Cute Military Care Package Ideas For You: Top Full Guide Of 2022

Cute Military Care Package Ideas: Top Full Guide

So your significant other is deployed, and you want to do something special for them. Or maybe you have a friend or family member in the military who wants to show your support. Whatever the reason, sending cute military care package ideas is a great way to show you care. 

But what should you put in it? With so many options, it can be tough to decide. Here are some of the latest and greatest ideas for what to include in a care package for your loved one in the military.

Basic Principles

Basic Principles

We believe it is critical to provide you with the resources you need to create an excellent care package on your own. You may, of course, utilize our service to send a care package, or you can choose from our (wonderful!) selection of packages below. If you go shopping on your own, you’ll find some similarities between the things we use in our care packages and our ideas below:

First, we only send tiny products. There’s no use in sending an XXL box of chocolates to military personnel who don’t have much room. It is preferable to ship smaller, more expensive things. When I was a youngster, my father was deployed, and I’d just received a huge bucket of sunflower seeds as a present; it was larger than a suitcase.

I recall crying as I handed it to my father as he left—it was the only thing a small boy could think to give his father. I recall my father smiling and saying, “Sorry, son, but I don’t believe I’ll have enough room in the barracks for that. I hope you like them, and we’ll have some when I get back.” When I was in the military, that concept was reinforced repeatedly: smaller is always better.

Second, each snack is packed in single-serving portions. It isn’t easy to keep things fresh, and it’s much simpler to store unopened snacks, which are also more compact.

For example, Gatorade powder is best served in single-serve sachets. Sure, it’s more expensive per serving, but we all agreed: we’d rather have ten single portions than 50 in a tub. It’s more difficult to keep a tub, it spoils quicker, and it’s impossible to fit into a pocket. Always send food that can be eaten in a single sitting.

Finally, and this is something we can’t assist you with, the more it links to home, the better. Sending coffee from a local coffee shop is a game changer. Send a game program if you have a local baseball club. Anything that will bring your Hero back to normality will move mountains.

That’s why we allow you to add photographs and a genuine card, rather than a gift receipt, to each care box. We understand how crucial a personal touch is to military members, and we aim to strengthen that bond as much as possible.

Awesome Military Care Package Ideas

Cute Military Care Package Ideas For You

When my husband was overseas a few years ago, I was at a loss for innovative military care gift ideas. I used to simply toss everything into a plain old box and send the delivery on its way.

I’ve learned my lesson. Plenty of unique military care package options are available for your next shipment. Many boxes center around a theme or concept, which adds to the excitement. Also included are fun things to send in military care packages.

When you’re through with your care package, include a missing him quote or a long-distance relationship quote for an added touch (if this is for your spouse or significant other).

Best Items To Pack In A Care Package.

Best Items To Pack In A Care Package.

Drink mixes

Drink mixtures provide a quick and easy way to enjoy anything other than water while on deployment care packages. A coffee maker may be available to much military personnel.

  • Hot chocolate
  • Coffee powder
  • Tea sachets
  • Creamer
  • Lemonade
  • Tea with ice

Easy Protein

Easy Protein

None of these foods appeal to me at home, but when my husband is gone, he raves about them. Clif bars and high-quality protein bars were popular.

  • Bars of energy
  • Bars of granola
  • The tuna fish
  • Jerky made from beef
  • Sausage in the summer
  • Slim Jim is a stick.
  • Chicken in a can
  • Spam

Easy condiments

I’m often asked for Frank’s Red Hot sauce and Tabasco sauce. I don’t receive many requests for additional condiments, but these are wonderful ones to provide since they transport well. Unless it’s the middle of winter, mayonnaise is a no-go. Taco Bell spicy sauce packets are also said to be a big success.

  • Spicy sauce
  • Relish
  • Mustard
  • Ketchup
  • Cheez-whiz
  • Nutella
  • The peanut butter
  • Jelly

Easy snacks

Easy snacks

This is most likely the simplest category. Anything in this category ships well over long distances and in a range of climates.

  • Graham crunch
  • Typical crackers
  • Cookies
  • GUM
  • Non-chocolate confections
  • Nuts
  • The trail mix
  • Fruit dried


Toiletries may be a great source of comfort for much military personnel. A clean mouth and a little lip balm may go a long way. It’s difficult to determine if a military member has access to a shower if you’re delivering goods to unknown soldiers, but all toiletries will be utilized eventually. So there’s no danger in mailing them.

  • Shave cream
  • Shampoo
  • Body soap
  • Deodorant
  • Razors
  • Wipes for babies
  • Drops for the eyes
  • Tooth powder
  • Floss for the teeth
  • Sanitizer for the hands
  • Lip gloss
  • Toothbrush
  • Cough syrup
  • Icy cold
  • Vicks

Entertainment items

Entertainment items

Items for downtime activities are good care package ideas for military men to spend their time. I usually include a few in each care box. Some of our favorite gifts include a copy of a local newspaper, current images of ordinary family days at home, and souvenirs from home.

  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Crosswords
  • Newspapers
  • Puzzles
  • Movies
  • The thumb drive
  • Games
  • Batteries
  • Small electronic gadgets
  • Photographs were taken at home
  • Home-based reminders

Themed Military Care Packages

Themed Military Care Packages

Okay, this is a lot of fun! Putting creative effort into a care package is one of the greatest ways to demonstrate that you care. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not always the most creative person, so I turn to Pinterest for ideas. When you make a themed care package, you may not only decorate the box following the theme, but you can also put things inside the care package that correspond to the theme.

Sports-themed care packages.

  • Care gift with a baseball theme
  • Football care package concept
  • Football care package concept 2
  • Care package for the Super Bowl

Character-themed care package.

  • Batman comfort bundle
  • Care gift for Superman
  • Care gift for zombies

Holiday-themed care packages.

  • Care box for Valentine’s Day
  • Package of Halloween care
  • Thanksgiving gift basket
  • Care package for the Fourth of July
  • Care box for St. Patrick’s Day

More themed Army care package ideas.

  • I’m missing you “snow” a lot of care package
  • Army Comprehensive Care Package
  • Care package for coffee
  • Care package I’m corny
  • Care kit for the beach

One More Resource: Troopster

Troopster is an excellent option if you need someone to create a care package. You choose the care box, then they assemble and ship it! Simple as that!

Other Care Package Tips

Other Care Package Tips

This post is too lengthy, so we’ll provide links to other wonderful articles to assist you along the way. These are more “nuts and bolts” kind of topics, so scan it now but bookmark it for later reference:

What to NOT Include in a Care Package: It’s nearly as vital to know what to avoid as it is to know what to send. We go through typical blunders, so you don’t do them again!

Military Care Package Restrictions: The military and the USPS have many ever-changing requirements. Our duty at Hero Care Packages is to keep track of them. In this article, we’ve provided you with the tools to verify them.

How to Send a Military Care Package: It is just as vital to fill it out as it is to send it! However, it is not as easy as leaving it for your mailman to collect: there are significant customs papers and other procedures to consider. This is a nice summary.

Secret USPS Regional Rates: We employ unique USPS rates that most people are unaware of. We show you, step by step, how to save money on shipping. It’s not simple, yet it saves you more than 60%.

We look at the military care kit, a quick (and free) method to receive shipping materials. However, remember that you cannot utilize the lower “hidden” prices indicated above.

Addressing a Military Care Package Online: We understand if this seems overwhelming. That’s one of the reasons we started Hero Care Packages for the military, a care package mailing business. It takes a lot of effort to send a care box! Some folks choose to transmit it over the internet. This article explains how to format those bothersome military addresses, which may be quite perplexing.

Holiday Shipping Deadlines: Are you shipping for the holidays? We update this site annually with seasonal deadlines for shipping a care package during the holidays.


What should you not put in a care package?

What to Include and What Not to Include in a Care Package

  • Alcohol.
  • Beverages with carbonation.
  • Drugs.
  • Nicotine or cigarettes.
  • Fireworks or explosives.
  • Items that may catch fire, such as lighter fluid.
  • Pornographic pictures
  • Products made from pork (not allowed in Muslim countries)

Can I send pictures to my boyfriend in basic training?

Send one or two tiny photos. DO NOT adorn the envelope’s exterior with drawings, stickers, or writing other than the address and return address (and no spritz of perfume either). This will attract the Drill Instructor’s undue attention at mail calls.

Do drill sergeants read your letters?

It’s a complete misconception that Drill Sergeants intentionally withhold letters. That used to happen in the old US Army, but it’s not a current Drill Sergeant strategy.

How do you surprise a hint?

Tip: Give your tips a number, such as #1 or #2. Do you keep your identity as a sender hidden as well? Then talk about how you met and how you came to know each other. Or show them that you already know the other person well by giving information about where the invitee lives, works, or plays sports.


Thank you for taking the time to read this article. GuardYourHealth hopes you found it helpful and now have some ideas for your care package. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below.