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Staying Fit, Staying Ready

When 20 National Guard Soldiers geared up to ruck the Boston Marathon on the morning of April 15, 2013, they weren’t expecting to respond to a national emergency. These Soldiers hiked the 26.2 mile marathon course with 40-pound packs on their backs to honor their fallen comrades. They crossed the finish line utterly exhausted, but inspired. When the first and second bombs went off, everything changed. First Lieutenant Stephen Fiola explains the switch turned on—they were no longer there as Soldiers trying to support military families of fallen comrades; instantly they were Soldiers there to do their job. The Soldiers—pushing tiredness and fear from their minds—raced toward the explosions to pull civilians to safety.

As a National Guardsman, your readiness is critical to the nation’s safety. Fiola and his Tough Ruck team members were able to respond to orders and save lives because they were mentally and physically fit. Here are some resources to help you guard your fitness so you’re ready anytime, anywhere.