 38,500 reserve members, and 1,304 manned aircraft as of 2020. Aside from aviation, the Marines, like the Army, collaborate extensively with infantry weaponry and ground vehicles.

U.S Navy

U.S Navy Branches

The Navy is the United States Armed Forces’ maritime service arm. It is the sister service of the United States Marine Corps and a separate department led by the Secretary of the Navy and the Chief of Naval Operations.

The Navy is responsible for five basic functions: (1) sea control, (2) power projection, (3) deterrence, (4) maritime security, and (5) sealift. The Navy concentrates on these duties by preparing its forces for war, maintaining weapons and procedures, and developing combat equipment.

The Navy consists of both operational forces and shore establishments. The former has nine components and seven operational fleets, while the latter has around 11 supporting entities.

The Navy employs 400,000 people who operate on aircraft carriers, battleships, destroyers, cruisers, warfare vessels, submarines, and patrol boats, among other things.

U.S. Coast Guard

U.S. Coast Guard Branches

The Coast Guard is in charge of law enforcement, search and rescue operations, and maritime security. As a result, it is the multi-mission service branch of the United States Armed Forces. Active duty personnel, reservists, civilian employees, and auxiliary workers work with patrol ships, tugs, tenders, icebreakers, and boats, as well as aircraft and helicopters, in the Coast Guard.

The Coast Guard’s three core tasks are maritime safety, security, and stewardship, which can be further subdivided into homeland security and non-homeland security missions.

Migrant interdiction, drug control, and port security are examples of the former.

Ice operations, navigation aids, and search and rescue are examples of the latter.

The National Response Center and the National Maritime Center are run by the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard, like the other branches, is made up of enlisted personnel, warrant officers, and commissioned officers. They operate on a district system with nine distinct districts.

U.S Space Force

U.S Space Force

This is a civilian-led division of the Department of the Air Force. It is the smallest branch of the United States Armed Forces, with 4,840 employees and 77 spacecraft.

The Space Force performs the following functions: (1) space security, (2) combat power projection, (3) space mobility and logistics, (4) information mobility, and (5) space domain awareness.

There are both enlisted and officer corps that operates with spacecraft, satellites, space aircraft, and other surveillance systems. The U.S. Space Force is currently engaged in the Global War on Terror and the 2020 Al Asad Airbase Iranian Missile Strike.

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The Safest Military Jobs to Choose

The Safest Military Jobs to Choose

Safest Jobs in the Air Force

The following are some of the most fascinating and risk-free air force jobs:

Cyber Systems Operator

These airmen are responsible for the Air Force’s essential cybersecurity responsibility. They design, build and maintain systems that keep the country’s data secure and out of the hands of adversaries. It is a demanding and dangerous occupation, yet it is safe for human life.

Public Affairs Officer

Public Affairs Officer

They serve as a direct link between the general public and the Air Force. The major responsibility of a public affairs officer is to convey the most interesting and important aspects of a military operation to society via television, social media, online periodicals, and official military websites.

Air Traffic Control

These personnel is largely invisible to the general public, yet they play an important role in aviation. The primary responsibility of ATC is to follow airplanes, give them departure and landing directions, and monitor flights in order to send the essential information to the pilot.

Biomedical Equipment

Biomedical Equipment

Biomed inspects, installs, maintains, and changes medical equipment. He or she assesses medical devices and systems before purchasing them, provides organizational maintenance support, technical assistance, and so on. It is a secure but high-level responsibility position open to Biomedical Engineering grads.

Safest Jobs in the Army

There aren’t many jobs that can be characterized as “not particularly dangerous.” But our mission was to find the safest positions in the Army , and here are three of them:

Technician in Financial Management

Technician in Financial Management

This is the military counterpart of a bookkeeper or accountant. They must provide and manage accounting systems. Financial technicians are in charge of army pay, annual and monthly trip budgets, and any other branch’s demands.

Paralegal Specialist

Such experts are always in high demand. They primarily provide legal guidance and help to the base and commanders. It pertains to all fields of jurisprudence that may have an impact on the branch, such as international law, criminal law, and contract law (sometimes even family law).

Dental Specialist

Dental Specialist

Surprised? Soldiers can have terrible teeth, and every military branch has a dentist. Many cops, especially today, suffer oral problems as a result of their continual smoking. Work responsibilities include preparing the instrument, examining the patient, and administering anesthesia.

Safest Jobs in the Marines

The majority of the safest employment in the marines are in administrative positions. They are concerned with Human Resources, Clothing Repair, Finance, Law, and so on, just like the Army Branch. Here are a few narrower specialties that, by military standards, are not overly dangerous:

Mobility Chief

Mobility Chief

The military employee is in charge of logistical operations coordination, which includes planning, monitoring, and executing numerous routes. The mobility head was also in charge of supply transportation (sending and receiving).

Cryptologic Digital Network Technician

Crypto is involved in all aspects of planning, signal intelligence, and managing diverse cyberspace activities. Crypto technicians are responsible for investigating and developing novel mathematical models and procedures. Their primary purpose is to develop innovative methods for developing more secure systems and mechanisms.

Combat Mass Communicator

Combat Mass Communicator

This job is comparable to the one we discussed earlier, Air Force Public Affairs Officer. Battle mass communicators, on the other hand, are mostly involved in combat photography. They also offer information on preparation activities, garrison, and recruiting of new Marines.

The Army’s Easiest Jobs

The Army's Easiest Jobs

All work in the Army is demanding and responsible. It is simply a fact. However, in our quest for the easiest occupations in the Army, we came to the following:

Support and Administration

Many administrative tasks are completed at the base. In general, these are various and not very complex jobs that will be highly advantageous for a successful administrative position after military duty.

Clothing Repair and Laundry Specialist

This occupation encompasses everything related to cleaning and repairing clothing. High-quality apparel is a vital component of every armed branch. It is strenuous physical labor because it must occasionally deal with high volumes and short lead times. On our list, because it requires no more schooling beyond basic sewing skills.

HR Specialist

The human resources professional should keep an eye on the soldier’s health and well-being. His/her tasks also include assessing staff strength, postal services, personalized instructions, maintaining personal data, and so on.

Things To Think About When Selecting A Military Branch To Join

Things To Think About When Selecting A Military Branch To JoinThings To Think About When Selecting A Military Branch To Join

Joining the military is not only a major life decision, but it also has ramifications depending on the branch you select. Each branch of the military has a unique professional path. So, when considering the military, it’s crucial to think about what you want in a job and what opportunities you’ll have when donning a military uniform.

There’s no need to worry if you’re not sure where to begin or what you’re searching for. We’ve got your back.

Here is our guide to each military branch to help you decide which one is best for you.

Air Force

is the air force dangerous

Following World War II, the United States military recognized that air power was more successful in assisting ground soldiers. The Air Force’s principal purpose is to protect the United States via the use of air and space.

If you meet the following criteria, you should join the Air Force:

This branch is ideal if you enjoy technology and want to gain access to some of the most sophisticated relevant training for future careers after serving in the military. The Air Force is also fantastic for folks who want decent amenities and some of the best deployment cycles of any branch of service.

You should not join the Air Force if you:

If you want to be in the infantry, have a combat role, or have additional enlistment incentives when you join, you should go elsewhere because the Air Force is one of the most competitive services in the U.S. military.

Do you still want to join? Then, ensure that you have a very high ASVAB score, particularly a technical score. This will improve your chances of being admitted into the Air Force and earning the MOS you desire.


is the army safe

The Army is the military’s primary ground force. The Army’s principal mission is to guard and defend the United States through the use of troops, armor, artillery, helicopters, and other military equipment. It is the oldest branch of the military.

The Army is for you if:

Because the Army has bases all around the world, it is ideal for people who like to travel and explore new areas. In addition to global travel, the Army offers several job possibilities and prospects for growth for individuals seeking a successful military career.

You should not join the Army if you:

If you wish to be stationed near the ocean, you might not want to join the Army; most Army duty stations are inland, sometimes in an isolated region. Also, the Army spends a lot of time outside, so if you like to stay indoors, you might want to pass on this military career.


is the navy a good branch

According to the United States Navy, it was officially established on October 13, 1775. The Navy’s purpose is to defend, train, and equip combat-ready troops capable of winning conflicts, deterring aggression, and ensuring maritime freedom.

The Navy also possesses one of the most elite special operations forces in the world, the SEALS. Training to become a SEAL is no laughing matter. But, if you’re courageous and fit enough, you’ll join a long-lasting fraternity that only a handful have joined.

If you are interested in joining the Navy, you should:

Those who enjoy the water and wish to work in exciting positions such as Navy Nuclear Power, Special Operations, and Naval Air, with the option to be stationed in over 51 places around the world, will enjoy everything the Navy has to offer.

You should not join the Navy if you:

However, if you feel seasick easily or if being in the ocean scares the living daylights out of you, you should rethink joining the Navy. If you’re a homebody, the Navy might not be the greatest choice for you because Sailors spend the bulk of their time at sea. Being away from home and family for extended periods of time is to be expected.


what is the safest job in the marines

The Marines, the most adored and despised military branch. Joining is not for the faint of heart since they have one of the most rigorous boot camps of any branch and demand the greatest degree of physical condition. The Marines were founded at Tun Tavern, Philadelphia, in 1775 and have remained America’s expeditionary force in readiness ever since.

If you are interested in joining the Marine Corps, you should:

Marines are designed for combat and training. So, if you enjoy the outdoors, continual military training in the martial arts, blowing stuff up, and refining your marksmanship, the Marine Corps is for you.

You should not join the Marine Corps if you:

If a clear career path is more your pace and you desire more of the facilities seen in other branches, the Marines are unlikely to be of interest to you. Because of their infantry skills, the Marines also deploy frequently in combat circumstances, so bear that in mind while choosing a branch.

Coast Guard

Coast Guard

The Coast Guard is a maritime, military, multi-mission service that is unusual among the military branches of the United States in that it has a naval law enforcement mandate. The Coast Guard is a part of the Department of Homeland Security. During a conflict, however, they can be transferred to the Department of the Navy.

If you meet the following criteria, you should join the Coast Guard:

Those interested in a career in law enforcement or security will find lots of chances with the Coast Guard. With search and rescue swimmers, the Coast Guard has one of the most distinguished positions in the military. If you are a natural swimmer and wish to be a member of a close-knit group, search and rescue swimmers are among the military’s top posts.

You should not join the Coast Guard if you:

However, getting into the Coast Guard for enlistment is no easy task. Any kind of criminal background, poor credit history, or GED will make getting into the service very hard. You can ask for waivers and hope they accept you, but the best thing you can do is talk to a recruiter about it because they have a lot of experience dealing with these kinds of issues.


FAQs about what is the safest military branch

1. Is it dangerous to serve in the Air Force?

When compared to other branches of the military (specifically the Marine Corps and Army), the Air Force is considered one of the safer branches to serve in.

2. What is the best military branch for law enforcement?

CPT William Beaver The U.S. Army Military Police Corps is the best. MPs provide an entire range of services, law enforcement and order, force protection, humanitarian missions, combat support and combat operations, rear area security, maneuver and support operations and POW operations. Assist, Protect, Defend.

3. is being in the army dangerous?

Being a soldier is a dangerous job, although most soldiers have not been seriously harmed in recent wars. The risks are bigger for soldiers in the infantry or another front line job and smaller for those with other kinds of army jobs.


The safest military branch is the one that best suits your needs and abilities. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as each branch of the military has its own unique risks and benefits. Do your research and consult with a military career counselor to find the branch that is the best fit for you.