Infographic: No Glove, No Love

Here’s a sobering statistic: half of all sexually active people will contract a sexually transmitted disease (STD) in their lifetime. That alone should make you think twice about jumping without a parachute.

Check out the statistics in the graphic below, then arm yourself with the right protection in the fight against STDs.

STD Statistics Infographic at ARNG Guard Your Health

This infographic outlines the likelihood a sexually active person will contract a sexually transmitted disease (or STD), the number of new STDs transmitted each year in the United States, and the effect proper condom usage has on reducing a persons’ risk of contracting an STD.

Fifty percent of sexually active people will contract an STD in their lifetime.

There are 20 million new cases of STD infections annually in the United States.

Use a condom to cut the risk of STD contraction by up to 92 percent.

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