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The Strong Bonds Program Helps Strengthen Relationships

Soldier hugs husband and son after returning home from deployment to Afghanistan

South Carolina Army National Guard Photo: Tech Sgt. Jorge Intriago

In this Article:

  • Strong Bonds provides skills to strengthen your relationships.
  • More than 90 percent of participants say Strong Bonds helped their relationships improve.
  • Chaplains, who are available in every state and territory, lead the trainings.

Strong relationships take work. Whether you’re single, married, and/or raising kids, Strong Bonds can help you build and maintain healthy relationships and become a more resilient Soldier.

What Is Strong Bonds?

Strong Bonds is a Chaplain-led program for Soldiers and their families that will help you strengthen your relationships with others. It’s based on Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness’ (CSF2) Five Dimensions of Strength—social, emotional, family, spiritual, and physical.

Strong Bonds training is available in four-, eight-, and 12-hour sessions for couples, families, and singles. There are different programs you can choose from:

  • Strong Bonds Single Soldier—Learn how to build great relationships. Build skills to manage expectations, make healthy choices, and cope with challenges.
  • Strong Bonds Couples—Strengthen your marriage by learning tools for better communication and relationship building to increase marital satisfaction and survival.
  • Strong Bonds Family—Learn how to work together as a family. Build close family bonds and strengthen your parenting skills. Trainings are open to Soldiers, spouses, and kids ages 8 and older.
  • Strong Bonds Pre-Deployment and Reunion—Learn how to stay connected during a deployment as well as tips for reintegrating after a deployment or long-term separation.

What Are The Benefits?

Strong Bonds training creates a strong support system for Soldiers and families to connect with each other, your unit, and local resources. You also get tools to help you recognize and solve issues before a relationship reaches crisis mode.

More than 90 percent of participants say Strong Bonds gave them useful skills and helped them build and maintain relationships. Studies show those who have completed the Strong Bonds training:

  • Improve their communication skills with others
  • Develop healthy habits, which leads to healthy relationships
  • Select and bond with a potential spouse better

How Do I Participate?

Search for a Strong Bonds training event in your area or contact your unit Chaplain or Unit Ministry Team for more information and to sign up.

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