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How old do you need to be to join the National Guard? Also, how do they evaluate your health? How over weight can you be?

Thanks for asking, that’s the first step! You need to be between the ages 17 and 35 to join the Army National Guard.

Once you start the enlistment process, you will be evaluated for medical and physical fitness, as well as weight. You can view the weight requirements using the Army National Guard Weight Calculator. It will tell you the Army National Guard’s minimum and maximum weight requirements for your gender, age, and height, in addition to your allowable body fat percentage. Aim for your goal weight to be somewhere in between the weight range, and keep your body fat percentage below the maximum percentage.

You will be required to pass a physical fitness test prior to enlisting. The test includes a 2 mile run, and timed push-up and sit-up segments. The minimum fitness test requirements depend on gender and age. Check the requirements for your gender and age using our APFT Calculator.

You will also be required to pass a medical review and a drug test to join the Guard. If you have specific health or medical questions or would like more information about joining the Guard, contact a National Guard Recruiter.

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