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Best way to crush APFT run? I am 57 years old, currently running courses 23:25, help?

Congratulations on proactively preparing for the APFT! The minimum two-mile run time for Soldiers ages 56 to 61 is 19:54 for men and 24:48 for women. The maximum scores for your age group are 15:18 for men and 19:42 for women, so if you want to crush the APFT, it’s time to start training.

The biggest factor in improving your run score is getting your heart in shape.  For cardio workouts, alternate distance runs with interval training once a week to help increase your speed. Here are some tips to get started:

  1. Use this APFT calculator to assess your fitness level.
  2. Next, consider how much time you have to train:
  3. Set a time goal for yourself and track your progress as you train to see your improvement. You can automatically do this with our fitness app Guard Fit.

Remember to get enough sleep and hydrate before the test – it will make a big difference in your results. As always, talk with your Medical Readiness NCO or medical health provider before starting a new exercise plan. Good luck training, Soldier!

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