Infographic: Optimizing Your Sleep Space

This infographic gives you tips on how to own your sleep space and feel refreshed in the morning, plus what other things might be keeping you up at night.

How to Prepare Your Sleep Space for a Good Night's Sleep

Are you not resting well? Is your sleep space giving you fits?

Own your sleep space with these tips and feel refreshed in the morning!

1. Matresses

Matresses should be replaced every five to seven years, depending on how deep the impressions are (it dips, lumps, or sags) or if it is causing painful pressure points (it lacks support).

2. Pillows

Replace pillows after two years so you don’t wake up tired and stiff in the neck.

3. Bedding

Choose fabric for bedding – sheets, blnkets, comforters – as well as for your pajamas that makes you feel good. The more comfortable and cozy you are, the better you will sleep, no matter where you lie down.

4. Noise

Noise inside or outside your sleep space can interrupt your sleep pattern. Block out sound, either with white noise (such as fans or rain) or earplugs. This does NOT mean falling asleep with headphones or listening to music, which can abruptly disturb a sleep cycle.

5. Light

Any typ of light – sunrays or artificial glow – send messages to the brain to wkae up and activates the body. Making a room dark (using blackout blinds/curtains or wearing a sleep mask) keeps you in sleep mode. Dim the lights an hour prior to bedtime to help set the mood.

6. Temperature

Did you know your body temperature drops to its lowest level around 5.a.m.? Regulate your inner thermostat – and keep nighttime restlessness or insomnia at bay – by keeping the bedroom around 65 degrees.

7. Decluttering

Decluttering your sleep space calms the spirit and frees you from distractions. Remove anything work-related. Consider painting the room (or hanging wall art) in cool, soothing colors such as blue, green, or purple. Minimize how many pieces of furniture are in the room to give your sleep space an open and airy atmosphere.

Other Things That Might Keep You Awake At Night:

– Animals function on a different sleep-wake cycle than humans. Don’t let them snuggle with you at night!

– Wine before bed? Alcohol inlatlally makes you drowsy, but when it leaves the bloodstream, it will wake up your body, interrupting, your sleep cycle.

– Acid reflux can disturb your night. Prop up on pillows or talk to your doctor about how to treat it.

– Some vitamins or supplements are like alcohol – they can knock you out but wake you up later.

– Chronic pain can lead to fatigue. Consult with your doctor on how to treat your condition.

– Coffee, caffeine, and/or sugar should be avoided at lease four house before bed; otherwise, you will be too wired to sleep.

With just a few simple and easy adjustments, you can optimize your sleep space and get that full night’s rest you’ve been waiting for!

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