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Get Ready for the APFT: 1 Month-to-Go Exercise Plan

Army soldiers running and competing with each other

Photo Credit: Patrick Buffett

You’re 30 days out from your annual Army Physical Fitness Test and there’s no time to lose.

Sure, you might be able to survive the test, but it won’t be pretty if you haven’t been training.

There’s still time to improve your performance. Get started today!

The Basics: Targeted APFT Training & Good Sleep

Lay off high-intensity training in favor of targeted exercises to help improve your running, sit-up, and push-up scores.

Plus, focus on getting enough sleep and staying hydrated.

Pick Your Fitness Level

When starting an exercise plan, it’s important to begin where you are. Pick the exercise plan that matches your fitness level right now – not where you want to be.

  • Level 1 – “Willing to Sweat”
  • Level 2 – “Occasional Athlete”
  • Level 3 – “Gym Rat”

Get Started with Your Exercise Plan

APFT 30 DaysGet  started today with the exercise plan, “How to Crush the APFT! 30 Days to Go!”  It includes cardio and strength training for each level of fitness.

Print the exercise plan and take it with you to the gym or hang it up at home!


Get Your Technique Right to Prevent Injury

Want to see superb push-up and sit-up form? Check out these videos for additional instruction.

Remember Safety First to Stay Injury-free

Whenever you work out, it’s important to remember these safety tips:

  • Always warm up for 5 minutes and cool down/stretch for 5 minutes before and after you run.
  • Never exercise to the point of pain.
  • Soldiers over 50 and those with joint pain should make sure that they can complete the same workout for two weeks before increasing distance and weight resistance.
  • Talk with your medical provider before starting a new exercise plan.
  • If you have an injury or condition that will prevent you from completing the standard APFT, talk to your Medical Readiness NCO about a medical profile, modified training, and an alternate testing plan.

Be sure to ease up on your workouts the week of the test and don’t work out two days before your test.

If you have more time to train, check out Guard Your Health’s 60-Days-To-Go or 90-Days-To-Go exercise plans.

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