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Stay Fit Anytime, Anywhere with Drill Deck

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In this Article:

  • Use Drill Deck to work out anytime, anywhere.
  • Customize your workout to meet your fitness needs.
  • Share Drill Deck with friends—anyone with a mobile device can use it!

We know how busy life can get when you’re balancing your time between drill, work, family, and self-care. And when you’re always on the go, sometimes it’s hard to squeeze in a few minutes of exercise each day.

Guard Your Health has you covered with Drill Deck—a digital workout generator available on your mobile device. No exercise equipment is required.

Customized Workout Options

Drill Deck allows you to customize your workout, so you can target specific areas you want to work on.  Need to improve your push-up score for the APFT? No problem, Drill Deck has the perfect upper body workout for you. With Drill Deck, you can:

  • Choose your focus area. Target your upper body, lower body, core, or full body. You can even select all areas for the ultimate workout.
  • Pick a sweat level. Choose low, medium, or high intensity depending on your fitness level and goals.
  • Select how long to work out. Go five minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, or 20 minutes.

Once you’ve picked your settings, just click “start” and you’re ready to sweat. Drill Deck includes a built-in timer and animated demos for each exercise. You can pause at any time during the workout to rest or hydrate. Drill Deck even includes suggested warm up and cool down stretches.

After each workout you have the option to share your results on social media and challenge your friends to try Drill Deck, too. Visit the mobile site today and get your sweat on! 

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