How Much Does A Military Humvee Cost? & Reasons To Get A Military Humvee 2022

How Much Does A Military Humvee Cost

Many people often asked that how much does a military humvee cost? A military Humvee can cost anywhere from $50 000 to over $1 million, depending on the model and specifications. The most expensive Humvees are armored and outfitted with the latest technology, while the less expensive models may be older or less equipped.

How Much Is a Humvee?

how much does a military humvee cost

As said briefly above:

  • $70000 for original unarmored military humvees
  • Military humvees that have been armored or upgraded cost between $160000 and $220000.

As you will see in a moment:

  • GOVPlanet auctions obsolete military humvees (starting price in 2014): $100,000
  • The top bids in the initial auction of 4,000 humvees were $41000.
  • GOVPlanet auctioned up used/surplus military humvees with prices ranging from $2500 to $6000 in 2022.

To purchase a humvee as a civilian, check for used military humvees for sale or military surplus humvees for sale, which may include army humvees for sale and armored humvees for sale.

11 Reasons To Get A Military Humvee Right Now

11 Reasons To Get A Military Humvee Right Now

Military Humvees, also known as High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWV), are heavy-duty vehicles. They are designed to be almost impervious vehicles. The nicest thing about these vehicles is that they are commercially accessible since military hummer surplus humvees are sold to civilians.

Here are even more outstanding price of military humvee characteristics that set these vehicles apart.

1. Indestructible Monster Tires Runflats

Military humvee tires are the best on the market and are big enough to cover all terrains. These 37-inch tires are thick and long-lasting. This car cannot hydroplane or slide due to the tread alone. Nonetheless, the total height of the HMMWV is lower than that of certain other vehicles on the market.

2. Made For Men, Not Comfort

Made For Men, Not Comfort

These fantastic vehicles have considerable power but lack elegance and luxury. The military humvee cabin is devoid of air conditioning and a radio. Similarly, the seats are spare, with a low backrest and little back support. These military-grade humvees are designed with no showy frills or distractions in mind.

3. Great Ground Clearance

A military humvee will stay high off the ground regardless of how steep something is or during off-roading, with no chance of harming the undercarriage. The cutting-edge design incorporates axels that link to the top of the tire rather than the middle, allowing the undercarriage to sit higher than the usual truck.

4. Always Off-Road Ready

Always Off-Road Ready

Purchasing a military humvee ensures that you will always be prepared to leap off the road. Because most automobiles have just two-wheel drive, not all are capable of this. The HMMWV’s ground clearance and 4-wheel drive ensure that this beast can handle any terrain.

5. Street Legal

The HMMWV is perfectly legal to own, drive, and for buying a military humvee. You can safely drive this remarkable car as long as it is fully licensed, insured, and covered.

6. Submarine Capability

Military humvee street legality is tricky when it comes to on-road driving. Each state has its own set of rules. It is, nevertheless, feasible to make your car street legal. This flexible vehicle is capable of traveling safely and legally on the road as well as traveling off-road at any time.

7. Made of Lightweight And Rustproof Parts

Made of Lightweight And Rustproof Parts

The military humvee engine is completely waterproof and capable of operating underwater. Some HMMWVs feature the exhaust and intake valves on top of the vehicle, allowing it to be completely submerged and drive underwater as necessary.

Most military humvee components are constructed of fiberglass and aluminum, two unique materials sturdy, lightweight, and rust-proof. The lightweight design improves the military humvee gas economy and ensures the truck’s durability.

8. Unique Disk Brake System

Unique Disk Brake System

Most automobiles’ brakes are designed to impart pressure and friction to the tires when you slow down on the road. On the other hand, the HMMWV features brake pads that are integrated directly into the axel. Using brakes higher up beneath the vehicle’s carriage will increase the life of the brakes since they are less exposed to anything you may drive through.

9. Lower Roof Height

The HMMWV is a one-of-a-kind vehicle that rides on a considerably higher undercarriage than any other truck while being the shortest. This is feasible because everything underneath the humvee is brought into the cabin, limiting the interior room. The roof height is around 6 feet, whereas more normal vehicles are closer to 7 feet.

10. Can Be Thrown From Airspace

Can Be Thrown From Airspace

The humvee is outfitted with loops around the vehicle’s frame that can be connected up and support the full vehicle’s weight. The military employs this capability to carry humvees by plane and dump them via parachute. That how much do humvees sell for on govplanet is serious about business.

This truck is simple to carry anywhere you need it. Also, who doesn’t want to have street cred for driving a car launched from space?

11. Removable Door

Military humvee doors may be removed by pulling straight up. It will simply pull out of the hinge, allowing you to replace them with any exact design door and construct a bespoke military humvee, or you can leave them off to make it simpler to fire from inside or go in out while the HMMWV is moving.

Various Factors that Affect the Humvee Price

Various Factors that Affect the Humvee Price

The Army auctioned off decommissioned Humvees at GOVPlanet in 2014. The initial cost was $100,000. Today, you may still find them on GOVPlanet.

As of this writing, there are 151 homes military humvee for sale Virginia. With bid increments of $100, the lowest specified beginning price is $2500, and the highest is $6000. The majority are in Georgia, although there are a few in California as well (Know this to consider shipping fees).

However, it is crucial to note that the excess humvee cost is determined by a variety of variables, including:

  • Whether an Army humvee or a hummingbird,
  • Its condition (the need for repairs or replacement components), age, and model
  • Its name
  • Fee for an auction firm
  • Shipping costs and sales taxes vary by area.
  • Storage charges

1. Type of HMMWV: Humvees vs. Hummers

Humvees are the original military vehicles, while hummers are civilian-modified humvees. Humvees are often more costly since they are genuine.

2. Condition


Military Humvees are available in a variety of configurations. In general, the better the condition, the higher the price. The humvee price will be lower if the buyer must budget a substantial sum for the repair or replacement of missing and damaged components.

However, since you will have to pay for repairs and replacement components regardless, they technically qualify as part of your total costs.

Here’s an example pricing chart for various humvee components available on Gear-Report:

Between $25 and $50:

  • $25 for a 2L oil pan
  • $25 for the red LED lens side marker lights with white housing.
  • $40 for a force tracker antenna mounted on the top of the front windshield.
  • Can holder for gun ammo: $40
  • $50 for the dash panel and heating controls

Between $125 and $1100:

  • $125 for a two-tiered radio shelf with a microphone holder.
  • $200 for an air conditioner blower box
  • $250 for the front winch mounting plate
  • NOS $550 for a 60 amp generator or alternator
  • $1100 for an ECV hood with lights and a wire harness for the top grill.

Age and model also play a factor in determining the condition of a military humvee. Because newer ones are in better shape, they cost more in this respect. However, if missing components or modifications are required, older models will cost more since it is more difficult to locate such parts and make improvements. (After all, economic logic dictates that the scarcity of an object increases its price.)

Furthermore, you must choose whether to fix and upgrade yourself or hire a professional. If you choose the latter, you will incur additional fees.

It’s worth noting that most humvee purchasers budget at least $1,500 for basic repairs and maintenance.

Initial fixing and servicing is one thing, but ongoing upkeep is another. You will almost certainly have to spend to repair or replace items that have become damaged or worn out.

3. On-Road or Off-Road Title

On-Road or Off-Road Title

Military humvees might be labeled as “On Road”.  Army humvees are often labeled “Off-Road,” while Marine Corps humvees are labeled “On-Road.”

Some states only allow “On Road” humvees but make re-titling exceedingly tough. As a result, it is usual for Humvees already labeled “On-Road” to be more costly. Their prices may range from $5000 to $100,000.

It’s worth noting that you may be able to acquire an “On Road” title with an SF97, which costs $50. However, the title is not a certainty. It is just a form that purchasers may use to seek a title. Some dealers additionally offer a separate title for $150.

If you want to obtain a title with an SF97, you’ll need an End-User Certificate and a bill of sale, which will cost you at least $25. Then you must complete the process at a local DMV, where additional costs may apply.

The following states permit humvee titling:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • Georgia
  • Kentucky
  • Maryland
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • North Carola from New Jersey
  • Oregon
  • Ohio
  • Dakota State
  • South Carolina (SC)
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Virginia
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin

4. Auction Company Fee

If you purchased your humvee at an auction, you would be required to pay a charge to the auction corporation. It is usually a proportion of the price of your humvee. There is no established standard. However, many auction houses will accept 10%.

5. Shipping Fee & Location Sales Tax

Shipping Fee & Location Sales Tax

You may be required to pay a shipping cost and sales tax for where your humvee is being stored. There is, once again, no standard. Your chosen shipping distance mostly determines the latter, and the location’s discretion determines the former.

6. Storage Fee

A humvee is large and hence takes up a lot of areas. You will very certainly need to hire a space to have it relocated into. The price varies depending on the kind of storage unit you choose (outdoor, covered/uncovered, enclosed, indoor,…) and the period of storage. It will almost always cost at least $80.


The military’s use of humvees has been controversial for many years. Some believe that the cost of these vehicles is too high, while others believe that they are essential for the military’s operations. However, most people seem to agree that the cost of these vehicles is suitable for the military’s needs.

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