Some Tips On How To Wash A Wool Army Blanket

Some Tips On How To Wash A Wool Army Blanket 1

The weather is quite cold, and you bought a spare military wool blanket from a factory specializing in making Army blankets? However, after a period of use, it is pretty dusty. So, how to wash a wool army blanket?

A wool blanket is usually relatively thin, but one difference is that military wool blankets are generally quite thick and large. It may make you wonder when washing it, but an easy way to clean the blanket is to use your washing machine.

However, you also need to know the specific steps before putting the blanket into the machine. Let’s learn how to wash military blankets right here.

What Is A Military Wool Blanket?

Some Tips On How To Wash A Wool Army Blanket 1
A Military Wool Blanket

In fact, military wool blankets are not too different from ordinary wool blankets.

However, as mentioned before, military wool blankets are often larger and more significant to meet the needs of harsh weather than conventional wool blankets.

In addition, military wool blankets use flame retardant materials and can provide the best moisture. Also, military blankets will not be made entirely of wool, only about 75% pure wool.


Before going to the steps to wash a military wool blanket, you also understand the material and characteristics. Next, you’ll probably need to get to the pre-wash stage.

The following are the equipment and materials to be used in the cleaning process, including:

  • Clean brush
  • A clean cloth
  • Wool safe bleach
  • Vinegar
  • Washing machine

How To Wash A Wool Army Blanket?

Some Tips On How To Wash A Wool Army Blanket 2
Wash A Wool Army Blanket

Without making you wait too long, here are five straightforward steps to help you clean army blankets effectively:

Wash the blanket in a well-ventilated place

First, open your blanket and choose a well-ventilated spot to shake off any remaining dirt and debris. It plays a significant role because it will play an essential role in protecting your washing machine.

Because sometimes large debris remains, substantial debris will cause it to jam, which is not suitable for your washing machine.

You can hang your blanket on the clothesline and use a clean brush to brush off the dirt for added convenience.

Spread blankets and treat stains

Once you’ve shaken off all the dirt, spread the blanket on a flat surface to check for any stains. Sometimes a few stains need to be cleaned early to be completely clean. Your job is to clean it with vinegar-soaked in the spot where the stain is.

Soak the blanket in cold water

Next, after removing the stain on the blanket, you can put the blanket in the washing machine, but you should not wash it immediately. Soak the veil in the washing machine with cold water for 20 minutes.

You may wonder why you need to use cold water to soak, and the reason is straightforward: blankets are mainly of wool, so when washed in warm or hot water, the wool fibers may shrink.

Blanket cleaning

And after soaking for 20 minutes, the next step is to start the washing machine and set the wash for 3-5 minutes. Then when the wash cycle is completed, you continue to switch it to rinse mode, and the steps are complete.

However, once the wash is done, continue to start the wash again if you still see stains remaining. Of course, this is a sporadic case.

Dry the blanket

  • Immediately after taking the blanket out of the washing machine.
  • Next, take the towel you prepared earlier and roll it in a dry towel to let the towel absorb the moisture from the wool blanket.
  • Immediately after that, bring your blanket to an excellent place to dry to avoid odors and avoid direct sunlight because the wool may shrink.

Tips For Using Wool Blankets

Some Tips On How To Wash A Wool Army Blanket 3
Tips for Using Wool Blankets

Next, after you’ve finished washing this military wool blanket, let’s learn the tips to ensure your blanket will last and last:

  • First and as mentioned before, make sure during the washing process there will not be any cycles where you use hot water as this can cause shrinkage of the wool fibers and affect the life of the blanket.
  • Next, instead of reducing moisture and water on the blanket, use a clean towel rolled over the outside of the blanket and avoid using your hands to wring it out as it also damages the covering.
  • It is necessary to use a mild detergent designed explicitly for wool
  • Do not use the washer-extractor
  • Do not wash two woolen blankets at the same time
  • Dry the blanket in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight.


Once you’ve learned about how to best care for military blankets, here are a few questions that will help you learn even more:

How do you wash old wool army blankets?

Regardless of whether the blanket is old or new, there are a few things you need to keep in mind: always wash it in cold water and wring it out, and then roll the outside of the wool blanket with a clean, dry towel to absorb the moisture.

However, to ensure a good wash of an old military wool blanket, hand wash it gently or use a washing machine with minimal spin to provide the best protection for your blanket.

Can I wash a wool army blanket at home?

Of course, you can thoroughly wash the blanket right at your home and ensure that you will have less trouble if you use a washing machine.

However, be careful not to use hot water in the washing and wringing process because it will cause the cotton to shrink.

How do you deep clean a wool blanket?

For a deep clean, always be sure to wash in the following order: shake the dirt off the blanket, necessary clean stains, soak blanket in cold water for at least 15 minutes, wash and rinse blanket, towel Clean the outside of the blanket to absorb moisture, dry the blanket in a ventilated place.


Hopefully, you have answered the question “How to wash a wool army blanket” as well as know more information about military wool blankets. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below this article, and will respond to you as soon as possible.