How To Tie Military Boots? 5 Unique Options For You

How To Tie Military Boots - Tie lacing style

Military boots are born to provide good performance on a variety of terrains and the most comfortable feeling.

These models offer several options to enhance the aesthetic, and boot laces are one of them.

So, how to tie military boots?

To help you, in the context of today’s article, we will share five popular and correct methods. Not only do they add to your aesthetic appeal, but they also offer several other benefits. Join us to find out right here!

Step by Step on How To Tie Military Boots?

How To Tie Military Boots? 5 Unique Options For You 1

There are different ways for you to tie your military boot laces. Each has its advantages but is quite effective and takes little time to implement.

Criss cross border style

How To Tie Military Boots? Criss cross border style

Criss Cross is the most popular method of lacing boots ever. You can see them in every boot store, from local to international brands.

This method is so popular because it is not only simple but also highly applicable. No matter how many holes the designer boot has, you can apply the criss-cross style.

  • To lace your crisscross, do it with the eyelet in the first row.
  • Remember that you need to thread the wire from the inside out. Next, cross the right strand over the left hole in the next row, and do the same for the left strand.
  • You need to thread the wire in turn until the hole in the last horizontal row.
  • Also, when you’re incorporating the laces through the eyelet, take care to secure the laces to fit your feet.
  • Finally, choose a knot style according to your preferences and admire the result.

Straight border style

Unlike the crisscross, the straight lacing will result in straight horizontal lines instead of crisscrossing lines that go from one hole to another.

It is as ‘Lydiard Lacing’ or ‘Fashion Lacing’. With a variation from the criss-cross style, the straight border style is chosen by many young people to express their personalities.

Not only is it highly aesthetic, but the straight edge style also brings comfort to the user. Specifically, it reduces toes pressure so you can move all day long. However, this way of tying boot laces can only come with holes numbers.

  • First, you thread the two ends of the string through the hole from top to bottom at the first horizontal row.
  • Incorporate it directly up through the next hole on the same side on the left string end.
  • You do the same with the other string end but choose the bottom of third hole.
  • Thus, the wire ends will alternate in rows of holes.
  • Next, bring the thread ends to the opposite spot, and so on until the last eyelet. At this point, fasten the top of the button to fix it.


How To Tie Military Boots- Ladder-type

This method offers more stability than the previous two styles. So you will find it in the boots of soldiers or security guards. To perform this style of tying, you must have a long and durable lace because there are often many holes in socks on high tactical boots.

  • First, start with a straight bootlace through the bottom hole. In this step, do the same thing as lace a crisscross, directing it from the inside out.
  • Next, let wire end run through the hole above (on the same side), from outside to inside.
  • Then proceed as straight edging to create straight horizontal lines.
  • However, instead of threading from the bottom to the top, you should incorporate the rope from the top down. At the same time, here, you need to style by crossing the laces through the gap of the laces and boots to go to the third hole from the bottom.
  • This operation is repeated until the hole is exhausted and knotted to fix.

Tie lacing style

How To Tie Military Boots - Tie lacing style

This method is straightforward and does not require long wires, and it even costs less than the basic crisscross. So at the end of the rope, the excess will be quite long for you to tie the knot.

This method will create a bow-like shape by threading the string through at least four level pairs. Crossed wires through 2 pairs of holes will create a unique, stylish result. So you can see this type of belt in the individual users.

This type of boot lace can work with even and odd pairs of holes, so you can use any of your boots to learn how to tie it.

  • For an odd number of holes, thread the laces from the inside out in the first horizontal row.
  • In case the number of hole pairs is even, thread from the outside to the inside. Then cross the two wires through the next couple of holes. This step is done the same way as a crisscross.
  • Next, thread the end of the rope directly through the hole on it (the third hole from the bottom) and repeat the move just now.
  • Just like that, repeat the whole process until the end.

Army style

The army is a variable type of tie lacing. It is used in footwear around the world because it loosens the leather on the sides. As a result, the boot will fit better to help active people walk throughout the day in comfort.

Army and tie lacing is similar; the only difference is the criss-cross rope is inside, and the line is exposed outside. It can be that the army method is the reverse of tie lacing.


Above is the information we want to share with you about the five famous and beautiful ways to tie boot laces. Hopefully, the article will help you figure out how to tie military boots.

After reading the article, we think you are ready to wear a dynamic suit and highlight the overall look by tying unique boot laces. It not only brings aesthetic features but also creates comfort to wear active freedom throughout the day.