Large Plate Carrier Size: Best Tactical Vest for Big Guys & Fat Guys 2023

Large Size Body Armor: Best Tactical Vest for Big Guys 2021

If you are still confused about a product that fits or have trouble choosing a shirt that can provide all-around protection for yourself without sacrificing aesthetics, the list of best tactical vests for big guys is below.

Large Size Body Armor: Best Tactical Vest for Big Guys 2021

The Best Tactical Vest for Big Guys Reviews

There are quite a few criteria to consider when choosing a best tactical vest for big guys. Fit, comfort, protection, convenience, and aesthetics are just a few of them.

Although from different brands, the names below have unique features but are not outside the above principles.

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1. GFIRE Tactical Vest Big Size


Product’s Highlight

Undoubtedly, GFIRE is one of the best tactical vest model suitable for all sizes from medium to large. Specifically, the product has a maximum waist circumference of 54” and has a full range of sizes to help you easily choose the most suitable and comfortable vest.

In addition to the immense size, the adjustable shoulder strap of the product is also a plus because the above ability brings maximum comfort and is quite flexible, suitable for many different purposes and conditions of use.

Not only providing a comfortable fit for even people with tall bodies, but GFIRE is also the first choice if you want a high-end experience that is not inferior to products from top US brands.

The impressive experience, on the most part, comes from the lightweight and sturdy 1000D polyester material. Compared to conventional vest models using 600D polyester, GFIRE is airy and offers a superior premium feel.

The meticulousness in each nylon stitch that enhances the certainty is also the bright advantage of this product.

The product’s durability also comes from the design with high-grade Molle loops. Not only that, but the unique design above also helps you to store many virtual devices while storing and taking them out quickly.

Check out this video for details!


  • Emergency pull handle.
  • Anti-slip shoulder pads.
  • The size is adjustable.
  • Padded mesh lining.
  • High-quality materials, meticulous stitches.


  • The belt buckle is quite challenging to operate with one hand.

2. Himal Sports Tactical Vest Large Size

Product’s Highlight

Adjusting the size is one of the most exciting features when choosing body armor for flat guys. And it’s hard to find a product at the same price with more optimal adjustment features than the Himal Sports-Vest.

With the Himal Sports-Vest, you can adjust the straps and back to your individual needs. The minimum waist size that the product supports is 37”, the maximum size is 48”. Minimum length is 20”, maximum length is up to 23”.

Those with a reasonably large height and weight and trouble choosing a tactical vest will undoubtedly be impressed with the manufacturer’s fairly spacious parameters and sizes.

To evaluate the quality of a tactical vest, in addition to paying attention to the fit, you also need to consider the material, design, and additional accessories. And in any respect, Himal Sports-Vest deserves to be on the list of best tactical vests for big guys.

Firstly, the main product is high-quality polyester when it comes to materials. The material is lightweight yet durable, tear-resistant, strong yet equally breathable, and comfortable.

Secondly, the manufacturer with this vest model has brought an innovative and flexible design that is impressive. Specifically, you have four parts that can be disassembled and fused differently. Depending on your needs, you can install more flashlight bags, ammo boxes, and holsters.

Last but not least, with Himal, you don’t just own a tactical vest. You get even more extras.

Specifically, you have a backplate available as a camouflage shield, which is very suitable for strategy games. Besides, the two D-ring design of the product is bold in aesthetics and give you an extra place to keep other personal devices.


  • Smooth, durable zipper.
  • Easy to adjust the size.
  • Innovative design can change flexibly.
  • Add more accessories.
  • Fit a variety of weapons of different sizes.


  • The zipper is a bit small compared to other products.
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3. MGFLASHFORCE Airsoft Vest Big Size

MGFLASHFORCE Airsoft Vest for big guys


Product’s Highlight

If you are looking for a tactical vest dedicated to games like Airsoft or Paintball, MGFLASHFORCE has the advantage to meet all your needs.

If you want a customizable vest that holds as many accessories as possible, MGFLASHFORCE offers a molle layer that makes it modular.

Besides, because it is for big guys, the product is a vest model that can adjust the waist from 40” – 51” – an imposing number and almost suitable for the size of most users today.

If you are looking for a high-quality product at a reasonable price, the MGFLASHFORCE is also a vest worth considering. Because the product is polyester, it is resistant to abrasion and withstands pulling solid forces.

In addition, the manufacturer also offers a 100% refund service if you are not satisfied with the product in general and the quality of the material in particular within 30 days from the time of arrival.

Providing the above commitment, it is enough to see that the manufacturer is very confident with this vest model. And in fact, MGFLASHFORCE has quite the ground to be proud of.

The body armor is high quality, suitable for many different audiences, and provides you with an impressive molle system so you can carry any critical equipment.

For those involved in paintball or similar strategy games, offering so many bags as above brings many benefits worth considering.

Referring to tactical games like paintball, it is impossible not to mention another advantage in the design of MGFLASHFORCE.

Specifically, the manufacturer has equipped the front part of the product with thick mattresses, helping you have a significantly more comfortable experience when participating in paintball and other outdoor activities.


  • Solid, and durable, it can last for many years.
  • Modular customization with external MOLLE.
  • Easy to adjust the size.
  • Front padding enhances comfort.
  • Quick put on and take off.


  • Exceptionally thick, it can make you sweat a lot.
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4. GLORYFIRE Tactical Vest Large Size

Product’s Highlight

This GLORYFIRE Tactical Vest offers you a wide choice of sizes. From size S with a waist 35” to 4XL with a maximum waist circumference of 57”, and length of 22.5”.

With the above dimensions, as long as you are under 6’6” tall, and weigh less than 300 lbs, you will have a comfortable and comfortable experience with the product.

Although there is no shortage of body armor models on the market that can offer options with the above sizes, GLORYFIRE still deserves to be on the list thanks to its excellent quality inversely proportional to the price.

You can’t doubt the high-density Oxford fabric in terms of quality. This fabric has long been known for its durability and comfort. When combined with Polyester mesh, the vest also has lightweight breathability – two definite advantages over tactical vest.

Another advantage that cannot be ignored when evaluating the quality of this product is the removable gun leather cover.

The design above is quite different from the usual tactical vest models. And with the main advantage of the flexibility that won’t let you down in any hand, the GLORYFIRE wins over traditional fixed designs.

Along with flexibility is versatility when the product has a removable compartment. The above utility bags can be available to store flashlights, maps, magazines, and more, meeting most of your needs.

With all the convenience, flexibility, and comfort above, you would think the product belongs to the high-end segment with prices that can reach hundreds of dollars. However, in reality, it costs you less than $50 to own a Gloryfire tactical vest.

It can be challenging to find a perfect product in the same price range as the representative from Gloryfire.


  • Reinforcing the rescue handle.
  • Detachable gun bag design.
  • Cheap.
  • Shoulder and waist sizes can be adjusted.
  • High-quality fabric, durable, comfortable.


  • The mole ring on the back of the holster may be a bit low.
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5. vAv YAKEDA Military Vest Big Size

Product’s Highlight

You certainly don’t want to change your tactical vest so often. However, with the game’s unique characteristics, it is possible to tear and break the key.

But you will save a lot of search effort and money if you choose a durable product like vAv YAKEDA right from the start.

This product is made from 1000D Nylon – a fabric that has long been famous for its impressive durability, not only durable to challenge time and impact force, the above material is also relatively light in weight, very comfortable to use, and accessible in cleaning and maintenance.

In addition to its high durability that impresses users, the product also stands out for its ability to adjust quickly.

With the quick-release buckle system, you can still unlock the waistband with just one hand. Besides, vAv’s quick-shifting shoulder buckle also helps you put on and take off your vest  in the blink of an eye.

And since it’s one of the featured products on the best tactical body armor for big guys list, the vAv’s maximum support size is also a concern.

With this tactical vest model, the manufacturer also can adjust the shoulder straps quite comfortably when the minimum length and width are 6 – 8”, and the maximum is 14 – 12” respectively. Meanwhile, the waist of the product can be in the range from 29 – 49”.

The highlight of the waist is not only the immense size but also the hidden utility pockets and loops, allowing you to store many additional accessories neatly and aesthetically.


  • Velcro waist adjustment.
  • Come with a convenient hand drawstring.
  • High strength 1000D nylon fabric.
  • Lightweight.
  • It can be easily adjusted.


  • The middle pocket and the back pocket are fixed and not removable.
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6. YAKEDA Tactical Airsoft Vest Large Size

Product’s Highlight

Anti-impact, anti-abrasion are necessary features of a product that serves heavy tasks well. And YAKEDA Outdoor Tactical Airsoft vest is such a product.

The manufacturer has equipped this vest model with high-density nylon material and a thick PVC lining. So you will indeed be surprised with the product’s durability: able to withstand pulling solid forces and resistant to all abrasions.

Not only is it incredibly durable, but the Yakeda should also be the first product that comes to mind if you’re looking for a best tactical vest for big guys model. Because the product supports the maximum bust size up to 50”.

Not only that, but you also can adjust the dimensions for the most comfortable experience.

In strategy games, you can hardly complete the mission without the help of accessories. And with Yakeda, carrying accessories throughout the game has never been so easy. You have up to 3 magazine pockets, another 2 for contact information.

Besides, you also have smaller pockets to hold more essential items such as flashlights, pills, maps. In particular, you can disassemble all of the above bags and install them in any position to suit your dominant hand or frequency of use.


  • Offer a variety of accessory pouches.
  • Enduring.
  • Has impact resistance, wear resistance.
  • Light.
  • Dimensions can be easily available to control.


  • Do not include a belt.
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How To Choose The Best Tactical Vest for Big Guys 

Nowadays, with the wide popularity of strategy games, you have no shortage of different jacket options.

However, not all shirts are suitable for your height, weight, and meet your needs.

So that you don’t spend too much money on disappointing products, here are some tips you should consider before making a decision:

How To Choose The Best Tactical Vest for Big Guys 


Of course, what big guys are most interested in when choosing an tactical vest for flat guys is whether the size of the product is suitable for body measurements or whether the product can provide a comfortable fit experience.

The size of the product affects the feeling of use and plays a big role in protecting you. Because if you use protective gear that is too tight, you will expose areas that the shirt cannot cover, which will undoubtedly significantly reduce the protection of the shirt.

Meanwhile, a too wide product can make you uncomfortable to use for a long time. Because of the wrong size, you cannot fix any device and face many inconveniences when moving.

When choosing a shirt based on size and focusing on the size announced by the manufacturer, you should pay attention to the adjustability of the product.

Ergonomic design, the ability to quickly expand the waist, and shoulder size are a big plus when choosing the best tactical undershirt for big guys.


Material dramatically affects durability and is a decisive factor in the feeling of breathability and lightness when wearing a tactical vest.

Therefore, when choosing, you should prefer products made from high-density polyester, which is both durable and breathable. Besides, you should also check the stitches to ensure the effect can last for many years to come, whatever the storage conditions.


In theory, the lighter the tactical vest, the easier it is for you to move.

Besides, lightness is often associated with the advantage of breathability. And at times of the year when the temperature is high or if you participate in games that require active exercise, the coolness and comfort of wearing an vest are top concerns.

The Molle system

Simply put, the MOLLE system is a design that allows you to attach extra pockets or similar accessories to a convenient location on your vest. You can easily store and take out essential tools and accessories in this position.

If you’re a beginner, unsure of how much equipment you’ll need, it’s handy to have a vest that’s compatible with the MOLLE system.

Wrap Up 

Choosing body armor is undoubtedly not an easy task, especially when you are looking for the best tactical vest for big guys. And the instructions and suggestions above have made your job more accessible than ever.

You can prioritize products with reasonable prices but excellent quality like GLORYFIRE, or you can also choose GFIRE Tactical Vest – the best overall.

All you need to do is consult the manual and choose according to your preferences. Indeed with the suggestions and instructions above, you will have a product that fits, is durable, quality, and aesthetically pleasing.

If you have any other related questions, you can leave a comment below to receive our fastest advice and support. Thank you for reading!