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Be Inspired by the Best

Giving 100 percent to every effort is nothing new for CPT Robert Killian of the Colorado Army National Guard and CPT Travis Cornwall of the Georgia Army National Guard. Wanting to show that National Guard Soldiers have what it takes, the two teamed up to compete in the 2015 Best Ranger Competition. The dynamic duo placed second out of 51 teams proving that with proper training and nutrition, Soldiers can accomplish anything!

The three-day event held at Fort Benning, Georgia is open to teams of two service members. Each team competes in 30 to 40 events including rucking, swimming, cycling, and shooting.

“You’re taking the best of the best from all over the country … just putting it all on the table,” Cornwall said.

Competitors really have to take care of their bodies in order to qualify. “I’ve guarded my health because I enjoy it. I enjoy being physically active,” Cornwall said. At age 41, he strives to maintain proper fitness, nutrition, and sleep. He says these healthy habits are key to maintaining readiness and staying competitive.

The 2015 event was Killian’s fourth time competing. Killian’s coach, SGM (ret.) John Burns, said guys like Killian inspire you to be better, healthier, more fit, and compete for the next promotion. “You want to be a better leader and Soldier by simply being around them,” he said.

UPDATE: Killian went onto earn the title of Best Ranger during the 2016 competition.

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