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Finding a Support System at Your Fingertips

Like many National Guard spouses, Angela Caban felt caught between the two worlds of civilian and military life. She didn’t feel fully connected to either community when her husband deployed in 2010.

Angela’s husband is a medic for the New Jersey Army National Guard. While he was deployed for 15 months, she found herself needing support. Angela decided to create her own online community to support others in similar situations. She researched and launched a website called Homefront United Network.

The website connects spouses of Civilian-Soldiers across the nation. It shares resources and programs for Guard families, such as links about deployment, behavioral health, health care, employment, education, and financial assistance. There are also contests, giveaways, and a list of military discounts. All Guard spouses are invited to contribute to the blog.

“Honestly, [Homefront United] was a godsend. I was able to find other spouses going through the same types of issues and challenges we were,” said Dr. Ingrid Herrera-Yee, whose husband is in the Maryland Army National Guard.

Many writers for the blog, like Ingrid and others, talk about their experiences and offer helpful tips. Ingrid is a clinical psychologist. She sheds light on behavioral health issues and provides a forum for Guard families to ask questions.

Angela wants spouses and families to feel supported. Homefront United Network is a place where they can share their stories as Guard families. “It makes me so happy that we can help each other out along the way,” Angela said.

To connect with other Guard families and find support, check out the National and State Guard Family Programs.