5 Ways You Can Serve Others


  • Giving back enhances your physical and mental health.
  • Find a service opportunity in your neighborhood.
  • Give back in whatever way appeals to you.

Giving back and serving others as a Citizen-Soldier is good for you. A single act of kindness has been shown to enhance a person’s physical and mental health. Don’t believe us? Here are some of the proven benefits of giving back:

  • Volunteers live longer and are healthier than non-volunteers.
  • Volunteering combats loneliness and builds relationships.
  • Volunteering can lead to career opportunities.
  • Volunteering makes positive changes in your community.
  • Volunteering gives more meaning and purpose to your life.


There are several ways you can get involved and start giving back to your community. Here are five ideas to get you started:

Mentor or tutor youth. Volunteer at your local school’s tutoring and mentoring programs, assist teachers in the classroom, lead after-school activities, read to kids, or chaperone field trips. Seek out your local YMCA or little leagues and volunteer to coach if that appeals to you more.

Build homes. Habitat for Humanity and other organizations help rebuild communities struck by natural disasters. Check out their site to see how you can help.

Assist seniors and Veterans. There are elderly in your town that either live independently at home or reside in a nursing facility. Offer to mow their lawn, go grocery shopping for them, help around the house, or simply spend an hour or two each week with them. Let them share their stories with you; you never know what you might learn. You can find an activity to help Veterans by checking out the Disabled American Veterans website.

Reach out to fellow military families. You may know what it’s like to be deployed or have a family member stationed far away. Stop by and see how you can help support a military family during that time. Arrange to babysit or have a game night with the kids.

Protect the environment. Organize recycling drives or trash pickup along the roadways or waterways. Join organizations that remove brush to help prevent wildfires and/or plant trees. You can plant trees or join a community garden in your neighborhood.

You can also give blood, serve food at a local soup kitchen, or deliver meals to shut-ins. The list of ways to give back is endless!


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