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Get Ready for the APFT: 3 Months-to-Go Exercise Plan

Get Ready for the APFT: 3 Months-to-Go Exercise Plan image

You’re 90 days away from the Army Physical Fitness test (APFT). Get ready to complete a two mile run, as well as your max amount of push-ups and sit-ups in two minutes.

Put in the time now, so that you can dominate the test later. Want to know your baseline score? Test yourself by using the APFT calculator and then set APFT goals using the Guard Fit app.

If your APFT is sooner than 90 days, Guard Your Health has you covered with exercise plans for 60 and 30 days out.

The Basics: Focus on Cardio and Strength Training

Now is the time to ramp up your cardio and strength training.

Training for your 2-mile run takes time, so get moving today! Running—or even fast walking— for 20 minutes or more three to four times a week will build your cardio (cardiovascular) endurance.

You’ll need a strong chest, back, triceps, and core to crush the sit-up and push-up portion of the test. Start weight training three times a week to improve your strength.

Tailor Your Exercise Plan to Your Fitness Level

When starting an exercise plan, it’s important to begin where you are. Pick the exercise plan that matches your fitness level right now – not where you want to be.

  • Level 1 – “Willing to Sweat”
  • Level 2 – “Occasional Athlete”
  • Level 3 – “Gym Rat”

How To Crush the APFT! 90 Days to Go! thumbnailGet Started with Your Exercise Plan

To get training today, check out the exercise plan, “How to Crush the APFT: 90 Days to Go!”  It includes cardio and strength training for each level of fitness.

Print out the exercise plan and keep it handy at the gym or at home!

Get Your Technique Right to Prevent Injury

Not sure how to do some of the weight training exercises in the exercise plan? Check out these videos for additional instruction.

Follow These Safety Tips to Stay Injury-free

Before working out, keep these safety tips in mind:

  • Always warm up and cool down and stretch for five minutes before and after you run.
  • To ensure that you recover quickly and can keep working out, never exercise to the point of exhaustion or pain.
  • Soldiers over 50 and those with joint pain should make sure that they can complete the same workout for two weeks before increasing distance and weight resistance.
  • Talk with a qualified medical professional if you have questions about your ability to exercise.
  • If you have an injury or condition that will prevent you from completing the standard APFT, talk to your Medical Readiness NCO about a medical profile, modified training, and an alternate testing plan.

Once you complete the 90 days to go plan this month, move onto the next plan, “How to Crush the APFT: 60 Days to Go Exercise Plan.”

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