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Mantastic Movember

Happy Movember! We know that Army/National Guard regulations prohibit you from getting too creative with your facial hair, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on joining the movement to better your health!

What's Your Mustache Personality?

You’ve heard of a spirit animal. Maybe you even know yours. But what about a spirit ‘stache? Tell us which mustache style most resembles your personality.
Click on "that’s me" to declare your ‘stache style and see how many others share your spirit.

The Smooth Operator

You play it cool, but you’ve got charm and style for DAYS. You know it. Your friends know it. Still, your spirit ‘stache says, “I’m this cool, without even trying.”

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The Adventurer

You jump head first into everything, which is why this rogue rebel ‘stache is totally you. You may regret it later, but it will definitely make for a good story. YOLO!

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The Silent Type

You are introverted and like to keep a low profile. Your spirit ‘stache is also quiet and unassuming. However, the slightly rounded shape adds a bit of intrigue, suggesting there is more to your story.

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The Wise Guy

You are witty and sarcastic. You have been known to buck authority and pull off epic pranks. Like you, your spirit ‘stache is playful - and ironic.

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The Go-Getter

You are smart, ambitious, and hard working. You are a serious guy with serious aspirations. Your spirit ‘stache is equally serious. It ever-so-politely says, “You’ll work for me someday.”

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The "Chill Guy"

You are relaxed. Care-free. You lead a “no worries” lifestyle. Like you, your spirit ‘stache is no-fuss and low maintenance. Untamed and unpretentious, you let it grow wild and free, the way nature intended.

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How to Experience the Ultimate Mantastic Movember

To support Movember without breaking the rules, find out how you can stay mantastic in Movember (and year round) by checking out these health tips.