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Stylized Letter Q

I’m currently on drill status (MDAY). The VA psychologist I have been seeing has written several letters to my command requesting I be excused from drilling due to worsening PTSD symptoms. The command in my unit has been less than supportive and is going against the advice of this professional. Is there anything I can do? I feel like being in the drill environment puts me in a much worse state leading up to, during and after drill weekends.

April 17,2017

Thank you for reaching out to us. PTSD and the Guard First, we would like to commend you for seeking… View ArticleContinue Reading

Stylized Letter Q

Passing my sit-ups during an APFT has always been more difficult for me. I always max out my push-ups and get a good score on my run, however, I always end up BARELY passing the sit-ups or maybe passing them by 5 or 6 reps. Even when I was in training and doing even more sit-ups on a daily basis leading up to an APFT, I always got a significantly lower score on my sit-ups than the other two events. I don’t carry extra weight especially around my abdomen so I don’t understand what the problem is. Are there a few core exercises I could do to increase my sit-ups?

March 20,2017

We are happy to help! Yes, there are many core exercises that can help strengthen your core and improve your… View ArticleContinue Reading

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