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How do I become a Master Fitness Trainer?

That is a great question!

The Army offers a Master Fitness Training Course (MFTC). It is taught in two phases:

  • Phase 1: 60 hours of exercise science classes; self-paced online course
  • Phase 2: 76 hours of Physical Readiness Training exercises and drills; two-week in-resident course

To be eligible for the MFTC, you must be a sergeant (E-5) or higher rank and be recommended by your unit commander. Your unit training officer or NCO will have to enroll you. The location of the in-resident course varies but is typically held for Guardsmen at Fort Benning, Georgia.

If you’re over 40, prior to attending, you must pass a medical screening and participate in a physical readiness training program.

For more inspiration, check out SFC Jenny George’s story about becoming a Master Fitness Trainer.

Good luck!