Top Rated 8 Best Tactical Boots for Hiking

There’s nothing more exciting and fun than exploring the great outdoors! And with the steep terrain, rugged paths, and potential obstacles along the way, you must take proper care of your feet.

Most hikers consider wearing sneakers or hiking boots, but at times these shoe designs do not offer the right support needed for exploring such terrain. Hikers should instead consider getting tactical hiking boots that are normally more flexible, versatile, and durable than ordinary hiking boots.

There are, however, lots of tactical hiking boots available on the market today and this makes it a bit challenging to pick the one that suits you best. To help you with your search, below is a list of eight best tactical boots for hiking that you should check out.

Top Rated 8 Best Tactical Boots for Hiking

1. ANTARCTICA Men’s Lightweight Military Boots

ANTARCTICA Men’s Lightweight Military Tactical Boots

These are some of the most versatile tactical boots available today. They’ve been specially designed for mountain climbing and hiking activities and can even be utilized as sports sneakers.

What I particularly like about these boots is that they are waterproof. Its construction is such that outside water cannot penetrate the shoe. This means that the wearer’s feet will remain dry at all times.

The boots are made of 100 percent full-grain breathable leather, a tough, strong, and quite robust material. In addition, the incorporation of nylon textile on the upper part of the boot makes the boot even more breathable. The combination of these two materials allows for very fast drying, making the boots suitable for use even in wet weather conditions.

And that is not all! These boots feature a rubber toe cap that offers protection against sudden impacts. The boots are also scratch-resistant, which makes them highly durable.

However, I wouldn’t say I like one thing about these boots; their construction doesn’t include any form of insulation to keep the wearer’s feet warm.

  • The boots are made out of high-quality leather material and have a great construction
  • These are highly versatile boots
  • The boots are water-resistant
  • The boots are highly breathable and they wick away sweat and moisture, which makes them one of the best combat boots for everyday wear
  • The construction of the boots does not include any insulation to keep the wearer’s feet warm
Nonetheless, if you are in search of comfortable and durable tactical hiking boots, then these boots are definitely a choice that you should consider. They are one of the best military hiking boots.

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2. BELLEVILLE Maxx8ZWP Tactical Boots for Hiking

BELLEVILLE Maxx8ZWP Tactical Research 8” Fat Maxx Maximalist Boot

This Belleville Fat Maxx Maximalist tactical boot is like no other; it is one of a kind! Any hiker knows that you can’t afford to have shoes that do not keep up with your hiking and mountain climbing adventures. Reliable and highly comfortable, and versatile, meet the incredible Belleville Max Tactical Research Fat, Max Maximalist Boot.

These boots are specifically intended for the toughest hikers and mountaineers out there. This footwear feature a sole made with rebounding foam that conveys cushioned support while providing added stability to the wearer’s feet. This allows you to hike or climb longer without distraction or comfort. What more could one need from their hiking boots!

I especially love that these boots drop from the heel to your toe, thanks to their stack height of 23 mm at the forefoot and 29 mm at the heel. And given that your comfortable movement is of great importance, these boots have been designed to move with you naturally.

In addition, compared to other tactical boots, these particular boots are up to 55 percent more shock absorbent. This means that you will hardly feel the impact of any sudden hits on your encounter. But, again, this is a feature only found in the best tactical boots for hiking.

The only thing to dislike about these boots is that they wear out fast.

  • Their incredible 8-inch height provides maximum protection
  • The sole offers great cushioning and shock absorbance
  • They are comfortable tactical boots
  • The boot offers double security thanks to its waterproof nylon zipper and overlay
  • The boots wear out really fast
All in all, this is an incredibly designed tactical hiking boot that will certainly meet your hiking needs. It is, in fact, one of the top contenders in this list.

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3. NORTIV 8 Men’s Military Boots for Hiking

Best Tactical Boots For Hiking 3

Nortiv has done it again! Any hiking enthusiast would fall in love with these tactical boots.

This footwear has been designed and specially constructed for use in cold and wet weather conditions. Apart from featuring waterproof protection, they keep the wearer’s feet completely dry. And the best part is that they keep your feet cozy and warm all through, and even if your tactical mission or duty lasts for several hours, the boots still provide warmth and are very comfortable.

These tactical boots are made using top-quality materials; heat-reflective lining and microfiber. These materials guarantee the utmost comfort, warmth, and coziness all through your mission.

In addition, the boot’s rubber outsole provides a firm grip on the ground, which allows you to maneuver all kinds of terrain without any difficulty. These remarkable outsole features places make these boots to also be considered as one of the best tactical boots for running.

On the other hand, the insole is quite comfortable and can even be taken out for easy cleaning. The insole is also a great shock absorber, and it protects the wearer’s feet during jumps.

However, one thing that you might not like about these boots is the featured zipper. It initially requires a lot of pressure to use.

  • These boots are comfortable and cozy in cold weather conditions
  • The boots are not only waterproof but also breathable
  • The boots are highly durable thanks to their great construction
  • The featured zipper initially requires a lot of pressure to use
If you want a hiking boot that will serve you even during the coldest times, then look no further than this Nortiv hiking boot. When it comes to comfort, these boots do not disappoint; they are definitely among the best deployment boots out there!

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4. 5.11 Men’s Fast-tac Waterproof 6” Tactical Hiking Boot

Best Tactical Boots For Hiking 4

These Fast-tac hiking boots are the boots to pick if you are searching for a product that offers not just quality but great performance.

This pair exhibit a professional look, and even though they feature a 6-inch height lace-up, putting them on and removing them is a breeze. They are also very simple to polish.

What impresses me most about this pair is its rock-solid yet gently cushioned design that allows for a nice, comfortable fit. You will feel the soft cushioning every time you put on this boot, thanks to the incorporated OrthoLite footbed that is intended to provide you with a drier and cooler platform. And it is because of this particular functionality that tactical hiking boots are considered to be the best for hot conditions.

The nylon overlay is robust enough to resist and withstand scratches even when used in the most intense surroundings. This means that you will have a long-lasting product in hand by picking these tactical boots. What’s more, these boots have been designed to ensure your stability even on uneven and slippery grounds, thanks to the oil and slip-resistant sole.

You might, however, find them to be a bit tight considering they are wide boots, and as an outcome, the seams might dig into your feet. It is thus recommended to go for one size up to avoid any disappointments.

  • The boots are easy to put on and take off
  • The boots come with non-slip properties
  • These tactical mountain boots offer ample support
  • The boots are highly durable
  • The seams might dig into the wearer’s feet
The tactical boots are definitely worth considering. Apart from providing ample support, they are super lightweight too; the two most important features that any hiker would want in their hiking boots.

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5. ANTARCTICA Leather Hiking Tactical Boots

Best Tactical Boots For Hiking 5

Are you in search of a tactical boot that is strong and durable but still comfortable on the feet? If that is the case, look no further than these Antarctica Leather Military Tactical Boots.

Constructed using high-quality materials, ballistic nylon, and fine leather, these military hiking boots protect the wearer’s feet without compromising their comfort. In addition, the incorporated nylon lining improves the boots’ airflow making them breathable.

The best feature about this Antarctica tactical boot is its rubber sole, specially designed to minimize loss of traction. This ensures that every step you take is steady despite the unevenness or slipperiness of the terrain you are walking on.

The boots also have a safety-toe feature and are completely waterproof. Therefore, you can wear these boots even in wet surroundings without worrying about getting your feet wet. In addition, these pairs of footwear are light in weight, which makes them ideal for missions that last several hours.

One downside to these boots is that they are not durable. Therefore, they should only be utilized part-time.

  • The boots have been made using high-quality materials, which makes them strong and durable combat hiking boots
  • They are waterproof and highly breathable
  • They feature a slip-resistant and durable rubber outsole
  • They are not suitable for everyday use as they tend to wear out quickly
Antarctica is known to manufacture high-quality tactical boots and this particular one is no different. For its price, this is one of the best pairs of tactical hiking boots that you can find on the market today.

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6. Danner Men’s Marine Temperate Military Boots for Hiking

Best Tactical Boots For Hiking 6

Danner’s Men’s Marine Temperate Military Boot is specially constructed for comfort and durability no matter how tough the terrains are. This is one of the best military backpack for hiking available on the market today.

In harsh or severe conditions, what you need most is protection (from the elements and critters), and these incredible tactical boots offer just that.  The triple-stitched Gore-Tex lining, together with the included nylon, ensure that your feet are protected and kept dry and comfy over those long trails.

What I like most about these boots is their traction. Note that traction is really important when ascending and descending steep slopes. Luckily, these Danner boots feature a Vibram Sierra outsole that offers incredible stability and traction in different terrain.

The boots’ lace-to-toe design will allow you to achieve a nice, personalized fit. Additionally, the speed-lace system of fastening will reduce the amount of time it takes to adjust the boots; you do not have to make those long stops to adjust your boots.

The only issue with these boots is the stiff footbed. You might have to include an insert if you want a smoother and more cushioned footbed.

  • These boots offer ample support to both your feet and ankles
  • The stitch-down design of the boots enhances their durability
  • The boots remain comfortable on the feet even after long hours of walking
  • The foot-bed is stiff, which makes the boots uncomfortable for some individuals
All in all, these military boots by Danner will certainly satisfy your needs and ensure your comfort as you explore the great outdoors.

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7. Belleville Men’s 500 USMC Waterproof Combat Boot for Hiking

When looking for the best combat boots for hiking that are completely waterproof and super lightweight for fast and easy movement, look no further than these Belleville Men’s 500 USMC Waterproof Combat Boots!

What’s special about this footwear is that these boots were partly designed and constructed by those who wear them. Therefore, their production and ultimate design are a community effort!

The boots feature a Vibram outsole that guarantees the stability of the shoe. This is an important requirement when exploring the desert, woods, and jungle.

Available in both wide and regular widths, the upper part of the boot is built using full-grain leather together with Cordura nylon fabric. The combination of these two materials ensures durability and the strength of the footwear. And thanks to the cushioned insole, these boots remain comfortable even following extended hours of use.

When placing an order for your boots. Just ensure that you request a size smaller than your typical shoe size. This is because these boots often tend to get large with time. You could, however, solve this issue by wearing thick socks with your boots.


  • The boots are completely waterproof
  • The boots are quite durable
  • The featured Vibram outsole ensures utmost stability across all kinds of terrain
  • These military boots often tend to get large with time
As far as the best tactical hiking boots are concerned, these military boots by Belleville should be among your top considerations.

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8. ANTARCTICA Men’s Lightweight Tactical Boots for Hiking

best tactical boots for hiking 08

This is one of the best-rated tactical hiking boots on the market. It has an impressive rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on, which shows that it is a boot that the majority thing is very good.

Like the ANTARCTICA military tactical boot above, this one is tough and durable. This is because it is made of real leather, and it is enforced with special fabric in several places for increased durability. So it is a boot that can handle hiking and will take a bit of time before it needs replacing.

The best thing about this boot is how comfortable it is. It is made comfortable by several things. First, it is made comfortable by the fact that it is lightweight – each boot weighs just .75 pounds which is very lightweight for a tactical hiking boot. Second, it is made comfortable because it has excellent ventilation.

This ensures that your feet won’t get squishy inside them, even when hiking on a hot summer day. Lastly, it is made comfortable because it has special shock-absorption technology.

It is a boot that you will love having on your feet.

The only thing you may not like about this boot is that it is a bit pricey.

  • It is a supremely comfortable hiking boot
  • It is a very durable hiking boot
  • It has got shock-absorption technology
  • It is waterproof and has a cap
  • It is breathable
  • It is a bit pricey
Despite being pricey, this boot is a masterpiece tactical hiking boot. If you can afford to get it, you should.

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Are tactical boots good for hiking?


Tactical boots are indeed good and comfortable for hiking. If you are looking for extra ankle support and durability in your hiking boots, then tactical boots are great. In addition, tactical boots are specially designed and constructed to endure harsh conditions and extreme use. This particularly makes them ideal for hiking.

In addition, modern tactical boots are suitable for wild and urban surroundings. They are simply a combination of hiking and combat boots.

What is the difference between hiking and backpacking boots?

It is first important to understand the difference between hiking and backpacking boots. Hiking is simply a general phrase used to describe a light walk, often a trek, for instance, in the woods, without an overnight stay and little to no gear involved.

On the other hand, backpacking refers to a long walk that takes more than a day and needs full gearing, such as a sleeping bag, food, water, cooking gear, and a fire starter, among others stored in a pack.

The main difference between hiking and backpacking boots is thus mainly in their construction. The latter is sturdier and heavier to offer the additional support needed to carry the heavy loads for the number of days involved.

The best tactical hiking boots are difficult to find. For each decent brand, there are at least thirty shady ones. Stay away from those brands that you have never heard of before.

The old brands that have been in existence for years now should be among your top picks. That is not to say that you shouldn’t consider the newcomers; some of them are producing high-quality boots.

When choosing the great hiking boots for yourself, always consider them durable, versatile, and, most importantly, comfortable even after long hours of use. Do a bit of research before finally settling on a particular boot.

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