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My dentist advised me to use Crest Whitestrips—this office has always preferred Crest. Is there another brand or inexpensive method as effective?

Thank you for your question! We’d be happy to offer some information, but please remember Ask the Experts does not replace care or guidance from a medical health professional. We recommend you speak with your Medical Readiness NCO or dentist if you have additional questions.

Teeth whitening strips contain peroxide or bleach to whiten your teeth. Some brands have a higher concentration of peroxide than others, which is why your dentist may be recommending Crest Whitestrips. Products with higher levels of peroxide tend to work more quickly and effectively, but may also cost more or cause greater tooth or gum sensitivity.

There are several brands that make teeth whitening strips. You should compare the ingredients in Crest Whitestrips with other teeth whitening strip brands at your local drugstore and decide which one will best meet your needs based on your dentist’s advice.

Here are a few other teeth whitening methods to consider that may cost less than whitening strips:

  • Whitening toothpaste
  • Whitening gel
  • Whitening rinse
  • Whitening tray

If you have TRICARE Dental, in-office teeth bleaching may be partially covered under your dental plan’s miscellaneous services. Contact United Concordia at 844-653-4061 to learn more.

We hope this helps!