Engage your Soldiers in the Performance Triad Program with a Getting Started Guide and 24 weekly content packages containing articles, graphics and ready-to-use social media messages focused on sleep, activity, nutrition, and goal setting.


Sleep helps you think clearly, keep fit, and stand ready.


A daily commitment to personal health and fitness keeps you ready for anything.


Your food choices impact how you look in the mirror, how you feel, and how clearly you think on the job.

Guard Your Health is built on the position that Army National Guard Soldier health and wellness is not a check-the-box activity.

Soldier health and wellness is a lifestyle, and it’s made better by way of three key behaviors: activity, nutrition, and sleep.

The three building blocks of day-to-day living – activity, nutrition, and sleep – are the basis for the Army’s “Performance Triad,” a concept all Army National Guard Soldiers, as well as Army and Army Reservists will hear more about in the months and years ahead.

“It is in these areas that I think we can have the biggest impact to really make sure that we are ready and resilient and able to respond to whatever the future challenges are for our Army,” Army Surgeon General Lt. Gen. Patricia Horoho has said.


The Performance Triad formula for Soldier wellbeing:

Activity: at least 150 minutes per week
Nutrition: build a healthy plate
Sleep: seven to eight hours, daily

In 2013, the U.S. Army Medical Command will pilot a Performance Triad program built on the formula. Pilot sites will include Ft. Bragg, N.C., Ft. Hood, Tex., and Joint Base Lewis McChord, Wash.

The goal is to improve individual performance and resilience. “Improvements in individual readiness equal improvements for the entire unit,” Brig. Gen. Brian C. Lein, deputy commanding general of operations for the U.S. Army Medical Command has said.


In 2012, the Army discharged more than 1,600 Soldiers for not meeting height and weight standards—a trend that must not continue.

Army National Guard Chief Surgeon Col. (Dr.) Anne Naclerio supports the Performance Triad formula.


The U.S. Army Stand-To provides more information on the Army Performance Triad. More to come as the Army releases more information and tools.


Performance Triad will help you set goals and learn how to perform as a Citizen-Soldier.

Module 1: Being a Professional Soldier Athlete Module 2: Performance Triad Module 3: Goal Setting (SMART Goals)
Module 4: Build Strength and Toughness  Module 5a: Fueling for Performance Module 5b: Dietary Supplements
Module 6: Sleep Like the Pros Module 7: Finding Your Motivation Module 8: Sleep: The Mental Edge
Module 9: Stay Sharp, Move More! Module 10: Feed Your Brain with Nutrition Module 11: Seven Steps to Reach Your Goal
Module 12: Blow Off Steam and Stay Balanced Module 13: Food and Mood Module 14: Sleep, Your Secret Weapon
Module 15: Staying the Course Module 16: Sleep, the Decisive Edge Module 17: Fueling for the Field and Missions
Module 18: Cross Training for Fitness Module 19: The Strength of the Nation – The Army Family Community Module 20: Soldier and Family Nutrition
Module 21: Friends, Family, Faith, and Fitness Module 22: Sleep for Stronger Relationships Module 23: Final Check In
Module 24: OPORD for Life!