How To Fold Pants Military Style & Roll Your Clothes: T-Shirt, Socks, Boxer, Trousers…Top Full Guide 2022

How To Fold Pants Military Style: Top Full Guide 2022

Folding pants military style is a great way to save space in your suitcase. This method is also great for keeping your pants wrinkle-free. To fold your pants military style, start by folding them in half lengthwise. Then, fold the legs up towards the waistband. Finally, fold the waistband over the legs to create a neat, compact package.

Let’s be with GuardYourHealth to learn how to fold pants military style.

How To Fold Pants Military Style

How to military fold pants

“Roll” is the appropriate word to use here. You are actually folding instead of rolling.

What You Need

It goes without saying that you’ll need a couple of pairs of pants to practice on. A flat surface, such as a bed or tabletop, is also required. Once you have these two things, move on to the following section for detailed instructions on how to fold pants in the military style.

What You Will Need to Do

Here’s how to roll your jeans in military style:

Step 1: Spread The Pants Out and Iron Out Any Creases.

Place the pants on a flat area to start. After that, use your hands to smooth down any creases and wrinkles.

Top Tip: Before completing this step, shake the pants to straighten them out and inspect the pockets for any objects. Ensure that all zippers and buttons are secured as well.

Step 2: Flatten The Pockets and Turn The Waistband Inside Out.

How to pack pants military style

Next, fold one or two inches inwards while holding the top of the jeans. The pockets and waistband should now be inside out. Make sure there are no creases or wrinkles by flattening the pockets with your hands.

Step 3: Flip The Jeans Over and Press Them Flat Once More.

Make sure the zippers on your pants are facing away from you. Once more, use your hands to flatten the pants.

Step 4: Create A Rectangle By Folding One Leg of The Pants Over The Other.

How to fold pants

When folding one pant leg over the other, make a little crease at the center of the crotch. The pants should have a rectangular shape.

Step 5: Fold The Ankles Up and Straighten Out Any Kinks.

The ankles should now be folded up by one or two inches. Additionally, remove any wrinkles and creases.

Step 6: Starting At The Bottom, Roll The Pants Up.

Rolling then begins by lifting the bottom of the pant legs. Never stop until you have moved up from the bottom to the inside-out top. Roll it up tightly to save space and make it compact. Roll upwards while flattening the sides.

Note: If the top is unfolding as you roll, do not omit this step. In the end, it will guarantee that your jeans seem tidy.

Step 7: Create A Little Burrito Out of The Rolled-up Jeans.

How to ranger roll pants

There should be a small pocket on the underside of the roll once you get to the top of the pants. Pull the bag forward to encircle the roll completely. This will enclose it in a tiny burrito-like seal. Put any extra fabric inside the roll’s middle. This protects it while also giving it a clean appearance.

This process is also known as ranger rolling pants. It prevents pants from wrinkling while also taking up less room in the dresser. Additionally, ranger rolls accommodate a wider variety of garments of any size. As a result, it is also widely used for travel.

Watch this video to follow the process easily:

How To Ranger Roll Your Clothes

Rolling Shirts:

How To Ranger Roll Your shirt

To ranger roll a shirt, place it face down on a clean, flat, hard surface. Rolling your clothes on your bed or other soft surfaces will not suffice for this task – believe me, I tried. If the roll is not completed on a flat, hard surface, the clothes will sag and wrinkle.

Once your shirt is laid out, use your hands to gently smooth out any wrinkles. This is an important step in keeping your clothes wrinkle-free. To remove wrinkles, place both hands on the center and swipe them outwards.

Fold the hem at the bottom of the shirt inside out and up about 3 inches to form a cuff. With your hands, smooth out the surface and rotate the shirt 180 degrees. You should have the collar in front of you.

Fold the sleeves into the center, forming a rectangle. Fold the arms diagonally across the back of the shirt in the shape of an X if you’re working on a long-sleeved shirt.

Fold the collar in half and smooth it out. Then roll up another inch and smooth once more. Continue in this manner until you reach the folded bottom. I discovered that tightly rolling shirts worked best. Any sags in the roll will allow wrinkles to form.

To keep it tight, roll it all the way into the cuff and tuck the edges around. This clever trick wowed me. I could throw this small burrito shirt across the room, and it would still not unfold.

Rolling Pants

How To Ranger Roll Your Pants

Fasten any buttons and zippers on your pants.

Place the pants on a flat, hard surface with the waist end facing you. Before you begin, smooth out any wrinkles.

To make the cuff, fold the waistband inside out about 4 inches.

Fold the trousers in half so that the legs form a straight line. smooth out once more

Fold the ankles in half, 1 inch apart. Smooth out and repeat the process all the way up and into the cuff, just like with the shirts.

How to Fold a T-Shirt Military Style

How to Fold a T-Shirt Military Style

It’s easier than it seems to fold shirts military style. Prepare your shirts and execute the following actions:

Method 1

  1. Spread out your shirt on a level surface. Ensure that the front of the item is facing up.
  2. Lift the last three inches of the shirt’s end and fold it like a beanie. The result is a cuff. Fix any wrinkles and the corners.
  3. Fold the left side toward the center, including the sleeve. Then repeat the process on the right side.
  4. Roll the garment from the collar to the bottom as firmly as possible. Check once again to make sure there are no wrinkles.
  5. Wrap your shirt’s rolled-up section like a burrito using the folded end you previously formed.
  6. Voila! You wear a shirt with a military fold!

Method 2

  1. Implement method one’s first two bullet points.
  2. To approximately one-third of the army way to fold clothes, fold the left side over.
  3. The left sleeve should be folded over.
  4. Over the left fold, fold the right side, including the sleeve.
  5. As you did with the left sleeve, fold the right sleeve over itself.
  6. The garment should be rolled up from the bottom until it covers the cuff you produced earlier. Make careful to tighten this up as much as you can.
  7. Wrap the whole shirt in the inside-out-folded cuff. Your finished result must resemble an uncut

You can use either strategy. Both are known as ranger-rolls. Both approaches may be used with the tactical jacket, too. Choose the one that will take the least time and provide you with the greatest comfort.

Military Folding: Socks – How To Fold Socks Military Style?

Military Folding- Socks

  1. Put your socks in pairs and straighten out any wrinkles.
  2. One after the other, in a layer.
  3. First, tuck the heels inside. After that, roll the toes up to the sock’s top elastic. At this point, it ought to resemble a thick sausage.
  4. Pull the sock’s opening apart a little bit while tucking the end of the rolled section inside. Consider packing anything inside a bag or a net.
  5. You will end up with a pair of socks that are rolled up, inside-out, and shaped like a ball.

This is a neater method to store your socks. You won’t need to search for the appropriate pairings when rushing or half asleep.

Military Folding: Boxers – How To Military Fold Shirts?

Military Folding Boxers

  1. Dispose of your boxers on a level surface. The waistline should be facing you.
  2. As you fold it, cross one leg over the other.
  3. Indent the crotch area.
  4. Fold the whole boxer into your hands, from hem to waistband.

Fold Shirt Military Style: Dress Shirts

Fold Shirt Military Style- Dress Shirts

Method 1

  1. Lay your dress shirt on a level surface just as you would when folding clothes military style.
  2. Your dress shirt should be buttoned up and maybe ironed. If not, make sure there are no creases or wrinkles.
  3. Fold your shirt’s left sleeve and a couple of inches of the side in.
  4. The edge folds in the same sleeve by flipping it back.
  5. Continue with the right sleeve.
  6. Fold the right sleeve edge, so it lines up with the buttons, bringing it up near the collar’s opening.
  7. The left sleeve is in the same manner.
  8. From the bottom up, fold the garment into thirds.

Your already-ironed dress shirt will have a rectangular, space-saving fold, which prevents wrinkles. It’s easily portable so you can put it on anytime you need to!

Method 2

  1. Check that all the buttons on your dress shirt are secured by setting it out.
  2. Fold the cuffs into the middle of the military-pressed shirt and place them so that they are parallel to the shirt hem.
  3. Then, fold the collar and hem inside, leaving a gap of approximately a palm’s length.
  4. To finish, delicately wrinkle the middle of the palm-length space to fold using your palms.
  5. Once again, you’ll have a neat, rectangular fold.
  6. The same techniques may be used to fold your tactical hoodie.

Fold Clothes Military Style: Trousers

Fold Clothes Military Style Trousers

Method 1

A ranger roll may also be used to describe this. It is a little harder than folding shirts. It’s not impossible, however. All you have to do is consistently practice and persevere.

  1. Your pants should be spread out on a level surface.
  2. Your pants’ upper portion should be inside out. Ensure that any accompanying folded pockets are straightened to prevent a bulge in your fold.
  3. Turn the pants inside out. Flyers and drawstrings have to be concealed.
  4. The left leg should be folded over the middle. Next, the right leg was placed over the left. However, avoid fully folding the top sides.
  5. Roll the pants up from the bottom to the top.
  6. Pull the top over the bottoms to form a wrap. First, work on one side, then the other.

Tie a knot in the drawstrings to make the roll tighter and more secure. The loose ends should be tucked in if you employ a bow knot.

Method 2

An alternate method for folding pants is shown here. You won’t receive a roll like a burrito; you’ll get a rectangle form.

  1. Set your pants out.
  2. With your hands, spread them wide.
  3. Place one leg on top of the other.
  4. The crotch of the pants should be tucked in. You ought to have a single-leg line at this stage.
  5. For the middle of the waist and the cuffs.
  6. The bottom should then be raised and folded in half.


FAQs about how to fold pants military style

Do Army Roll Wrinkle Clothes?

When rolled as opposed to folded, they could take up more room. Because the cloth bunches up when it rolls, rolling button-up shirts is tougher and is more likely to result in creases. Forget about wearing a dress or a suit to a formal event. They work best when they are put in a garment bag or folded.

Why Is Rolling Clothes Better Than Folding?

If you only have hand luggage, rolling your suitcase will save you room. By being able to see every article of clothes in your luggage, you can better organize it. Small things work well for rolling. Especially for clothing made of synthetic fibers like nylon, which will wrinkle less easily.


Folding pants military style is a great way to save space in your suitcase. Just follow our guide, and you will succeed. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We’re glad to hear from you.

Thanks for reading!