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Simple Ways to Become Spiritually Fit

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In this Article:

  • Spiritual fitness means building your inner strength.
  • Being spiritually fit can help you be resilient and overcome challenges.
  • Activities such as serving others, doing yoga, and going outside can help build your spiritual fitness.

As a Soldier, you’re expected to be physically fit. But did you know there are benefits to being spiritually fit too? Investing in your spiritual fitness will help you all around – with your happiness, relationships, and even your physical health!

What Is Spiritual Fitness?

According to the Army, being spiritually fit means you are constantly working to build your inner strength. By working out your spiritual muscles, you can:

  • Be resilient during times of adversity
  • Cope with stress
  • Overcome challenges
  • Make sense of your experiences

Besides giving your life purpose or more meaning, being spiritually fit can:

  • Reduce your anxiety
  • Increase your happiness
  • Strengthen your relationships
  • Give you a positive outlook on life
  • Help you reach your full potential

Each person’s path to becoming spiritually fit is unique. Your path may or may not include identifying with a religion or faith.

How to Get Spiritually Fit

Your physical fitness is measured by your score on the Army Physical Fitness Test. While there is no test for spiritual fitness, you can explore how it plays a role in your life by taking AfterDeployment’s Spiritual Assessment.

Upping your spiritual fitness game doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are simple ways to beef up your spiritual muscles:

  • Be mindful. This can mean living in the moment or focusing on what is happening around you right now.
  • Practice meditation. Meditating is like push-ups for your brain.
  • Connect with like-minded people. Meet up with others who have similar beliefs and principles as you, which will give you a sense of belonging.
  • Get creative. Take up an art hobby such as painting, sketching, writing, singing, or playing an instrument.
  • Write down your thoughts to provide insight into what you’re thinking and show how you’ve grown spiritually over time.
  • Do yoga. It builds resilience and strength.
  • Think positive. Flex and challenge those spiritual muscles by choosing to stay positive. This will make you feel better and keep your anxiety away.
  • Serve others. Giving back gives you purpose. Think of it as a spiritual workout. The more you do, the more spiritually fit you become.
  • Be kind. Random acts of kindness boost your spiritual fitness.
  • Go outside. Being outdoors connects you with nature and improves your overall health.

If you have questions about spiritual fitness, you can talk to your unit Chaplain or anonymously reach out to one in your state. Remember, Chaplains are here to help you sort through your emotions, thoughts, and feelings, regardless of your faith or religious beliefs. 

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