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I’m trying to clarify a matter. First off, I’m going to try therapy for anxiety. I’ve had this my whole life, but never admitted to myself until last November. I figured I could “tough it out” through self-care and help from friends. But nothing works anymore and my condition has gotten worse. My question is, if it’s determined medication will further help me, can I stay enlisted and finish out my enlistment while on anxiety or antidepressant medication?

Thank you for your question. We applaud you for getting help! Your mental health is important to your overall health and wellness.

While we can provide information, please note Ask the Experts does not replace professional care or guidance. We strongly encourage you to talk to your Medical Readiness NCO.

According to the Army Regulation 40-501 [PDF 642KB], anxiety disorders or panic attacks do not mean automatic separation of service. It is up to your medical health professional and the Army’s Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) to determine if you are still medically fit to continue serving. They will consider whether your medication and/or therapy limits you from doing your job or interferes with your military performance.

For free confidential peer support, you can contact Vets4Warriors by calling (855) 838-8255 or doing a live chat to talk with a veteran. You can also read about behavioral health and free resources available to you. We wish you the best.